Argos - Sagem DTR67250T ECO 250GB Digital TV Recorder with HDMI £109.99 (1.5% quidco)

Argos - Sagem DTR67250T ECO 250GB Digital TV Recorder with HDMI £109.99 (1.5% quidco)

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Found 19th Oct 2008
This seems like a good deal, not much stock about near me - there is defo some stock in Derby but I've gone for the home delivery instead. My GF's mom has the 160gb version of this and it's very good.

If you vote cold please let me know why so I can cancel my order if I need to!

* Black and chrome.

* 250GB hard disc drive.

* Up to 120 hours recording time.

* Twin tuner.

* Pause Live TV.

* Record 1/watch another.

* Can record 2 channels at the same time.

* Series record.

* Digitally interactive.

* Digital text.

* RF loop.

* Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB).

* Auto setup.

* Auto detection of new channels, user set up preference.

* Now and next electronic programme guide (EPG).

* 8 days electronic programme guide (EPG).

* 2 SCART sockets.

* SCART lead included.

* HDMI output socket.

* Freeview playback approved.

* Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries, included.

* Low consumption in stand-by mode (
* Favourites channels list.

* Continual 2 hour recording.

* Creation and management of photo files and MP3 files transfer files to external hard disc drive, through USB connection.

* Size (H)4.6, (W)31, (D)20cm.

* Weight 1.3kg.

sry - I couldn't get a picture to work so if someone else can feel free to add it.
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not too sure what sagem offer as a warranty but John lewis have them for £109 with 2 year warranty…124 reviews problems etc
Seems OK to me.
Some people vote seem to vote cold just because they can.
I saw the John Lewis price but they have none in stock.
Well I have a Sagem PVR. Sagem implemented an OTA firmware update which messed up the EPG and they have never corrected it. This makes the PVR next to useless. A year ago they said they would release and update. Last month they wrote and said they were working on one. I asked when it was scheduled for and they have not replied.... so over 1 year since they messed up the machine and no sign of a fix.

Would I vote HOT on a Sagem? Humax and Topfield all the way!
My girlfriend swears by sagem.
Mind you, she swears a lot.
However, she has had 2 Thompsons (Useless) and one other that I can't remember. Possibly Warfedale.
All useless.
After having a Sagem Freeview box + pvr that was fine till it clapped out after 2 years she is happy with the one you are looking at.
Glitches on the picture using HDMI on this box. Not resolved by Sagem.
thanks for that link caverncity - have some rep - mine has just turned up and it won't pick up any chanels, I've asked on avforums but in case anyone here knows - do I need a diferent aireal for this box? I've plugged my old freeview box back in and it still picks up every channel OK.

Might be time to test the argos returns procedure out!

sounds like the tuner is choosy, I have had a few pvr's and the odd one would not pick up all channels. I also saw this in Asda for £99. Take back yours and get the asda one and see if that works at least with asda its easy to return.
If you want a decent PVR for around £100 try humax graded here…ory
Thanks - argos are bringing a new one out on Monday (they have been really good so far) - if that doesn't work either I'll have to try another manufacturer. Thanks for that link but I don't want grade A this time.

My last PVR was a grade A digifusion and it only lasted about 4 months.

I'm looking for 160gb+, twin tuner, 7 day or more epg guide & series record - let me know if you have any ideas below £200 (obviously the lower the better) as you seem to know what your talking about The ability to easily return it is gonna be a must too after these problems.

This one was HDMI too which was a nice bonus but I never actually managed to get a picture on it so I don't know if it makes much diference to a scart connection - I have a 32" samsung LCD.
you cant go wrong with the humax, if you are not bothered with the hdmi go for this, its cheap plus you get £10 voucher…der

the better one is the Humax PVR-9300T from comet reserve at store and use HUM10 for 10% off works out at £161.99 and it has HDMI I have the Humax, it comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. The better deal is the argos one if you are not fussed on extras.
Thanks - the 2nd box surprised the hell out of me & worked straight away - I was expecting to get the same problem so was going to ask for a refund and buy the humax but as this one is working I'll stick with it.

I've tested it out for all the problems people are complaining about on the digital spy forums and the only one I have is that an attempt to record a series link on channel 4 locks the box up and you have to power off - this only happens on channel 4 though & is fixed in a firmware update.

Only annoying thing about this is that you can't manually update the firmware you have to wait for sagem to broardcast it which is odd.

Anyhow as this deal went so cold I'm probably just talking to myself now anyway but thanks again for your help

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