Argos 15% off mattresses when bought with bedframe & additional 20% off £150 spend code FURN20

Argos 15% off mattresses when bought with bedframe & additional 20% off £150 spend code FURN20

Found 8th Aug 2017Edited by:"nikinaki23"
****Argos have changed the code from furn15 to furn20 instead so an even better bargain!!!****

Okay, so it may take some playing around to get the best out of this deal, the price stated above is one of the cheapest I tried.

So the offer at the moment is with various bed frames you can get a mattress for 15% off. You can then combine this with current offer code FURN15.

For example, i added the Darla double bed frame and airsprung double mattress to get £19.50 off, then when you go through to the payment page it will ask you to add the voucher code (FURN15) to get the 15% discount on top.
HOWEVER, when you click through to 'build your offer' you are given 2 pages worth of mattresses to choose from, ranging in prices. If you add anyone to the offer for now, but then go and find another mattress which you may prefer instead then delete the one in your basket, it will add the new mattress to the deal.

I hope this makes sense, but for example i was looking for a silentnight mattress with memory foam, but none of them were coming up on the offer page with the bed frame. I went and found the actual one i wanted on the site, deleted the current one from my basket and it still discounted the mattress. THEN with the 15% off £100 spend i ended up getting near enough £90 off the total price.

Im not sure if this method will work for all mattresses, as i only tried it with this one, so you may need to do a bit of trial and error to find the best bargain mattress with the bedframe. Just remember to not settle for the small selection Argos give you to build the offer!!!
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What if I don't bring my bed frame?
Code has "expired"
Kamikaze198718 h, 48 m ago

Code has "expired"

It actually looks like they have changed the code back to FURN20 instead so you'll get even more off the price!!
Edited by: "nikinaki23" 18th Aug 2017
FURN20 code seems to have expired. It was working while I trying applying it and when I tried with a different combination, it said it expired. Do you know if any other code is available which will get me 20% discount?
There is a new deal for argos where you save:

£25 when you spend over £150
£50 when you spend over £250
£100 when you spend over £400

Using the code: FURNSAVE
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