Aria Rush Hour

Aria Rush Hour

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Found 15th Dec 2006
One chance, one hour, thats all you get to grab the best of Aria products at the most extremely slashed prices. Business begins at 8am, as soon as the conveyor belt starts to turn And will end at close of business 10pm so be quick! Watch as a new product appears ever 10 minutes and another one disappears! Snatch your low cost luxury before the clock clicks the belt round and the product reverts back to its usual price. Many items have been cut to half their usual Aria price - thats another 50% off! These limited, internet exclusive, deals are not available in shop so get your bargain now or never!


Good Luck with this post Vicki, most people hate Aria on here at the moment due to last Rush Hour!!!

I personally use them all the time, and have never had a problem. They are the cheapest PC retailer and have a great Forum. The CS are rubbish though!

They ahve a pretty good 19" Widescreen TFT on there at the mo, £119.79inc VAT.
Not bad
J :santa:

Heads up folks, not sure it will be a bargain or not but an Xbox 360 premium is up next


I'll keep an eye out for the 360


265 for the 360....

Sorry, tis £264 :-( plus delivery

Aria used to be brilliant a couple of years back... these days they seem to be more preoccupied with introducing stupid products instead of sticking solely to their computing roots. Cant see many new computer products, but they have plenty of bangles, candy underwear and others.

Just purchased a DivX player from them for my dads xmas... Delivery was a stonking £8! Most expensive e-commerce site out there for delivery. Basket said it would be £6.95 so no idea what the £8 is about.

Seems like all e-commcerce sites go downhill rapidly after they hit a peak.
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