argos foot pump on £1.49 @ argos ebay outlet

argos foot pump on £1.49 @ argos ebay outlet

Found 10th Apr 2014
bought one of these instore from the last thread on here, now not available instore but delivered free from ebay


Fantastic price! Thanks for the post
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Bizarre considering Argos Value Range Single Cylinder Foot Pump. Brand New With a 12 Month Argos Warranty is £4.99 + £3.95 delivery:…669

Ordered, even if it last 6 months for that price!
Gonna use it for floe on caravan.

Nice find, ordered

Got one of these recently. Does the job well enough and comes with a couple of adapters. Great price

Thanks I bought one, as I am planning on getting a bike.

Great price. Ideal for kids bikes

What about for my car? You think I'll be stood pumping it up for quite a while? My local garage's car tyre pump is awful - last time I went it deflated my tyres (yes, I used it correctly )


Out of stock now. But great price

Got one ordered thanks

can't gan wrang!!

to good to be true - out of stock.

they're useless, always bend

6 months? you'll be lucky to get 6 days out of it


Showing OOS now. Balls, I'd of got one

darn it! gone gone gone

All gone.....well still available but higher price and no free postage

I've never bought a footpump that had a working gauge, so keep hold of your receipts.
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