Posted 15 March 2023

Argos Home 5W LED Mini Globe ES Light Bulb - 2 Pack now 20p with Free Collection @ Argos

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Light up your living space with this pack of 2 light bulbs. Featuring an Edison screw fitting, 5 watts, and 470 lumens, you can instantly brighten up your home. Illuminate your house for longer, these mini-globe LED bulbs can omit a warm light for up to 15,000 hours. Perfect for giving your happy home that extra glow.

Let's shine a light on the A+ energy rating. They're made from the latest LED tech and components. So they're much more efficient than equivalent halogen or incandescent products. A great way to cut costs on your energy bills.

Pack of 2.
5 watts.
Edison screw (ES) fitting.
Energy efficient.
10 yrs bulb life.
Colour rendering index 80 - this is a scale from 0 to 100% indicating how accurate a light source is at rendering colour. The higher the better.
Colour temperature 2700K.
0.5 pf.
Rated luminous flux 470 lumens. This is a measure of light and indicates the power of the light emitted.
Rated lamp life 15000hrs.
Number of switches 40000.
Smart lighting information:

Suitable for indoor use.
Argos More details at Argos

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  1. ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Couldn't find any bulbs, but did manage to find this:

    jewelie's avatar
    Ah yes, very similar alternative! 😜
  2. kemlynroader's avatar
    No stock in my local stores but great deal of you can find them. Heat added.
  3. jim15feb's avatar
    Pick up a wild goose while you're at it....
  4. Martini's avatar
    There's some in Bicester but that's an hour from me!
  5. u664541's avatar
    Some just around the corner from me (Brookwood) but I’ve no light sockets that these fit.
  6. Bytheseashore's avatar
    Available but 50 miles away in Didcot
  7. Osiferdribble's avatar
    80 miles away sending the goose to pick them up
  8. Fox_Fox's avatar
    They had been on clearance for a while at 50p a couple of weeks ago along with a few other types of bulbs
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