Aria Rush Hour IV - 8am on Friday 8th September
Aria Rush Hour IV - 8am on Friday 8th September

Aria Rush Hour IV - 8am on Friday 8th September

Rush Hour IV at aria this friday 8th September


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Cold? Fair enough

It's been happening a lot lately, where people are leaving a cold vote for an unknown reason boydent999.

If you have the inclination to leave a cold vote, please post in the thread why, so we can try to improve upon future postings.

Thanks for posting boydent, I'll be keeping my eye on this when it starts to see if there are any bargains.


[SIZE=2]What is a rush hour IV plse?[/SIZE]


[SIZE=2]What is a rush hour IV plse?[/SIZE]

It's a 'moving' sale from 0800 hrs to 2200 hrs. Every 3 minutes (I think it's 3) something new is added to the sale but only for about one hour. There is about 9 sale items at a time and some things are very cheap.

Thanks OP :thumbsup:

I think some people vote cold as maybe the post is something that does not interest them or they have no idea what the poster is on about.
It wasn't until I read the replies that I knew what a rush hour IV was.

But as you say, maybe cold voters should post - but doesnt that risk a flame?


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TBH, i'm not that bothered, cold or hot, that's not the reason i posted, i posted it, cos in the past, they've been okish, but best for folks to decide for themselves.

Each item, lasts 10 minutes it it, but you can see them for about an hour; it's the 10 mins you can buy it in.

Agreed, i *should* have provided more info about what rush hour is, sorry for that.

As for cold posting, that's a poster's perogative, i really don't mind, just thought it a tad unfair. As to flaming, well, if they cold vote and without reason, yeah, they may get flamed, not necessarily by me, but at least say why it's cold. If they voted cold, cos i didn't provide any narrative, i'm guilty but seems harsh....ho hum....might go back to lurking and saying thx instead

I think it's a good post. I hope it gets bumped on Thursday/Friday because I missed a couple of these 'rush hour' sales.

It will definitley be bumped on Friday, and you'll probably see the temperature jump up then. And I'm sure there will be some reputation in it as well... don't be disenheartened boydent

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Have fun, hope there are some bargains to be had.
I'll miss the majority of this


Thanx - for explaining what it is. First time i've encountered a rush hour- seems like an excellent idea. Good post - well done.:thumbsup:

If anyone sees a good bargain, pop it in here and bump up the thread please.

Biostar IDEQ 330P Barebones System SOCKET 939 / CARD READER / NF4 / SATA RAID / Gb LAN / 7.1CH AUDIO / PCI-E :.

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£109.99 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £129.24 inc[/COLOR]
Biostar iDEQ 330P is the first Mini PC System designed to offer the exceptional combination of the fastest performance, highly secured protection and Biostar unique chassis design with human-technology. iDEQ 330P not only supports 7.1-channel audio, Gigabit-LAN, Ultra DMA IDE up to 4 devices and Integrated cross-controller RAID (SATA + PATA, 0, 1), it is also offers maximum expansion, storage and connectivity. With the powerful 300watt Active PFC power supply, iDEQ 330P is the gamers' platform for the space conscious enthusiast.

160Gb Ex-Box USB2 Hard Drive

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£51.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £61.04 inc[/COLOR]
[SIZE=4]Play the game...with the Aria Ex-Box[/SIZE]

Does it get any better than this?Aria have released their most stylish External Hard drive ever the EX-BOX.

Mobile storage has never looked so good, store up to 160Gb worth of information on this mobile HD with the in-built hard drive and safely and securely take it anywhere. Set in the all familiar silver and green of the famous games console the X-Box 360, the EX-BOX external hard drive as to be the best looking external hard drive in the business.

How good would this look on your desktop!? The price is also great too so play the game and get yours today.

160Gb of storage
Stylish silver/green casing
IDE to USB2.0 interface
8 x 8cm turbo cooling fan

Sony AW-G170A 18x DVDRW Black DL

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£16.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £19.92 inc[/COLOR]

The new Sony AW-G170A DVDRW drive is designed to meet today’s data storage demands. It provides the industry's fastest level of Read/Write speed whilst supporting all key DVD/CD format (DVD+/-R, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM), making it ideal for a
variety of applications such as data back-up, data archiving, digital image storing, video content archiving and sharing this content with both IT and CE products.

The drive includes several unique design features, such as Write Pause Calibration System, Marginal Media Error Recovery/Retry Algorithm, Unique Air-flow Design and Anti-Vibration Design enabling it to achieve the highest level of writing quality, as well as reliability for critical applications and

More than 400 recordable media will be supported allowing users to use many different media types including low cost media.

I quite like the look of the abrebones case, but I don't know much about them, and what would be good for that price.


Dell 19 inch TFT Save £35.25 - now £129.95 - got to be half decent.


Dell 19" TFT E196 Midnight Grey GC811 Tiltable stand

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£129.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £152.69 inc.[/COLOR]

Choosing a monitor shouldn’t be an afterthought. A monitor purchase decision can have a huge impact on user productivity and comfort for many years, because often when computer systems are replaced, the same monitor remains in service.

Why buy Dell monitors?
Whether choosing monitors to pair with new Dell systems or to purchase separately, the Dell brand is the right choice.Here’s why:

Dell-branded monitors are designed to our exacting quality standards and manufactured by the world’s foremost suppliers, who must pass Dell’s stringent quality audit. All Dell-branded monitors meet or exceed relevant industry standards.

Dell-branded monitors undergo exhaustive testing for performance, reliability, durability and compatibility with Dell systems. Under our H.A.L.T. (Highly Accelerated Life Cycle Testing) regimen, Dell engineers push our monitors well past specified tolerance limits for heat, cold, vibration, shocks and drops, to ensure that they have more than enough durability to hold up under real-world conditions.

Price-performance value
Dell’s enormous buying power and direct business model allow us to offer the highest-quality monitors at low prices.

Morpheus Mood Lighting Pod, With Luxeon LED Technology

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£55.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £64.63 inc.[/COLOR]
The Morpheus ‘mood lighting pod’ has been designed to quickly change the mood and lighting in the home and the workplace.

Utilising the latest hi-tech hardware combined with innovative software it produces some stunning mood lighting effects to totally transform a home, workplace, restaurant or bar. Morpheus allows you to create instant ambience, completely changing the feel of a room in seconds, and with a totally modern style its been designed to complement traditional and also contemporary environments.

Use Morpheus to highlight features, pictures and architectural details around your home, or to work with the existing lighting of a room to add depth, mood and intrigue.

[SIZE=4]Creating Mood and Atmosphere[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Creating dramatic and beautiful effects using Morpheus couldn’t be easier.

The Morpheus mood lighting unit has been designed to discreetly complement any environment. Place Morpheus in the corner of a room, in front of a flat surface, inside a fireplace, the choice is yours.

You can use Morpheus wherever you are to instantly transform the atmosphere in a room. Add a bit of colour, or some warmth in winter or use some cool blue shades in summer. A room can be instantly changed or enlivened to suit your mood. Morpheus comes setup with some preset modes to enable you do this quickly. Alternatively let Morpheus run right through the spectrum of colours, subtly changing the mood as often as you like at the speed you like.

[/SIZE][SIZE=4]New Technology[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]The Morpheus Mood Light (see Pod Images) combines innovative lighting technology with a brilliant design concept and embedded software to create some stunning effects. In basic terms, Morpheus creates a soft radiance of light that can be fixed or constantly ‘morphing’ through a seemingly infinite spectrum of colours.

Morpheus projects colour onto a flat surface or throws beautifully changing coloured shadows against a wall by placing a plant or ornament in front of it. [/SIZE]


Samsung MP3 Player 512Mb - Black with voice Recording and Line-In [SIZE=2][COLOR=red]Factory Refurbished and Tested[/COLOR][/SIZE]

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£24.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £29.32 inc[/COLOR]
Music just doesn't get more portable than this! This MP3 player is big on features such as inline encoding, voice recorder and eight EQ pre-sets. One AAA battery gives you up to 15 hours of playback.

The 4-line ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] screen gives full view of ID3 tag information and SRS WOW" technology which provides vivid 3D sound enhancement. You can also store and transfer PC files and music files with a simple drag-and-drop from your Windows OS.

512MB ][COLOR=#0000ff]Memory[/COLOR]
Improved GUI & Navigation
Sleek Design with Metal Casing
15 Hours Playback (AAA x 1)
][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] 2.0 PC Interface
4-Line ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR]
Doubles as a Flash Storage Device
Voice Recording
SRS WOW Sound Enhancement
20mW Output Power

[SIZE=2][COLOR=red]Fully Factory Refurbished and Tested[/COLOR][/SIZE]


I quite like the look of the abrebones case, but I don't know much about … I quite like the look of the abrebones case, but I don't know much about them, and what would be good for that price.

I was looking into Biostar and Shuttle cases for quite sometime before I suddenly decided a laptop was more appropriate for my needs. The case gets really good write ups and is usually in the realms of £200+ around the internet. Wish this had popped up a couple of weeks ago, would have enjoyed putting this all together with some tasty components...

Now this seems like a great deal to me :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


VoIP Phone USB WIRELESS Phone Skype / MSN Live / Yahoo :.

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£19.99 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £23.49 inc[/COLOR]
The newest SKYPE phone on the market is bigger and better than ever packed with more features and even more stylish. Not only is this phone sleek and stylishly set in silver but it aso has many featires on your mobile phone - contact lists, echo cancellation and ultimate wireless freedom.

Not to be missed at this great price - get yours today!!

][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] wireless phopne for Skype
2.4 GHz ISM band, suited for Europe, USA and Japan
Handsfree ith digital echo cancellation
Large graphic ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] with blue backlight
Review contacts and call list on phone
][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] 1.1 and 2.0 compatible

Aria 32" Widescreen LCD TV HD Ready AUO Panel 8ms

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£429.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £504.08 inc[/COLOR]

The Aria 32 inch ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] colour television has been designed to provide you with a rich audio and visual experience, along with ease of use and convenient connections. This monitor enables you to watch broadcast or cable television channels, connect a VCR, VCD or ][COLOR=#0000ff]DVD[/COLOR] player to watch your favourite movies, or connect a computer to use the display as a monitor.

This item is also ][COLOR=#0000ff]HD Ready[/COLOR] which means that this TV has the HD input required to enjoy a high definition picture through a games console such as the XBOX 360. You can also enjoy a high definition picture through your Sky HD box, media centre or eqivelent medium.

Perhaps the best aspect of this TV is the fact that the screen is made by one of the most established screen makers in the industry - http://www.aria.co.uk/mainimages/auologo.jpg. Those who have already bought this unit rave about the crystal clear and super sharp picture quality normally only seen on AUO screens!

Dont miss out on this really great TV for the a really great price, in fact THIS IS AMONG THE CHEAPEST 32" HD READY MONITORS IN THE UK. Get yours today.


32 inch colour active matrix ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR]][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] TV with remote control
Safe and sturdy construction
High contrast: 1200:1, and brightness: 550 cd/m²
Maximum display resolution: 1366 x 768
Picture in picture (PIP) and picture on picture (POP) support
Built in TV tuner with 128 channels
Audio/video support
-AV in
-HDTV input
-PC audio input
-2 x SCART audio/video inputs
-DHMI analogue input
-AC in
-AC out
-Antenna input
-HDMI in
-PC in

Built-in 10W x 2 speakers


Aria 40" Widescreen LCD TV HD Ready Samsung Panel

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£739.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £868.33 inc[/COLOR]


The Aria 40 inch ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] colour television has been designed to provide you with a rich audio and visual experience, along with ease of use and convenient connections. This monitor enables you to watch broadcast or cable television channels, connect a VCR, VCD or ][COLOR=#0000ff]DVD[/COLOR] player to watch your favourite movies, or connect a computer to use the display as a monitor.

This item is also ][COLOR=#0000ff]HD Ready[/COLOR] which means that this TV has the HD input required to enjoy a high definition picture through a games console such as the XBOX 360. You can also enjoy a high definition picture through your Sky HD box, media centre or eqivelent medium - Just in time for the world cup!!

Perhaps the best aspect of this TV is the fact that the screen is made by the best, most reputable and the most well known screen makers in the industry - . Those who have already bought this unit rave about the crystal clear and super sharp picture quality normally only seen on Samsung screens!

Dont miss out on this really great TV for the a really great price, in fact THIS IS AMONG THE LOWEST PRICED 40" HD READY MONITORS IN THE UK. Get yours today.


40 inch colour active matrix ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR]][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] TV with remote control
Safe and sturdy construction
High contrast: 1200:1, and brightness: 500 cd/m²
Maximum display resolution: 1366 x 768
Audio/video support
-AV in
-DVI (with HDCP) in
-HDTV input
-3 x SCART audio/video inputs
-HDMI (with HDCP) input
-Antenna input
-Audio out
-VGA in
-S-Video in
Built-in 10W x 2 speakers

Acer PD110s - Ideal for Home Cinema and small to medium offices, 1100 Ansi Lumens, SVGA 800x600, 32db Noise level, HDTV Compatible

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£319.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £375.94 inc[/COLOR]
An entry-level digital projector offering all the right elements at an alluring price, the Acer PD100 series is a worthwhile investment for those with an eye on portability and the bottom line. Stylish in silver, the PD100s features 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness, SVGA resolution and ][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR] Light Processing (DLP) technology, for clear images, deep blacks and solid color contrast.

800 x 600 ][COLOR=#0000ff]Resolution[/COLOR]
Brightness 2100 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 23 cm x 23.8 cm x 12.3 cm
RGB, S-Video, composite video, component video
Remote control
Speaker(s) - integrated
2 years warranty


Apple IPod Mini - 4GB Blue Factory [COLOR=red]Refurbished and Tested[/COLOR] Second Generation

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£64.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £76.32 inc[/COLOR]
Everything you love about iPod just got tinier. iPod mini lets you bring along enough music for a three-day weekend getaway in a package so small you'll forget you're carrying it.

Fashionably Compact:
Apple engineers squeezed all the best features of iPod into a case weighing just 3.6 ounces and smaller than most cell phones. iPod mini features an anodized aluminium case that resists stains and scratches. The case weighs practically nothing, but protects iPod mini in your pocket, purse or backpack. Recessed in the case to keep its surface pristine wherever you lay it, the 1.67 inch (diagonal) backlit screen displays full song names and more. Like its (slightly) bigger brother, iPod mini gives you over 25 minutes of skip protection and lasts up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. So you won't pay a penalty for miniaturization.

Can Touch This:
In fact, all the features of iPod are still under your thumb. Always striving for perfection, Apple engineers moved the iPod's buttons under the wheel. The iPod mini Click Wheel gives you the enhanced durability and sensitivity of the iPod Touch Wheel, with buttons underneath. The Click Wheel takes best advantage of miniscule space and lets you scroll with one hand though 1,000 songs from your iTunes music collection. You'll find such thoughtful construction only from Apple.

Autosync your iPod mini with Mac and Windows:
iTunes 4 lets you organize your music on your Mac or Windows PC and automatically transfer it to iPod mini. Whether you've ripped your ][COLOR=#0000ff]CD[/COLOR] collection to MP3, bought music from the iTunes Music Store, you can take it with you wherever you go. Your iPod mini includes both a FireWire and a ][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] 2.0 cable for high-speed transfer from your Mac or PC. In fact, you can move an entire album from your computer to your iPod mini in seconds flat. With the industry's only true Auto-Sync, your iPod mini is always up-to-date, mirroring the latest changes you've made in iTunes. And if your collection on your computer is bigger than iPod mini, you can let iTunes automatically choose a selection of songs to fill it up.

Games, Calendar, Contacts & Notes:
Behind the Click Wheel of your iPod mini await features that make it the world's best digital music player. Listen to your music as you fall asleep, and wake up with music or an alarm. Store a copy of your contacts, calendar and to-do lists on your iPod mini. Or keep anything from store restaurant reviews to nightlife guides, and news articles to exercise routines -- right at your fingertips. iPod mini also includes four fun games you can play anywhere, a feature you're sure to appreciate the next time you're standing in line or waiting for someone. You can even play your music as the soundtrack to the games -- Music Quiz, Solitaire, Brick and Parachute.

Super lightweight music player, smaller than a cellphone with 4GB hard disk drive
Holds 1,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format
Stores data via FireWire orUSB 2.0
1.67 inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display with blue-white LED backlight
138-by-110-pixel resolution, 0.22-mm dot pitch
Weighs only 3.6 oz (103 g)
Up to 25 minutes of skip protection
Audio formats supported: AAC, MP3,MP3 VBR, Audible, AIFF, WAV


AOpen X-Cube EZ482 Socket 939 White PCI-E / HDTV OUT / ONBOARD X300 GFX / DUAL CH DDR400 / MULTI TV OUT / ULTRA QUIET :.

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£119.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £140.94 inc[/COLOR]

The XC Cube EZ482, which has a 939-pin socket and supports AMD Athlon 64 CPUs, is the first K8 XC Cube which can run the 64-bit Windows XP operating system.

* Ready for 64-bit platform
* PCI-Express 16x
* Multi-Monitor supported
* ][COLOR=#0000ff]HDTV[/COLOR] for Home Multimedia
* 939-pin ][COLOR=#0000ff]CPU[/COLOR] Socket
* Supports AMD Athlon64, Athlon FX, Sempron
* Dual-Core Athlonx2 Supported
* ATI's Radeon Xpress 200 chipset
Onboard graphics with ATI's Radeon X300 graphics core
* 2 DIMM slots for dual channel DDR333/400, expandable to 2GB
* Codec ALC880 supports 7.1 channels HD-Audio
* Multi TV-Out (S-Video, Y/Pb/Pr, Composite)
* Ready for Dual-Core powerful engine
* Integrated X300 graphic core
* Real DirectX9 support & OpenGL
* As quiet as 26db


Radio Control Helicopter Yellow

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£14.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £17.57 inc[/COLOR]
Remote controlled helicopters? Aren't they expensive? Nope! Aren't they difficult to control? No! Are they incredibly addictive? YES! Take one of these for a whizz around the garden and you won't be able to stop! Comes complete with mains charger

Two Motors Helicopter with Lithium battery and Protection system
Two Channel Radio Control.
Square transmitter - 8AA-12V - order 2x GAD-BATT-AA
Flying time - About 10 minutes
Please note: Operation of the helicopter is not suitable for children.
For ages 14 and over


19" Hanns-G HU196D TFT - 8ms- DVI

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£101.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £119.79 inc[/COLOR]


Before your very eyes, the HannsG 19-inch ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] bursts with delicious images in vibrant colours and compelling brilliance. This exquisitely detailed masterwork of elegance and style, offers incredible 700:1 contrast, stunning 250-nit brightness, a 0.294 pixel pitch and tantalizing SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution. 8ms response for wonderful video performance. DVI and VGA(D-sub) inputs deliver remarkable versatility. Make Your Life Better With HannsG’s 19-inch ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] colour active matrix ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR] display. Remarkable quality at our unbeatable price.


48.26 cm(19”) ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR] Colour ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] Monitor
Crisp, Clear Display for Windows
Recommended Resolutions: 1280 X 1024 @75Hz
Ergonomic Design
Space Saving, Compact Case Design

Thanks for all the posts dino - I don't have the time to do so! They realy have a few good bargains today!!!

excellent posting dino cheers :thumbsup:


Thanks for all the posts dino - I don't have the time to do so! They … Thanks for all the posts dino - I don't have the time to do so! They realy have a few good bargains today!!!

You're welcome :thumbsup:
I added the VOiP phone to my shopping basket, then my computer crashed because of all the C&Ping and it vanished from my basket :x
I expect it will be back on offer before 2200 hrs :-D


Arianet Fingerprint Pen Drive 2GB MyFlash

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£27.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £32.84 inc[/COLOR]
Winner of the 2006 CES innovation award, the Arianet Fingerprint Pen Drive was awarded with international recognition for outstanding design engineering achievements in the consumer electronics field. ][COLOR=#0000ff]Click here to read the article in full[/COLOR]

The first in what will no doubt spark a revolution in secure data, this pen drive has set a new benchmark in secure handling of you personal data. Only the hand with the correct fingerprint can load data to and from this Pen DRive meaning that this is the only 100% secure pen drive on the market.

Manufacturer's Description
With the embedded sweep-type sensor, the latest bio-verification technology, A-DATA “my Flash” Fingerprint Disk brings you ultimate security. The data in a Fingerprint Disk can only be accessed when your fingerprint is verified; no one else can use the disk unless they have their fingerprints registered or the backup password. Moreover, the sleek surface displays a sense of digital fashion and taste. There is also a set of backup password for you to use in case your fingerprints are injured.

A-DATA “my Flash” Fingerprint Disk enriches you digital life with portable personalized settings and a pleasant sense of security.

• Sweep-Type fingerprint sensor
• Software includes data encryption/decryption, web auto-login, web favorites, file management and flash mail
• Hot plug-and-play
• No driver needed for the fingerprint verification system

I'll keep any eye on the site. Cheers for the heads up!


iPOD Datacable

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£4.50 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £5.29 inc.[/COLOR]

iPOD USB2.0 Retractable Data Cable can be used for data synchronization between the iPod and PC using a ][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] port.

• USB2.0 compatible
• Retractable Cable
• Upto 480Mbs throughtput
• Light, around 20g
• Apple white


Arianet Pendrive: 100% secure!?! That's a very bold statement if ever I heard one


Arianet Pendrive: 100% secure!?! That's a very bold statement if ever I … Arianet Pendrive: 100% secure!?! That's a very bold statement if ever I heard one

Sounds good though, doesn't it? :roll:

PSP GigaPack Black Playstation Portable -UK Edition-

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£145.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £170.38 inc.[/COLOR]

The PSP comes with a 16:9 widescreen ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR]][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] centered in a sleek ergonomic design with a high quality finish that fits comfortably in the hands. The dimensions are 170mm x 74mm x 23mm with a weight of 260g. PSP features a high quality ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR]][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] that displays full-color (16.77 million colors) on a 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution screen. It also comes complete with the basic functions of a portable player such as built-in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector, brightness control and sound mode selection. Keys and controls inherit the same operability of PlayStation and PlayStation 2, familiar to fans all over the world.

PSP also comes equipped with diverse input/output connectors such as ][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] 2.0, and 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless LAN, providing connectivity to various devices in the home and to the wireless network outside. The world of gaming is further enhanced by enabling users to enjoy on-line gaming, or by connecting multiple PSPs to each other, directly via the wireless network. In addition, software and data can be downloaded through a ][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] or wireless network onto ][COLOR=#0000ff]Memory[/COLOR] Stick PRO Duo. All of these features can be enjoyed on one single system. The unit comes in either white or black and if no preference is given we will provide whatever colour is available.


PSP adopts a small but high capacity optical medium UMD (Universal Media Disc), enabling game software, rich with full motion video and other forms of digital entertainment content, to be stored. The newly developed UMD, the next generation compact storage media, is only 60mm in diameter but can store up to 1.8GB of digital data. A broad range of digital entertainment content such as music video clips, movies and sports programs can be provided on UMD. To protect this entertainment content, a robust copyright protection system has been developed which utilizes a combination of a unique disc ID, a 128 bit AES encryption keys for the media, and individual ID for each PSP hardware unit.

The Sony PSP Giga Pack contains:
Sony PSP Console
PSP Pouch
1GB ][COLOR=#0000ff]Memory[/COLOR] Stick Duo
PSP Stand
USB Cable
Battery Pack
Headphones with Remote Control
AC Adaptor
Screen Cloth
Demo UMD which includes video, music and non-interactive game demos


Keychain Flashlight

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£0.50 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce][SIZE=3][COLOR=red] £0.59 inc.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]
See the light wherever you go - simply keep this keychain light on your keyring, and never be in the dark again!

A single ultra-bright LED will mean no more searching for a torch, just when you need it the most...when the lights go out! Excellent low power consumption and a durable LED bulb ensures it'll stay bright well into the night, time and time again.

Arianet Play-Pod MP3/MP4 Player-1Gb Silver

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£25.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] [SIZE=2][COLOR=red]£30.49 inc[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

We dont just sell Apple Ipods, Ipod Nanos and Ipod Shuffles, check out Aria's very own equivalent right here...

[SIZE=3]Here it is, the next generation of all in one portable media players has arrived and it has never looked or felt better. Introducing the Arianet Play-Pod...

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and sleek enough to take anywhere - the Arianet Play-Pod MP3/MP4 Player has the lot. With 1Gb of memory capacity, the ability to play movies on the go and the familiar ergonomic design that optimises system navigation and ease of use.

The 128 x 128 display is a modest yet very capable unit, ensuring that movie clips can be viewed at a razor sharp resolution and also with crystal clear sound through the earphones.

A great unit set in familiar style and with a very familiar high quality feel to it and would especially make a great gift for a loved one. At this fantastic price do not miss out on this item as stocks are very limited and will not be in stock long.

Dont miss out[/SIZE]



Mio C510, Mid Range, Car B/tooth Kit, SIRFIII, Photo viewer,MP3, 3.5" TFT LCD Panel. mfr#C510

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£180.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £211.50 inc[/COLOR]

The C510 is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Large buttons and clever predictive keyboard make it easy to enter a destination, whether by name or postcode (including full postcode in UK). Frequently used addresses can be stored in your own POI categories so you don't have to type them in every time, whilst you can also designate a shortcut button for example your home and work address. Just push the button and find the way home.

As for the display, all the journey information you need is easy to see. Estimated time of arrival, distance battery and satellite status can all be viewed. You can also keep an eye on the speed you’re travelling at and, just in case you need reminding, speed limits are also shown when available.

Hands Free Calling With Bluetooth
Together with a ][COLOR=#0000ff]Bluetooth[/COLOR] mobile phone, the C510 allows you to keep your hands safely on the wheel whenever you’re on the phone. It automatically switches from navigation to phone mode every time you receive a call.
Make Calls and Navigate Directly to Outlook Contacts.

The C510 not only synchronises with Outlook Contacts on your desktop computer, it takes you straight to them.

With the C510, you never have to leave the office without your Outlook Contacts. But what makes life really easy is the ability to call or navigate directly to a contact. Just select the name and you'll be able to call them or navigate directly to their home or office. If you have their full address, including the official name of the street saved in Outlook, of course.

Choose The Way You Want To Travel
You can use the C510 outside the car as well as inside it.

Thanks to the pedestrian mode, you can use the C510 to explore Europe on foot. It navigates as smoothly in the historical downtown of Barcelona as on the highway traversing France.

The C510 takes account of the way you want to travel on the road as well. Choose the type of vehicle you're using, the type of route you prefer, even the type of road.

After all, if you want to walk you'll probably want to take a different route to when you go by car or cycle. Whether you want to avoid toll roads, go by the quickest way possible or take the shortest route, the C510 shows you which way to go.

Lots of Extras
If you're not using your C510 for navigating, you can use it to listen to your favourite music or to have a look through your latest photos.

The C510 is a navigation device, but it also offers a lot more than that. The SD/MMC memory card slot expansion slot means you can play all your stored music and look at your favourite snaps - or show them to other people.

It's all wrapped in an impossibly slim and elegant design that's light enough to carry anywhere and small enough to fit in your pocket. With the C510, you'll get used to getting there in style.

Speed Camera Alerts
For your safety, the C510 also tells you the likely locations of fixed safety cameras (speed cameras) and the likely locations of mobile traps, with free updates for a full year from the time you register. You can choose between visual and/or audio signal to warn you.

You can download new safety camera locations from the moment you register on our website. Once you've registered, you will download updates from the Mio Technology database for free for one year.

You can also indicate new safety camera locations on your device, and upload them to the database. You can even determine the direction of the safety camera.

That PSP pack is pretty good!


17" Hanns-G HU171 TFT - 8ms

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£83.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £98.64 inc[/COLOR]

Before your very eyes, this 17" ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] bursts with delicious images in vibrant colours and compelling brilliance. This exquisitely detailed masterwork of elegance and style, offers incredible 450:1 contrast, stunning 250cd/m brightness, a 0.264 pixel pitch and tantalizing SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution. 8ms response for wonderful video performance. DVI and VGA(D-sub) inputs deliver remarkable versatility. Make Your Life Better With HannsG’s 17" ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] colour active matrix ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR] display.

Viewable Screen Size: 17 inches
Display Colours: 16.2 million
Inputs: DVI/VGA
Integrated 2x1w speakers
Contrast Ratio: 450:1
Brightness: 250 cd/m²
Response Time: 12 ms
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle: 130 degrees
Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Box Contains
HannsG ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] monitor
VGA Cable
Power Cable
Instruction Manual
Warranty information



Ferguson FPVR1T PVR HDD TV Recorder With Freeview and TopUp TV [COLOR=red]Factory Refurbished and Tested[/COLOR]

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£61.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] [SIZE=2][COLOR=red]£72.79 inc[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Watch freeview and record live TV with this Ferguson FPVR1T.

Recieve all the free to air channels including BBC3, ITV2, BBC news 24 and E4 on this great value set top box. A one off payment and enjoy a much wider varitey of channels for all the family - at any time of the day. No monthly subsription fees, no expensive installation and no hassle.

On top of that, the Ferguson FPVR1T has a 80Gb hard drive allowing you to do away with video tapes or recordable DVD's. This unit records straight onto a hard drive and is accessalie at the push pf a button. With room for up to 40 hours of television, never miss out on your favorite programs when on holiday, they will all be in the same place and neatly organised on your return. It can also puase live TV!!

Still dont think this is great value? Well it also has a card slot allowing you to recieve pay TV channels too. Order one today

80Gb hard drive
Record up to 40 hours of ][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR] TV
Access up to 32 FREE digital channels
8 day electronic programme guide
Pause and Rewind live TV
Remote control

Package contains
Power cable
Remote control
RF Cable
User guide


Easy to Fly Radio Controlled Airplane

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£13.50 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £15.86 inc[/COLOR]

The best and most agile Radio Controlled plane yet, this beauty is easy to fly and easy to control. Take it out for manoeuvres or for more serious missions, but the one inescapable fact is that this is the most fun to be had in the sky since the Aria helicopter.

Try it for yourself, they are such great fun!!

Twin engine propellors
Easy to use 4 way controller
Burst of speed power boost
Super fast charging
Extra long lasting power
Easy left and right control
Power down for easy landing
Power up for easy take off


MSI D310 Portable FreeView TV DVB Tuner / SD Slot to Watch Movies / Games / Rechargeable / Telextext / Remote Control / TFT!

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£94.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £111.57 inc[/COLOR]
"Have Fun with Your ][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR] Entertainment"

Besides playing back your favorite photos, videos and music files, you can now watch your favorite TV show using the MSI D310. Through the 4.2-inch color ][COLOR=#0000ff]TFT[/COLOR] screen and built-in ][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR] TV antenna, you can catch the latest headlines and breaking news about the world, politics, sports, stocks, entertainment, and more, even when you are traveling. Made with the highest quality material, the MSI D310 weighs only 180g and the fine craftsmanship makes it attractive and appealing for today's market...


1. Watch Live ][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR] TV (DVB-T) on the go
2. Receive digital Teletext
3. Support Eletornic Program Guide(EPG).
4. Support video, music playback and photo viewing.
5. Support remote control
6. Support auto scan, manual scan
7. Support external passive antenna in for MCX connector
8. Support SD/MMC Card
9. Build in rechargeable lithium battery
10. AV out to large TV display
11. Support multilanguage including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, etc.

Remote Control x 1, Earphone x 1, AV Cable x 1, Power Adaptor x 1, External Antenna x 1, Antenna Adaptor x 1, Handy Bag x 1, Hand Strip x 1, User's Manual x 1.

Video / Audio
Supports MPEG-4(AVI), MP3 & JPEG...

[SIZE=1]*please check you are in a freeview area to support the full channel range. please note reception varies from area to area... ][COLOR=#0000ff]CLICK HERE[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Hearing is believing. Redefine your expectations of PC audio.[/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=#dd740b]£46.49 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £54.63 inc[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Creative’s Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic brings the revolutionary new Xtreme Fidelity audio standard to the PC. With 24-bit Crystalizer it restores the sparkle lost during MP3/WMA compression while CMSS 3D Surround upgrades all audio to 24-bit surround sound. Featuring the world’s fastest audio processor, it accelerates gaming and also enables CMSS 3D Headphone for incredible surround sound over stereo headphones for compelling [/SIZE]][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]LAN[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3] gaming, late-night gaming, and movie watching. Bring movies to life with comprehensive soundtrack decoding (DTS-ES, Dolby [/SIZE]][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3] EX), CMSS up-mix for non-encoded movies plus THX certification. With three selectable, easy-to-use modes (Gaming, Entertainment, Audio Creation) it’s the ultimate audio solution for the PC.

• The world’s fastest audio processor for ultra-fast gaming, equivalent to a Pentium 4 3.6GHz and 24 times the power of Sound Blaster Audigy.
• CMSS 3D for incredible surround sound over stereo headphones plus stereo-to-surround up-mix for headphones and multi-channel speakers.
• 24-bit Crystalizer makes all audio sound better, including MP3/WMA, streaming audio and video, DIVX and [/SIZE]][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]DVD[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3] movies.
• Active Modal Architecture with ‘Entertainment’, ‘Gaming’ and ‘Audio Creation’ modes dedicates the processor 100% to the task at hand, with an easy-to-use interface for each mode.
• SuperRip converts stereo CDs to 24-bit surround files.
• DTS-ES and Dolby [/SIZE]][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]Digital[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3] EX movie soundtrack decoding.

Technical Specifications
[/SIZE]24-bit Analog-to-Digital conversion of analog inputs at 96kHz sample rate
24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of digital sources at 96kHz to analog 7.1 speaker output
24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of stereo digital sources at 192kHz to stereo output
16-bit to 24-bit recording sampling rates: 8¸ 11.025¸ 16¸ 22.05¸ 24¸ 32¸ 44.1¸ 48 and 96kHz
ASIO 2.0 support with direct monitoring at 16 and 24-bit at sample rates of 44.1/48/88.22 and 96kHz
Enhanced SoundFont support at up to 24-bit resolution

Package Contents
• Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI Card
• Installation and Applications ][COLOR=#0000ff]CD[/COLOR] containing;
• Drivers for Windows XP
• Creative Software Suite
• User’s Guide


Altec Lansing IM Mini Speaker/Dock for iPod Mini E3295

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£35.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £41.13 inc[/COLOR]
The ideal portable audio system for the iPod mini!

Just when you thought the inMotion™ portable audio system couldn’t get any smaller, iMmini comes along. This tiny, ultra-portable, battery-operated stereo system is the first powered audio system designed exclusively for the iPod mini.

Crystal-clear sound - from four custom-designed neodymium Micro Drivers (2 x 25mm and 2 x 18mm)
Surprisingly deep bass - Revolutionary MaxxBass® technology creates quality bass without a subwoofer
Built-in Docking Station - provides same synchronization, data transfer, and recharging options as the iPod dock (cable not included)
Extra long battery life - Highly efficient Class D amplifier delivers more than 24 hours of continuous playback with four AA batteries (not included)
Auto Shut-Down
Convenient secondary input jack - for connection with other audio devices, including laptops, older iPods, and other MP3 players (cable included)
Lightweight Design - Folds to close at 10 ounces and 7" wide, 1" deep, and 4.4" high
Elegant, integrated controls

Box Contents
InMotion iMmini portable audio system
3.5mm stereo cable (for secondary input)
Universal power supply
Protective cover
User's guide and quick connect instructions



Medion N9024 Sub-Notebook + XP Home Intel Mobile 340,12.1 TFT, DVD-RW Drive, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD, Wireless LAN, 10/100, 55.6 Modem,

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£389.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £457.08 inc[/COLOR]
The Medion N9024 Sub-Notebook is the newest notebook to arrive on Aria's list and it really looks great.

For an outstanding price of under £450ex the Medion N9024 comes with FREE Windows XP hone edition and Nero burning version 6. This means that this laptop can be used for all work and office related activities that is at the same time protected from viruses from the net.

Set in a shiny silver casing, the N9024 is sleek and sexy and comes packed with a 80Gb Hard drive, 512Mb of ][COLOR=#0000ff]RAM[/COLOR] and a DVD-RW Optical drive. This means that a massive amount of media - including movies, music and more - can be stored comfortabley and accessed quickly.

With an Intel Celeron M processor 640 that that reach speeds of up to 1.5GHz and a SiS M661FX chipset this laptop can handle many of the more recent games hitting the market and handle all your work based needs quickly and effectivley.

Finally with a 60 day RTB guarantee you can be rest assured that this laptop will not let you down for years to come.

[SIZE=4]Additional Pictures[/SIZE]


[/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Item is fully factory refurbished and repackages[/COLOR][/SIZE]


Shinco GM-400 4" 2in1 SatNav/MP3-EU Hi Definition Screen-512Mb EU Maps

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£182.95 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £214.97 inc[/COLOR]

Another contender in the ever-growing budget GPS market is the Shinco GM400 Voyager, a comapct unit in a rather eye-catching white casing that's no bigger than your iPod.

The unit features a choice of two and three-dimensional maps with over 2 million points of interest, viewed on the 4-inch ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] touch screen with day/night brightness modes. UK mapping is included, with addiitonal maps for USA, Asia and Europe available to buy.

In addition, there's also door to door mapping with turn-by-turn voice command, postcode navigation and the ability to store favourite routes. And you can play music on the unit in MP3 format via SD cards. Battery life is between 2 and 4 hours.

12V Car Adapter
110-240V AC Adapter
][COLOR=#0000ff]USB[/COLOR] Cable
Windshield Suck Mounts bracket

[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Please note: this item is the BLACK model despite what is shown in the picture[/COLOR][/SIZE]


LCDTV [COLOR=red]Stand[/COLOR] GJ-03

http://www.aria.co.uk/title_images/small_lozenge.gif[COLOR=#dd740b]£41.00 exc,[/COLOR][COLOR=#80abce] £48.18 inc[/COLOR]

Aria technology are pleased to annouce the arrival of the newest in their plasma stand range. Great value and great quality you will not be able to get this stand cheaper anywhere!!

Designed to hold any ][COLOR=#0000ff]LCD[/COLOR] screen up to 32" this suitable and stylish stand is fit to be the centre piece of any living room. With 3 glass panel shelves able to hold all your media solutions.

If you are looking to spend your spare time in style and be the envy of your family and friends, this is the stand for you.

Compatibility issues
Please note, the bracket for this stand measures 300mm (H) x 397mm (W) so any Plasma TVs that have larger wall mount sockets will not be compatible.

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