Area 51 on Playstation 2 for only £4.73 (save 63%)

Area 51 on Playstation 2 for only £4.73 (save 63%)

Found 1st Jan 2007

The Conspiracy Is No Longer A Theory.
Discover the mind-blowing truth about UFO's, Roswell, Alien Autopsies and more as you blast your way through the US Government's most secret and secure military facility: Area 51.
Unleash destruction with fearsome human and alien weaponry.
Battle an enemy unlike anything you've ever faced.
Biological mutations give you alien-enhanced physical abilities.
Intense multi-player team battles: 2 player split-screen or multi-player online play.
Featuring the voices of David Duchovny, Powers Boothe and Marilyn Manson.

Release Date

27 May 2005

Age Group


Playstation 2

Opt for free instore collection to receive this for £4.73 or add a extra £1.50 for home delivery. Also 5% quidco.

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