Argan Oil Conditioner with moroccan oil 150ml for just £0.99 in Home Bargains

Argan Oil Conditioner with moroccan oil 150ml for just £0.99 in Home Bargains

Found 29th Nov 2012
I'm not really up on this sort of stuff but apparently it's very popular at the minute and my wife assures me that this is an absolute bargain. I've done a quick search and found it on Amazon at £7.95 for 2 (plus £2.70 P&P) so 99p does seem pretty good value.
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where!!!! can,t find it??? (_;)
Primark sell it to
Is this for petrol or diesel?
I also saw this in Poundland today, and picked up a bottle, Argan oil that you put in your hair after washing, not to rinse out, like conditioner.

Just in case you don't have a Home Bargains where you live.

Heat added!
£2.50 in primark - only very small size though
B&M have it also ,same price
Primark have just the oil small bottle, its not the shampoo or conditioner.
I bought some of this the other day from HB - is it the one in the brown box? I paid £1.99 for it...
But on the up side it's quite a big bottle and having used it a few times it does leave my rather untameable, unruly, coarse hair softer and more manageable and not at all greasy. I know people on here (the snobby ones) have all been saying not to buy the cheaper versions of this but to pay a lot more and buy the posh stuff but if you want to give this a try it's a great deal. I shall be getting another bottle if it's gone down to 99p....
I got some from Home bargains a few weeks ago for £2.99 but its the best stuff I've used on my regularly dyed and daily straightened hair, it's so soft and shiny and you only need a bit. Also used it on my girls hair and there's no tangles, it doesn't leave it greasy either.
I'll be stocking up if its 99p now, hot from me x
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