ARGOS Sale! - Energizer Advanced 6 LED Hiking Headlight/Torch £14.99 (Save £5) = £9.99 @ Argos!

ARGOS Sale! - Energizer Advanced 6 LED Hiking Headlight/Torch £14.99 (Save £5) = £9.99 @ Argos!

Found 4th Oct 2007
A high tech 6 LED headlight offering 4 different lighting options, that allow you to work hands free.
Ideal for camping and outdoor use.

This is my first Deal Post.

Just got one of these for the darker nights, great for use hiking, camping and when bike riding.
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Thanks Zippy. Good idea to add price and store in the title. It looks like Jose Mourino has hit the bottom of the barrell. Advertising head torches...whatever next...
uh? What on earth does Jose Mourino got to do with......anything???!!
Thanks zippy I've added an image and updated the title ......

Foxy means the guy in the image looks like Jose Mourino .. and he's now advertising head torches
Not the best deal, you can get these for a couple of quid on ebay
OK I understand now! Sorry. Could not understand how to add an image, cheers for that.
The ones on ebay are not the same quality, I've been looking for a while for one, + theres P&P to add.
Don't forget LEDShoppe too
Yes you can collect at store for that price
I am sure netto was selling something similar the other week for like £1.99
it really does look like Jose Mourinho !
lol !!
Great price, cheaper than the same on ebay. Was just looking for one of these for my OH. HOT.
Hubby reckons these are good if you're working on the car and the light is a bit dull.
Some of the Netto/Lidl headtorches are actually brighter than the Energiser torch!
These are greeat for diy jobs in an awkward place e.g replacing pump in an airing cupboard.
Or 1 here, slightly different but only £1.57 delivered including batteries!!!…680
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