Argos - Tower Pressure Cooker 5L Digital - £43.99

Argos - Tower Pressure Cooker 5L Digital - £43.99

Found 18th Mar 2016
Tower pressure cooker for 43.99, cheapest ever, good punt if you're looking for a pressure cooker! Use home20 code.

Also seems to be able to boil rice and steam veg at the same time with the steamer insert (main reason I wanted it!)

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This would be an excellent price, but I would be a little concerned because the feature "5lb, 10lb and 15lb cook control settings" doesn't relate to the T16005. I suspect Argos have muddled up their models/descriptions/prices.
I have one of these, mine is the 6 litre they are so good I ordered a second one a few days ago from Ideal World. I do everything possible in this couldn't do without it. This is a good price.
I've ordered one so I will keep you updated. I suspect it is the T16005 as all the pictures and the video is the same but I will let you know.
good find op, heat added
Just picked it up today it's the 6l t16005
so I've got this now and have been playing around with it, overall a well built product, annoying bit is that you aren't aren't able to just set a time you want to cook your food, instead you must pick from the menu already built in. You are then able to change the time up and down by minutes but it's rather annoying.

Eg. if you want to cook something for 3 minutes you need to use the fish menu which cooks for 5 minutes and change the time down to 3 minutes. Also only 1 PSI available + keep warm option. I suspect the PSI is around 10-12 like all electric pressure cookers but it doesn't state in the instruction manual. I will end up keeping this but design flaws make it rather roundabout/cumbersome at times.
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