Ariel 3 in 1 Pods 30 wash HALF PRICE £5 @ Tesco

Ariel 3 in 1 Pods 30 wash HALF PRICE £5 @ Tesco

Found 18th Dec 2016
3 in 1 pods 30 wash half price in Tesco so £5.00

Print the Ariel £1.00 coupon from Victoria p&g and only £4.00 for 30!!!!
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so should be £10 for 30 wash got to be a joke
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It's the same price in wilkinson you can also get 60 for £10 in b&m
Yes full price these are £10.00
I used these once and it turned my clothes pink!
Are you sure no red sock was hiding in your machine!:P
Do you know if you can get these in non bio form, cannot see anything on the Ariel site which states you can?
Already have a voucher from Tesco for £1.50 off so hopefully can combine and make the price only £2.50.
I got these on special offer a few years back, worst mistake of my life. First of all I had to put in two of these pods to get clean clothes otherwise they looked the same as when they went in. Shortly after buying these I fell pregnant, the smell of these when the clothes were drying made my nausea worse and most of the time even when I was fine it induced my nausea. I stopped using them for the duration of my pregnancy and even when I used them afterwards and was overall fine I got nausea from wearing clothes that were washed in these pods.
Recently I had a hospital appointment (my daughter is 1 1/2) and I was sitting in the waiting room when a lady came and sat next to me, lol and behold I felt sick, suffice to say I moved away to the other end of the room, but made sure she didn't realise it was because of her.
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I don't think that's anything to do with pods. I also can't stand many perfumes etc that I loved pre pregnancy. I think they do the job. My clothes are washed on a 30 daily wash unless heavily dirty. Kids uniforms etc but I've never needed more than 1 pod to bring my clothes out perfect and I can sometimes do a 7/8kg load
Non bio.... that's a good question actually. Since my 2 have grown I don't use it anymore but that's a very good question actually hopefully someone can help
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