ARGOS Pressure King Pro – Electrical Pressure Cooker £49.99

ARGOS Pressure King Pro – Electrical Pressure Cooker £49.99

Found 1st Nov 2016
I have one of these and its a top bit of kit and
now at ARGOS
with a £20 off its normal price of £69.99
its a proper bargain AT £49.99 IMHO
please note ....its not just a pressure cooker its a Multi cooker with 12 preset digital functions !
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if, as i do, i only use a pressure cooker for spuds, minimum amount of water bring it up to pressure for 2 mins and turn off the gas, spuds are purfect for mashing when rest of veg cooked

so why an electric one ?
bit like comparing a Lada and a Rolls Royce its not just a Pressure cooker

its a Multi cooker just type Pressure King Pro in Youtube and see the difference I have had Pressure cookers for years then This and wow!! so worth buying
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When did this go down as didn't see it yesterday. Normally price changes at Argos happen on Wednesday and to late now to get a voucher too.
I bought mine yesterday 1st Nov after finding it on a google search
The instant pot duo looks better as can do yogurt and slow cooking, and has 2 pressures, but obviously more expensive, however Aldi had one in recently that was cheaper and worked at higher pressures (this is only 7.2 PSI so would be 'low pressure'). I am after one and missed the Aldi one (was £35 in our local), but this just doesn't seem to have enough functions for the price. Hot for the reduction though.
Hi guys.
just bought my Pressure King Pro 5ltr.just tried to cook some rice.after putting in the water and the rice securing the pressure lid pressed rice buttom 4 zeros appeared two changed into cooking time.within seconds the pkp showed a display E1 I tried this several times but kept coming up with the same E1 Fault.can anybody help please
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