Argos toys 2 for £15...or some even cheaper!!
Argos toys 2 for £15...or some even cheaper!!

Argos toys 2 for £15...or some even cheaper!!

Argos are doing a deal for 2 for £15...all the items were priced at £9.99 or above. I went into my local store and purchased 2 items but one was reduced to £7.99 and it still took off the £5 so got 2 for £13. Im just about to send the hubby back in for a chad valley shopping trolley and cash register both priced at £7.99 so will get them both for £11. Bargain xmas presents for my daughter!!!


do you have numbers please as i would like them for christmas please all done heat left

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Heres the pictures of items..both of these for £11. I bought my daughter these for £13 play food set (for a kitchen im going to buy her and a fairytale dora...which still isnt bad...

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do you have numbers please as i would like them for christmas please

cash register is 384/4414 and shopping trolley is 384/4421.
They also have timmy time toys in the offer too...which are generally more expensive elsewhere because they are so new.

Great find! Bargain for Christmas pressies...

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Great find! Bargain for Christmas pressies...

Im stocking up now...never too early!!!

I've tried that out on the website and they are not reducing to £11. The lowest I can get is £13 which is for either one £9.99 and a £7.99 or it's the same for two £7.99.
Still, well spotted. They were a bargain at £15 but this is even better.

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i will see what happens instore and let you know.

mine went down instore spent 90 pounds today got 18 items and my little girls are nearly done for xmas well done

the cash register & trolley went thru at £15 for me today...

I bought the Chad Valley 104 pc food set (7.99) and the Peppa Pig & Friends Figures set (9.99). I reserved online and the price came up at £13 even though neither item is in the sale. When I went to pay in store the cashier was surprised that it wasn't £15 too.



Now you just need the cooker, the sink and the iron to complete her training.

In this months Prima Baby (Sept issue), there's a £5 voucher for, I think Chad Valley toys at Argos

I got the 104 piece food set, the shopping trolley, the microwave and the dinner set for about £26 yesterday, they have 20% off chad valley... my son's birthday today and he is playing with it all I think it is brilliant stuff for the money! Went into Early learning and I would have spent at least £50 getting the same stuff.

The self checkout screens in store do not show the reduced price....Go to the till and the price comes up at the reduced amount :thumbsup:

Deal for £15 for two is on until 2010 so no rush though the two for £13 may not be available I agree.
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