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One of the most famous names on the UK’s high streets, Argos sells a dizzying variety of items, from lawnmowers to hair straighteners. Argos also offers plenty of deals via their online store, and all of their latest discounts can be found at the HotUKDeals Argos listings.

All Argos Deals, Discounts & Sales for September 2018

Doctor Who 12in Radio Control Dalek £13.93 INSTORE @ Argos
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
# 12in radio control Black Dalek with authentic movement, 360 degree travel, flashing lights and speech. # Includes 7 phrases, automated head and eye movement and a poseable gun a… Read more

Shame none near me but thanks for the heads up


Seems like I missed all the good Doctor Who bargains :(


And I got this for £5 in WHSmiths!!!! Couldn't believe the price. They also had a set of 4 daleks for £5. This was on the same day as the Boots 75% sale and they only had 1 of each left in the store I went into.


have to vote cold got this from boots £9.99


Good price! Shame all the stores near me are out of stock as I need a new one for my son as his is broken :(

X-ROCKER Chair £54.99 - Was £84.99 (save £30)
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Good offer if you got a PS3 or Xbox etc for Christmas and need a second chair like us!!! Vinyl and foam seat on steel and plywood frame. Lock facility. Seat size (W)45, (D)54cm. Di… Read more

got 1 for my mummys christmas there awesome.heat added!!!


Got one of these for my son at Xmas, got a great sound & Fantastic value HOT !!!


got one of these before xmas when they sold them for £45, went to PC world for a few extra quid off, was not sure at first as I thought they where a little bulky, glad I kept it & they are v comfy HOT !!

Inflatable Kick Box £3.33 from Argos.
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Looks like great fun for the kids! Was £9.99 # Supplied with footpump. # For ages 3 years and over.

how do u make it stand up ?? can someone help. there is a small hole in bottom but does not look lik e u put water in it


Still around.. thanks for the pointer farhan123 :)


LOL :evil:


:thumbsup: Thanks to the OP, reserved one for my little Rocky, will come in useful for him


had one of these for my kid. Whatever you put in the bottom leaks out soon - so to be used outside. They don't last long but are quite fun while you have them.

Silver Thread Floor Lamp less than half price, only £7.49 @ Argos!
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Brushed chrome a with silver finish thread shade. In-line foot switch. Height 130cm. Shade length 17cm. Shade width 17cm. Shade depth 110cm. Requires 2 x 60 watt ES bulbs (no… Read more

Okay. Thanks Paul :thumbsup:


An ES bulb is a screw-in bulb as opposed to a bayonet type which is more common.


Is an ES bulb a normal one?


Thanks got two reserved, cant go wrong for £15


Thanks Amibees :thumbsup: Welcome to HUKD's lilmilly :)

Leather Digital Camera Bag now only £2.99 @ Argos!
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Reserve online to collect instore! Bargain, has been £14.99, £4.99 now only £2.99!! With shoulder strap and belt loop on the back, and 2 pockets for media card storage. Size (H)12… Read more

Hi, Reserved one but then realised it is small for my camera. I can send the res.code if anyone interested.Reserved at Basildon Westgate until end 21st Monday. Please send me PM if you are interested.


random stock :)


Still around.. :)


Ive got this and its the perfect fit for the Navigo SatNav I have just received!


I just bought this considering it was really cheap for a leather case. It sure is big and for some reason exempt from 30 day guarantee! Oh well, nice little mini rucksack :) Im not complaining for the price it's at, probably be able to fit something else in there Voted hot regardless

Clarity Digital Set Top Box 1/2 price, only £14.99 @ Argos!
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Reserve online for store collection! Model number CDVB1. Black. Digitally interactive. Digital text. RF loop. Digital Video Broadcasting(DVB) subtitles available. Auto … Read more

[SIZE="3"]been this price for ages, and was previously posted here over three weeks ago[/SIZE]

einstein Sainsbury (Folkestone) ... DIGILOGIC BOX with 2 Scarts .. £ 14 / between all their reduced (not sold YEAR END X-mas Electro ware -- shelves) Good UNIT - auto CHANNEL updates itself !! --- even .. every night if in Standby


how about this one from; its Alba, looks slighty better than the above for £17.99 - free delivery. Has 2 scarts.... **however please note that these products are all ex-demo's... hence the price!!!


iv had my eye on this before! is this any good? for £15 cant complain though....


Only 1 scart socket, so can be problems when connecting extra devices (DVD/Video/PS2)

Tefal White Digital Steamer - argos - NOW £19,99
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Hope this hasnt been listed previously. it was on sale before christmas. I do have this steamer and it is fantastic. 7.2 litre capacity 60 minute timer 3 bowls. Auto switch … Read more
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more details please..? digital what? the only mention of digital in the product description was about the timer. and what's the difference between a 'digital' one and an 'electric' one?


ones digital the other one is not.


what's the difference between this steamer and this other one - read thru the product details & everything else seems the same (including price), argos not particularly helpful with model number so had a hard time distinguishing between different tefal steamers and looking for reviews on other sites. please enlighten!


Just bought one of these. Excellent buy for £19.99.

XBOX HD-DVD Player - £89.99 (+5 free HD-DVD'S)
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Good price for anyone still interested in a HD-DVD player. 5 free discs can be claimed here : NOTE - Current 5 free disc offer ends 3… Read more

I paid £99 for my HD-DVD drive, and the cheapest price online that you could get the 5 films I ordered was £79. I see that as having paid £20 for the player, and I'm more than willing to spend that in order to now have both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players. The way some of you go on, you make it sound like people are going to have their houses repossessed if they stop making HD-DVDs. Get a grip.


As an owner of both the 360 add-on and the tosh ep30 i would recommend spending the couple of extra pounds and getting the dedicated player. As others have said, the noise from the 360's fans is very annoying. I found the picture over hdmi much better than component (i have a first batch 360) and if your going for surround sound using optical i found the 360's audio mix to be rubbish, transformers on hd-dvd sounded flat and lifeless with hardly any bass yet the tosh on the same amp produces a fantastic audio track.


Oh, once again put a sock in it! Its a 360 HD Drive, anyone with a 360 knows the deal. Might I add, if plumbs like you keep telling everyone its dead then sure, you may actually contribute to its eventual downfall, if nobody buys them! £90 pounds on its own for 5 hd dvds is not bad value, throw in the player itself and its a bargain. * A note to all 'extremely concerned' Blu-Ray Fans...The HD player will infact not just magically disappear from your house if HD goes tits up, your still going to have the HD player and movies of great quality that you got at a bargain price. ONCE AGAIN, nobody gives a damn about your opinions ('facts') on whether its going down the pan or not, and can i mention, why are you people still leaving messages on a product you have no interest in? Lets be honest here, its not your over whelming desire as a wonderfully good natured person that made you come in and try enlighten everyone of a bogus product. Do you post in every computer or TV deal that comes along that you think is not great? NO!. Its simple bias and dislike for a product you dont want people to buy because you in fact, probably have some huge infinity for playstations or what not.:oops: Preferably, go on to some blu-ray forum and you can all discuss about how wonderful it is and laugh at the HD player and at its 'most certain' demise , but please... please dont bring your needless **** to these DEALS. Once again, nobody wants to hear it! Yes I personally have HD.... and Blu-Ray, so no, its not bias **** im spouting.


Absolutely agree, it's a useful contribution to help draw peoples attention to the fact that if they're buying HD, they should go and do some research into the formats, and make up their own mind about whether or not any particular format is going to survive. And having a discussion about it is also useful in my opinion.


Warning people of the impending death of HD DVD is obviously a useful contribution at least once for any HD DVD thread - there are many hundreds/thousands of people looking at these posts(not all of them regular contributors to HUKD) and they might think this is a good deal without being informed on the HD DVD/Blu-Ray sitaution. Those people are going to be a bit pissed off when in 1/2 years they can't buy films for their hi-def format and they think it's because they were misled on this site.

My Little Pony WOW Deal less than half price was £29.99, now just £11.99 @ Argos!!
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Bundle pack that includes: The Rainbow Princess Castle that offers traditional dollhouse play with a sprinkle of fantasy. Special features include an elevator that goes up and d… Read more

We got this at Christmas time, and my daughter loves it - it is not the most robust thing in the world, but she loved putting the silver stickers on, and spends ages making tea parties and telling stories with the ponies. Well worth the price IMO - cheers OP


yeh they do seem to be a lot worse than the toys i had when i was a kid even with stricter laws about making them.


My little girl got this for christmas and it's really cheaply made and falls apart when she plays with it. You have to put on about 100 tiny stickers yourself, the flexible crown fencing that goes round the top of one of the towers has been packaged so long that it's basically bent out of shape and doesn't stay in the circle shape needed to fit on the tower so keeps falling off and the base keeps coming unclipped whenever she opens the castle up to play with it. Think it's probably just the standard of most toys these days though :x



link is not working and cant find it in argos?

Fisher-Price Royal Potty Half Price £9.99 Usually £19.99 Bargain Extra Stores
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
# The potty features two musical rewards, one for just sitting on the potty and one which activates after a successful potty 'experience'. # The addition of a chart and set of rew… Read more
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out of stock in hampshire and merseyside, what a shame!!!:x


No, but it does the royal wee


Its out of stock in Berkshire region :-(


This really is worth getting even if you pay the full price for it in my opinion. Made potty training my little boy easy.:)


all seem to be sold out in n ireland:x

Baby Annabell Canopy for childs bed. ONLY £8.49
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Baby annabell canopy to go on your little girls bed reduced from £49.99 to a mere £8.49. Worth ten times that to get the little ******* to go to bed, sometimes.

Voted Super Hot I just became the best dad in the world


my daughter had 1, it straps on the metal pole frame, no good 4 a mid sleeper, :?


I think they stand on the floor so may not be high enough for a high sleeper unless you can find something to raise it and attach it to the bed frame itself.


Looks as if it is like a wendy house rather than fixed to the bed, plastic tube frame with the canopy over that. Should be really easy to erect, voted hot and reserved one. Great find well done.


Cool!! Just reserved for my daughter's birthday in February - what a bargain!! Best buy I've done on Hot Deals to date (everything else either expires or is inaccessible.

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (PS3) £14.99 - Argos
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Looks to be the cheapest around for this game. # Harry returns for his fifth year at Hogwarts and discovers that much of the wizarding community has been denied the truth about … Read more
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Nice price shame about the game.


great find - thanks alot picked up today from Bournemouth store. Children loved the demo ....


wow, nice one, son over the moon!


Reserved one. Heat and rep added.


Nothing in Wolves

Bratz TV / DVD Combi half price £64.99 @ Argos
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Looking at the Bratz bits and pieces at Argos, and noticed that they have reduced the TV / DVD combi again to half price. Item no 3833834. Home delivery only - cost of delivery £4… Read more
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Having ours collected for refund in vouchers. After approx 4 weeks, the colour went and it's just a black and white TV. Since first being used, the DVD makes a very loud whurring (spellcheck!) noise. As the item is out of stock within Argos, the very helpful Customer Services person gave me the option of picking something else from catalogue or having full refund in vouchers.


I also do not know why people are voting this cold - when the TV / DVD was on offer at the same price from Argos before christmas, it never got soooo cold on their thread! Oh well! Maybe I'll think twice next time.


Got my daughter this one, has proved to be junk, apparently made by Alba.


Thanks - I'll need to have a read up when I've time!


My daughter has had no problems with her one that she got for Christmas. My niece also has had her one for a couple of years and as far as I'm aware has had no problems. I originally brought one from Toys R Us for £99.99 then when Argos reduced their price to £64.99 I took the one back to Toys R Us. I think a great price for a themed TV / DVD.

PSP Speaker System and Docking Station Online and Instore  @ Argos £4.99
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Was £29.99 Now £4.99 - NOT for Slim version or Lite but I think well worth a fiver! White 2.0 stereo music centre for PSP. Foldable and telescopic mechanism for easy travel use.… Read more
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random stock... thanks for the pointer sharkalos :)


Yep Its made by Gamexpert, however I believe its an Argos exclusive by them Model No. GS-791W , it also has on the back of the manual ARGOS MK9 2NW Great for the price, but no way would I have been happy paying £29.99 for it at all, its a great docker for charging your PSP and having amplified sound, but its quite cheaply manufactured, nothing special, does the job for a fiver though.


its made by gameexpert


guys, can you please confirm the make and if possible the model number of this product? who is it made by? thanks


Just checked this out and this indeed is true, but i then found out that the volume on the psp was set to low, and the volume on the station high, if you turn your psp right up full, you can turn the base right down, this reduces the hissing a lot

Century Double Pushchair - £39.99 @ Argos
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Was £79.94 Now £39.99 Available for home delivery and store pick up. Key features: Multi position seat Adjustable leg rest Detachable hood Swivel wheels Suitable for child we… Read more
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Still around... thanks for the pointer sammy321 :)


Don't need one myself but voted hot! Can't go wrong for 40 quid :thumbsup:


Just to say a big thanks for this. Mine have in theory long outgrown double buggies, and I sold them all on ebay! But recently due to ilnesses etc I have been housebound as 1 is always to ill to walk far! and I have a 21 month old. I did not want to invest in a double or buggyboard, but this is perfect. So cheap and really good, the wheels are quite big and cope with little bumps, my poorly 6 year old fitted in it and it is easy to manouvere and comfortable. Can't argue with the price. Thanks again.:-D


Thanks for the pointer Tamara ;-) Welcome to HUKD pridey :)


one comes enclosed in the packaging. cheers.

Girl's Fairy Jewellery Box half price, only £2.49 @ Argos!
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Would make a grat little gift! Ideal and affordable for a birthday present or a treat!!

There is some available in Hartlepool if anyone is interested.


Out of stock everywhere near me. Good deal voted hot!



Thanks, reserved one to pick up later!


Excellent ordered to pick up in store :)

Forza Motorsport 2 - Xbox 360 £9.99 @ Argos
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Forza Motorsport 2 - Xbox 360 £9.99
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Still around... thanks for the pointer madturbs :)


Hot thanks have reserved still got them in liverpool.


was in truro argos extra a couple days ago and they had loads! (50+ i think) great game, funny how its gone so cheap so fast hot!


Great find, just reserved one to pick up. Thanks


Great find...bought one thanx!

Mamas and Papas Alto Group 2-3 Child Car Seat
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Half Price £24.99 Was £49.99 Available for home delivery or store pickup Key features: Suitable from 15 to 36kg (approx 3 to 11 years) Forward facing Adjustable head rest Side imp… Read more
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This was one of it's real let downs, children under 2 really should have 5 point harness fitted for safety reasons. With my eldest, I felt the same as you and bought a Mamas and Papas seat (not this-it was a few years ago) was amazed and horrified when on the motorway he appearred beside me saying 'I did it myself', and realised he had been bored and fiddling and unclipped his seat belt. I nearly had a heart attck. But seriously, there are a few seats which say a child from 9 months can use the adult seat belt! Do not use them, only in an emergency if there is nothing else. These do not offer your kids the protection they deserve and require.


This has been posted before and I assume it is this price because it is really bad and which give it a 'do not buy' tag!


That's OK - I'm looking for a decent priced car seat for my youngest at the moment too.........unfortunately this does not look like a good option, but I will post if I find anything decent...........


I paid 50pounds for this for my son and it is great. Instead of those fiddly built-in belts, you just use the car seat belt. Also available from Mama & Papas direct for 25pounds but I assume that they charge for delivery EDIT: Ooh, wasn't aware of the reports - I couldn't find anything bad about it at the time. :oops:



Argos - Disney Princess Ariel Deluxe Set  - 80% off now £9.99
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Argos have this Disney Princess Ariel Deluxe set for £9.99 from £49.99. Have reserved one for my little princess!! Only at Argos. Deluxe Ariel comes with a sea carriage towed by… Read more
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thought it was a load a plastic tosh actually....just my opinion....bought it and then took straight back


Got one - heat added - thanks!


Just To Let You Know Went Into My Local Stofre And Its On Display For £19.99 But If You Go To The Checkout It Comes Up As £9.99 Bought One For Childrens Partys That My Daughter Will Know Doubt Get Invited To Over The Coming Weeks..... Sorry For Caps Too......


Just picked mine up, not sure it would be worth £50 but at £10 really good bargain. It is quite a big box, well it needed one of the big argos bags anyway! Also got one of these Remote Controlled Cars Another bargain, will use for a birthday party pressie.


Thanks for this. My daughter is going to love it.:thumbsup:

Argos Eeyore Moses Basket £19.99 @ Argos
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
As the title says. Looks like argos have done their Wednesday update and more of the clearance items are half price or less.
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This is soo gorgeous!


in stock pe1 (peterborough) so voted hot and it is cheaper £19.89

Argos. Cranium Cadoo. Half Price. £7.49 Instore or Reserve. Home Delivery available.
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Junior edition of Cranium that features a variety of hilarious activities from sketching to sculpting things out of Cranium clay and will get kids giggling and creating. For 2 or … Read more

GR8 game the kids and adults love it. Brill family game:thumbsup:


My kids love this game - highly recommended:thumbsup:


Argos. Match Of The Day 4x3 Goal and Extras Football Set. Half Price £6.49.
Found 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Includes Match of the Day 4 x 3ft plastic goal with net, football, air pump, 2 corner flags, 4 flat cones and a three man wall. Looks like a lot of fun and little money for the bu… Read more

Blimey, who let you out of the Fs/Ft forum. Haven't you got better things to do than pick on my deals ? :p There you go folks best take note of Sassie, might not be that good a deal after all :oops: Cheers for the info Sassie :) (Now clear off back to the FS/FT) ;-) :w00t:


your football will outlive your goal post easy, we put it up within 5 mins the ball had ht the goal post and broke th plastic, within a day it had more cellotape round it than the packaging it came in


Brilliant for a lark around with the kids in the garden! Heat added!


Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Football- £2.49 at Argos! (Not sure, but it may be only instore)
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
Starting tomorrow, these Pro Evolution Soccer fottballs will only be £2.49, cut from £9.99. Great deal. # Official size 5 leather football. # Inflation pressure 6-8 PSI or 0.41-… Read more

this ball is available from poundland without the pes written on it. the umbros do a fine job.


Well just got back from football practice and the view from the lads and myself is that on the floor its not as good as the umbro ball and the wind does tend to get under the ball more. However we played headers and volleys and everybody was in agreement that the PES ball is easier to control.


Well the umbro ones cost £2.39 so it's not really a hot deal.


Just popped around the corner and bought one. Brilliant cheers.


no however the game itself is quite good ?

Wii Play in stock at Argos - £34.97
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
Spotted this gold-dust item in my local Argos in Brighton today - they had 5 left in stock so I grabbed 2!! The Wii play game sells for around £20 on its own on eBay so well worth … Read more
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I agree. The kids (aged 5 and 10) love it, and me & hubby think it's fun too! Great when you don't want to think too much-it's a game to chill and have fun with. Or if you just want a quick game. :thumbsup:


woo hoo!! got one at last been trying since november. not bothered if the games r rubbish got another remote. cheers ears. good find:-D


In stock at Chichester.


niceone..had just about given up,been trying to get hold of one since early december and kept missing out..ordered one from HMV on December when it was showing in stock and was put in a backorder..have just cancelled it and wont be using HMV ever again. heat added :thumbsup:


Nice one, in stock in Tamworth. Tennis with the kids tonight then.

Dual Purpose: Challenge Air Cooler with Heater 1/2 price, only £42.49 @ Argos!
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
Reserve online to collect instore. Heater ideal for the winter and can be used as a cooler in summer. Get your money's worth out of it, dual purpose, all year round use. 3 speed se… Read more

no offence but bought something similar and its a piece of ****


smashing idea!


I Think With The Rising Cost Of Electricity, I Will Just Open A Window In The Summer. Not For Me, But Thanks Anyway.:)

EPP Junior Unisex Cycle Helmet - Red £3.43 (was £6.87) @ Argos !
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
Reserve & collect PVC shell. Head size from 54 to 58cm. 10 vents. Adjustable fit. Conforms to CE EN1078.

i got a nice black transformers one, with adjustable padding from the Tesco sale I was £6.00 for on his wee scooter. word of advise though! cheap is better but i would splash out £20 or there abouts to get a full face helmet, will help protect their teeth. i was in Accident and emergency and the boy behind us had come off his bike - age 7 and lost his brand new big front teeth - poor kids teeth ruined for life!!!! so, worth a thought..... cheap not always the best deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What age is this suitable for?


great find. thanks


Dont forget the Power Rangers one I posted on here before Christmas, that is still available at £3.49!!! Bargain Prices for these helmets!


Actually appears to be a decent low price helmet for once. The inner shell is held into the outer rather than the usual velcro attachment (which is lethal as the helmet can get dragged off).

Colin Mcrae DIRT Half Price @ Argos £19.99 or 2 for £30!
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
As title, It may have been posted before I just havent seen it till now, nobody pointed it out and theres a lot of second hand ones going for around the same price. You don't ha… Read more
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] Thought i had seen this on here before! Good deal though


Or get £19.50 for 1 then and keep the other Nice game for £10.50 :thumbsup: Del


Lol. Is it worth it for 9 quid? Go to Argos, queue up for a year, get the 2 games. Walk to Gamestation (if driving, then lose some profit on petrol), trade in and get first £4.50. Either get your mate to do the other one, or go to the next nearest store (maybe some petrol) and get the other £4.50. I think that this will take at least 1hr of anyone's time. So, if you have a job which pays at least £18K this isn't worth it. I'm not saying don't do it. It's just fascinating what people will do for any kind of profit margin. I guess it makes them feel like Del boy for a bit, too. Good deal, cheers OP.


ok if you don't have someone willing to do it for nothing drive to the next nearest store or do one wander around they soon forget :)


well it was today and day before that and day before that :thumbsup:

Sony Ericsson W880i £139.99 instore @ Argos
Found 28th Jan 2008Found 28th Jan 2008
I have been looking to buy a Sony Ericsson W880i from a high street retailer and have found it for £139.99 from Argos which seems like a pretty good deal

This W880i has now been reduced to £99.99 on Orange at Argos$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts%3EC%24cip%3D1500011728.Office%2C%2BPC%2Band%2Bphones%3EC%24cip%3D1500011786.Mobile%2Bphones.htm.


Is the £5 voucher still available that was featured on an earlier post somewhere ?


Okay, for people who can't wait and want to get the mobile on the same day:p


I completely agree, however the deal I posted clearly states "from the high street". Had I posted the cheapest deal of course it would be from an online retailer, they do not carry the same overhead costs and can therefore discount the product do you not agree


Most user on here purchase online and most importantly is whichever cheaper:-D But if you want to pay £139.99 for the same product that you can get for £123.99. Then why don't you just get the £123.99 one and give the £16.00 to charity:santa:

Condemned 2  - £24.99 Bargain (xbox 360)
Found 28th Jan 2008Found 28th Jan 2008
this games is being really hyped as the previous game was a really gd buy, and for £25 this could be better. This game is not out yet and i dun think this game will be out yet wil… Read more

How can they honour a game that doesn't exist yet :roll:


I spotted this n'all surely they have to honour it? If not, **** em' lol, ill give Game my money lol


Yeah as mentioned by others its a typo. Condemned 2 isnt even out yet.


lol the game is not released yet, its an error in the cat :)


If you put the catalogue number thats quoted in the catalogue into the search item of the website it comes up with the first condemned. I got all excited then

designer knife set with block £12.50 @ argos
Found 28th Jan 2008Found 28th Jan 2008
# Carving, bread, chefs, paring, utility knives. # Dishwasher safe knives. # Crescent shaped all steel knife block. # Gift boxed.
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not many places around southampton with any left Winchester and IOW are the only ones with stock but good price if you can find one

My Scene Icy Bling Boutique was £19.97, now only £4.99 @ Argos!
Found 27th Jan 2008Found 27th Jan 2008
Reserve online to collect instore! Get set for shopping with an ice-house theme! Comes with pretend-diamond framed mirrors, dressing area and displays for all of the bling access… Read more

Wot no burberry? It's as cheap as Elizabeth duke at Argos.


My Dyson Loves This Kind Of Stuff


I wouldn't want my daugter to know what "bling" is.


Are the dolls included? Edit: No they don't seem to be. Still a good price.


Great price, voted hot

Fisher Price Little Mommy Toddler and Playcentre - £25.99 was £79.99 @ Argos
Found 27th Jan 2008Found 27th Jan 2008
Availabe for delivery or Store Pickup. Cat Number 383/7483 * The Play All Day Activity Centre is a fun-filled interactive playset with stand-alone play, but there are even mor… Read more


Now only £14.99. Fantastic, just got one!


Nice find heat added.


Now £19.99


Hiya, for £26 I don't think it will keep a 3 years pluss entertained very long. It must be smallish to sit on a table. The only slide a child is intrested in is one they can slide down themselfs. A colouring book prehaps! OR a pram a little girl can push to the local shops for a dolly bed.:oops:

Tripoli Oak Bistro Dining Table + 4 chairs - £49.99 @ Argos !
Found 27th Jan 2008Found 27th Jan 2008
Reserve & collect.. Size of table (H)75, diameter 90cm. Size of chair (W)38, (D)44.5, (H)86.5cm. Silver finish metal frame with oak coloured veneer table top. Oak veneer hea… Read more

6 1/4 dont count though ^


i've got this table and chairs in doors :whistling: its still like new we've had it nearly a year and i weigh a little bit more than 6 stone:p


or in the kitchen for the kids?:p


LOL.. as seen from the pic its not meant to be for WWE wrestler :p . Dining table on budget for those with confined space such as flats.


Dont sit on these chairs if you weight more than 6 stone though!! lol

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