Argos Santa Hat now 25p

Argos Santa Hat now 25p

Found 28th Dec 2009Made hot 28th Dec 2009
Yes I know it was posted a few weeks back at 50p or available instore at Tesco (any left?) but they are now cheaper and seemingly plenty available as Ive ordered 4.

Red fluff with white pile-tuft fold over cuff.
Size (H)41, (W)31, (D)6cm.
Adult size only.


reserved 4 thank you

Bargain... and actually available too. Good find

thanks just ordered 16 at 2 of my local stores for our xmas works party next year, plan ahead

Thanks, reserved a few... paid £1 each just before Christmas

These are old hat now.

Cheers OP - hats a great deal & just ordered 6!

can i reserve and collect in dec 2010
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