Posted 16 December 2022

Argos 18W Type C Wall Charger - White - £6 Free Collection @ Argos

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Basic 18w charger.

The 18W wall charger and plug adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home or in the office. Compatible with Type-C cables and supported by certain iOS/Apple, Android, Google devices this practical wall charger delivers a much quicker charge than standard devices meaning you can make the most of your day.

Grab a spare Type-C cable to use with your charging device. Delivering speedy charging as well as syncing and data transfer, these practical cables are convenient to have at home, in the car or at work.

Argos More details at Argos

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    Don't forget the £2 on tcb when spend a fiver today to bring it down a little more!
    Even better
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    Thanks for those links, instead ordered 2pack for £6.95 from your link.
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    Great price if you are looking for a usb c charger plug. Sure the Anker was on sale and the same price the other day but this will do the job too for those who missed out
    That was £8.99.
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    V Nice clearance price for this plug. I couldn't find the brand /make.. I take it is generic but being sold by Argos must be genuine ♨️
    Plenty available round my way. (edited)
    Argos did sell many fakes Chinese old style mobies in the past
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    It's an 18W charger and it's cheap from Argos gotta be worth a bit of ♨️
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    Cheers OP, just the thing I was looking for
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    Heat added 🔥
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    I was just about to post this deal. You beat me to it.
    Good find.
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    Will this give me 18w on a pixel 6 or is it better to spend more for a 30w charger?
    Also interested to know. My Amazon unofficial pixel charger only trickles now
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    Need a cable to go with this, heat added...
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    More tech trash..
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    i have never fully understood chargers and worry that they could fry my device. my motorola g62 takesv a 15w charger but they ran out and only supplied 10w. would this 18w be safe to use?
    It will limit itself to 15w, it will work no problems as long as you have a cable that can supply 15w.
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    Is this what you need to charge the apple watch 7?
    You need the 20w apple charger. This is 18w. Anker and others do it cheaper on Amazon. If you’ve had another Apple watch before or got the standard Watch charger that is USB A, you can use that it’ll charge from the 5w adaptor.
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