Aria Easter Special
Aria Easter Special
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Aria Easter Special

Hi there,
I'm a regular Aria user and came across this Easter Special on their homepage this morning. As far as I can see, it looks like they will be featuring "4 new greatdeals every day" from the 2nd to the 9th fo Easter.
Today they have batteries for 1p, a video camera for £49.99, a remote control plane for £6.95 and a 7" Digital Picture Frame for £29.99. The frame and the plane really impressed me. There prices are always low but this seems extreme!


Aria Customer Services is appalling.

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I've always found them to be really good. Their delivery times are ace.


I've always found them to be really good. Their delivery times are ace.TT

Soz, I should have said this earlier, :oops: Welcome to HUKD :thumbsup:

Try and speak to them on the phone, you will not get through. :x :x
I had to dis' them big time on their forum, to get a two month problem sorted. :roll:

ebuyer are selling for similar price.

I also had an issue with Aria Customer Service a little while back but I think that was due to some internal software issues they were having - which must be sorted now as I have ordered since. Which deals to ebuyer have similar prices on? Their digital photoframe is twice the price and their aeroplane is three times the price! I know where I'll be shopping

Picture frame out of stock as super special now, but have plenty left at FULL PRICE


Prices are ex VAT so dont forget to add that!

Or click on the exc/inc button top right of their website to view prices including vat

They have more digital photoframes on offer!! :-D

£10.51 postage:w00t: ...they never change:x

I'm wrong, this time you can add the other deal bargains and not have the price inflate...postage stays the same too...gosh!

Just had a look at the site now and copied the Easter deals for today for you:

1GB PC6400 Elixir DDR2 800 SDRAM @ £23.44 inc.
Radio Control Helicopter Yellow @ £5.82 inc.
320GB Maxtor D/Max +21 SATA2 @ £41.07 inc.
Arianet 1Gb MP3 Sunglasses – Black @ £17.57 inc.
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