Argos Value Range 24 Piece Venice Cutlery Set only £2.99 @ Argos!
Argos Value Range 24 Piece Venice Cutlery Set only £2.99 @ Argos!

Argos Value Range 24 Piece Venice Cutlery Set only £2.99 @ Argos!

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Gets excellent reviews - can't go wrong for less than £3 for 6 sets of 4. and dishwasher safe! Stainless steel.
Set contains: 6 forks, 6 knives, 6 dessert spoons and 6 teaspoons.
Dishwasher safe.


heat added, thats an ok set for the money for people just starting out or people like my oldest son who seems the throw out the fork with the pot noodle ..

fork n knives :thumbsup:

Good price considering the handles won't drop off!

Good deal for a decent additional set for those of us who can't be bothered to wash up and need several sets to throw in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Hot.

Have they got Fork Handles?



Have they got Fork Handles?

Four Candles?


Have they got Fork Handles?

Love that sketch!

Nice one op - just been looking about for a new cheap set & these will do nicely.

Thanks these are well handy, as my daughter lose them in her bedroom :-D

H-R :thumbsup:

Reviews on Argos suggest you get what you pay for. Cheap feel and rust quickly. Ideal if you need lots of cutlery for infrequent use.

these have always been this price!! bought this for this price 2-3years ago!! they are fab for the price i do admit and didnt matter if any went missing! but they do bend out of shape easily and they do change colour over time, but not bad set of cheap cutlery.

great price

My wife wants to know if the knives are any good as screwdrivers :roll:

My wife wants to know if the knives are sharp:?

[FONT="Arial Black"]I was looking at the reviews and saw this ?????[/FONT]

great buy 01 October 2008
By auddy from down
Overall Rating 5 StarsExcellent
"lovely and comfortable for my yorkie. he sleeps all night every night now."

Me thinks they are getting mixed up with a dog bed or they need reporting for dog cruelty!

Great for ther kids at UNI....!

Voted Hot.

Thanks Op !

I got these the last time it was posted. Not the best cutlery ever but for the price pretty decent.

Why do all the reviews have similar dates - it is like that on other items on the site too.

Promotional items seem to have more reviews

It is as if someone is entering them

another example - check the dates

Just reserved a set of these, heat added

Re the same date on reviews, Argos has started e mailing customers, asking them to give a review for something they bought, maybe they all add the review as soon as they get the email. I ignore them unless I'm particularly pleased with something

Heat added for cheap cutlery xx

Gotta be hot, full set for £2.99 fork in ell!!!:thumbsup:

Good price but..

"A very low quality item, though knowing it is a very cheap item. Got rusty after one month of use and the workmanship was bad. It hurts the hand while using the cutlery."

Hide 'em from Sid Vicious!

I bought a set of these as spares for when extra family come over, mine haven't gotten rusty and I put them in the dishwasher, although they are very bendy.

I have also tried using them as screwdrivers, unfortunately it just bent the tip right over lol

The spoons are also quite flat

To be fair I got a Viners canteen as a wedding gift 8 years ago, and they have more rust, I'm sure they're supposed to have a 20-25 year guarantee, although I wouldnt know how to claim back on that after all this time!!

good deal but not happy that you've stole my picture! ha ha

wow this is cheap thank you..
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