Ariel 3in1 pods 38 washes £3.50 Asda HALESOWEN only I think.

Ariel 3in1 pods 38 washes £3.50 Asda HALESOWEN only I think.

LocalFound 7th Oct 2013
Just seen this in my local Asda (Halesowen). I think it's pretty good value.
I think my teenagers must bring all of their friends clothes home to wash judging by the amount I do!!

Oh bum, I've got a picture but don't know how to edit this to put it in? :-s

Second edit! Hope this works. Probably only local as I've just looked at the pic I took whilst out shopping. I'll look closer next time.
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The 38's are showing up as £7 online HERE.
The 19's have been rolled back to £3.50 HERE, as Tesco are 19 for £7 or 3 x 19 for £10 [img]…ls/?id=278233189&sc_cmp=aff_1018132[/img].

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I think you just got lucky my friend.
Yes, reduced to clear. Won't be national, but others might still get lucky in their stores, if the same, maybe 'old packaging' or something is the reason. Worth a look if people are in anyway. Great find anyway, because after not finding much of a difference between any of the leading powders, I recently managed to get about 8 of these as free samples and they did seem to offer a better wash than usual. I just couldn't force myself to pay 20p+ per wash when powder of some description is always available at around 10p per wash. If I got a chance of these at £3.50 I would clear the shelves because they do seem quite good.
Also at Bradford Rooley Lane but shelf said £7.00
scanned at £7 in beckton
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