Argos 11% for Toys @ Topcashback!

Argos 11% for Toys @ Topcashback!

Found 22nd Dec 2016Made hot 26th Dec 2016
Just noticed on TCB they are offering 11% for the next 24 hours at Argos for Toys!

Quidco might be a good one for the…ee/

you should get 21% but this is not confirmed.. but part of the deal they offer! They offer 1% and TCB offer 11% double the 10% = 21%


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Just asked quidco

You offer 1.1% for argos.. TCB offer 11% will that mean you will pay me 21%?

Yes that is correct

Yep Quidco is double the difference

Nooooes, no more Lego,

How to claim double difference from quidco?

Hi all,

Thank you for your interest in our highest cashback guarantee. If you find a higher rate after making your purchase, you have 72 hours to submit a highest cashback guarantee. We'll then double the difference of the cashback.

You can find the form to submit and full terms and conditions here

Kind regards and Merry Christmas,

Quidco Company Representative
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