Argos Many Small Gifts Under £3.00!! Limited Time Only :)

Argos Many Small Gifts Under £3.00!! Limited Time Only :)

Found 16th Jan 2008Made hot 17th Jan 2008
Ipod Cases - £1.24

In Flight Kit - £1.24

Laundry Bags - £2.49

and loads more!! Hurry there going quick.. I saw it online but I think there also avalible in shops!


Where are the ipod cases? I can't find anything for that price.

i could not find these ipod cases

these seem to be for the ipod classic not for the new ipod nano

that link don't work?

The link works fine. It's just not a direct link to the clearance.
The link labdab provides is a direct link.

try this link


I really wanted a Rough Guides in flight pack at £1.99, says available to order from store and then says no stock available - :thinking:

Voted cold. Most of this has been out of stock WAY before Christmas.

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hadnt actually bought the in flight kit and hot water bottle on wednesday :prop:
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