AriaNet AMD 2800+ PC System with 80GB only £117.72 del. with Google

AriaNet AMD 2800+ PC System with 80GB only £117.72 del. with Google

Found 4th May 2007
Hi guys,
I just saw a very cheap system on the Aria front page and thought I should let you know.
Hope you like it!


Here are the details:

AriaNet base units represent outstanding value for money, this system combines top quality components at our lowest price point ever.
AMD Sempron 64Bit 2800+ Processor SiS 760GX + SiS 964 Motherboard Integrated Ultra256 2D/3D Graphics (SMA) 512MB DDR Memory 80GB Hard Drive (7200RPM) 52x CD-ROM 420 Watt Midi Tower ATX Case 6 Channel 5.1 Sound 10/100Mbps Network Card 1.44MB Floppy Drive

- kata121212


An excellent price for a very basic computer. No doubt there will be posts where people suggest upgrades, but this is an excellent price if you need a basic computer to use the internet & maybe office.

Note: it has a CD drive, which is rather uncommon these days. Th's not even CDRW!

While a very low price, note the following:

This comes with NO software installed (not even Windows) so you will need to install this yourself.

There is only 512Mb of memory (and note the graphics are "intergrated" so that uses part of the 512Mb of memory). This may be JUST about enough for Windows XP (or Linux) but not for Windows Vista.

No graphics card so no chance of playing any decent games.

There is only a CD/ROM. So you will not able to play DVDs, and because there is no CD or DVD writer you will not be able to create CDs or DVDs (so no backups).

I think you would be better spending a bit more money and getting a unit with more memory, Windows pre-installed (it is cheaper than buying it yourself) and a DVD writer (and maybe a better graphics card).

Original Poster

You are right it is not a high end system.
But for people who just need a computer to browse the internet or do simple stuff I think it is a great deal

Good price but not that great. You have to buy an operating system before its any use...which can be expensive if you want windows

Great price for a basic system!!!!
Don't most people have an old XP disk lying around anyway?
Network this up to your existing pc, bring down your old CRT monitor from the attic and tell the kids that they can play on the newest PC

good price for a basic system but the comments are above are pertinent and indeed worth noting. Doesn't seem to have a keyboard or mouse either which, although not earth shattering in terms of cost, still seem to need to be added.

you could opt for the currys 10% and free delivery codes to get ]this for an exra £28. Aria is 126.19 inc delivery and the currys EI SYSTEMS EI 214 Reconditioned (with the same warranty anyway) is £152.99

spec of the EI system is
Intel Celeron D 356 3.33GHz, 533MHz FSB, 512KB Cache
Genuine MS Windows XP Home Edition
160GB Hard Disk Drive
Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive
Integrated Graphics
6 USB Connections
Microsoft Works 8.5 Software Titles
Keyboard and mouse

Whilst that is a reconditioned system (not, therefore, brand new) it appears to be a better deal. However, I'm sure that someone else will find an even better deal for another ~£30 and so on until you're really not looking at a budget PC at all.

The original offer is probably the most basic computer that you can buy brand new these days, and the price reflects this.

agreed and point taken - however that's why my post starts with "good price for a basic system" and then i go on to answer the points raised in other posts about the original "new" system not having OS, CDRW/DVDRW, keyboard, mouse etc - which are certainly covered by the £30. So not sure I would agree it isnt a bughet system at £150

That said, although it is indeed a refurb it comes with exactly the same warranty so unless anyone is precious about it being a refurb, which of course they could be, effectively the important leveller - the warranty - needs to be viewed as identical.

agee with you also on your final point

Sorry I didn't mean that your offer wasn't a budget system. I just meant that I'm sure someone else can find a better deal for £180ish, and then another for £200ish and so on until you end up getting to £400 and it's not longer a budget model. I was exaggerating really.

It just reflects a similar thing that happens with computer shops. They advertise a really cheap & basic system, which you go in to buy. The dude at the counter then says "ah yes well if you pay an extra £50 then you also get this extra stuff... blah.. blah..." and you end up spending way more than you ever intended to!
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