Argos Men's T-Shirts (including Guns 'N' Roses, Beatles, Mr T and Stig design)  NOW ONLY £1.99

Argos Men's T-Shirts (including Guns 'N' Roses, Beatles, Mr T and Stig design) NOW ONLY £1.99

Found 27th Dec 2013
Bought one last week for £3.79 and was chuffed with it then, but this is a BARGAIN!

Links for most other t-shirts in below comments...
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Thanks reserved 2 for hubby for grand sum of 3.98 x
Link to Beatles Blue Rubber Soul T Shirt for £2.99:…htm
Heat from me, Have ordered a couple for collection.

I find it funny that the delivery pricing structure for Argos can not be amended. I sell hundreds of t-shirts online and I charge £1.20 for t-shirts and £3.00 for hoodies (postage). Which is the price Royal Mail charge for the items to be sent.

I can only guess Argos make money from postage.

Edit : That little rant was directed towards there £3.95 postage cost.
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Heat added. Mr T T-Shirt looks awesome.
Tried three t shirts in two sizes and none around coventry but good if you can find em
The only one I couldn't get in my area (Crawley/East Grinstead) was the Guns n' Roses one.
I expect they'll all go out of stock quickly at this price!
Take me down to Manchester City, where Guns N Roses T-Shirts are really sh**ty. Oh won't you please take me home (Can't be seen out wearing that again)
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Heat added. Mr T T-Shirt looks awesome.

hmm should say "I pity the fool who thinks I look like a midget"
Thanks. Ordered 3 o them.
Just reserved one. But I aint getting on no plane
Aww, out of stock everywhere near me, no delivery available.
oos for me
oos near me but great deal heat
great find!
BuzzDuraband - your forgetting Argos have to pay someone to pack parcels, buy packaging, have some kind of facility for said person to work in, pay sick pay, pay holidays, pay NI contributions etc etc etc, all on top of whatever the courier charge them.

They charge a flat rate for most items, so what they lose out on the larger items they probably make back on the smaller items like t-shirts.
Just got the STIG Tshirt...and to be honest the quality is suitable for that price. I also got the batfink and mr.bump but they look little old as the rubber prints seems to be falling off already. still not bad for can be a good gym t shirt
Managed to get the mr bump tshirt , excellent quality , great bargain
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