Argos - Buy one duvet set and get another duvet set of the same size and colour free-SINGLE, DOUBLE & KINGSIZE

Argos - Buy one duvet set and get another duvet set of the same size and colour free-SINGLE, DOUBLE & KINGSIZE

Found 19th Jan 2009
Prices from £11.69 for singles, £18.59 for doubles and £22.49 for kingsize. Not an amazing offer, but good if you need a new set, or two.

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Dont forget quidco.

Please Note:Offer is included in pack, it will not show in your trolley
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Nice work with the Size/Search sections !

.... OK then Have some REP ! ;-)
Good deal I suppose, but it's a bit weird to offer 2 identical sets isn't it?
BOGOF always a good deal!
Awesome! Was about to buy some duvet sets tomorrow! HOT
I agree, i would be more tempted if i could get alternate colours or sets of the same value free, but given a choice between one or two of the same, more is always better :-)
Good deal - although there is a similar deal on in Asda where you get two duvet sets for about £9.

Heat and rep
Great deal. Hot:thumbsup:
personally, none of them appealed to me, but they're still a good deal - h and r added
God damn it, just brought a king size set from Matalan for £20 today.
Help.. where on the site does it say BOGOF?
I asked to see a pack of these a couple of months ago, the two sets are only as thick in the packet as one normal set, the quality of the fabric is very loose weave, might be ideal for fishing nets though. I think these are a case of you get what you pay for.
I'm not going to vote hot or cold on this one as Argos have been running this for months and months in previous catalogues. With regards to the quality, I think they are good quality having picked up another set a while back and as stated, it is BOGOF on the same set as they are bundled in the same packaging. Didn't bother me as my duvet set was a reversable one.
Buyer beware.
I bought some from Argos last year in blue and red colours for the kids, they were very poor quality (very thin and the poppers didn't work) so they went back.
As already mentioned this is a long standing offer and has been for as long as I can remember.
There are alot of people commenting on the quality of these sets so I thought I'd give my opinion of them as I have had a couple of these sets.:)

They are average in quality for the price range which I think should be taken into consideration, I have had one of these sets for over a year and although not used regularly as it's for the spare bedding it it still going strong which tempted me into buying a second set as we got a new king size duvet and had to get new sets. These have been on for a few months now and have been washed on numerous occasions and are still almost as new! There is no fading as yet that I notice and they don't feel as if they are falling to bits, in fact quite the contrary, they feel fresh and crisp after being washed. I have other similarly priced duvet sets if not a little more expensive that are on my kids beds and they don't seem to be holding up as well as these Argos cheapies. So I guess it is dependant on what you are used to and what you expect for your money. I however would definately purchase these again.

Oh, also the packs I have bought, the 2 sets differ very slightly so are not identical. I don't know if this is all packs or just the ones I have purchased.;-)

God damn it, just brought a king size set from Matalan for £20 today.

take em back then:-D
Thank you all for all the warmth :-)
i got the pink/purple+white stripe set and the white colour shown is not white but more of a dark beige and the purple+pink are different shades, i thought they was good quality thought but the colours on the purple pic shown do not match at all.
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