Ariel 5l  100 washes 12.99 @ Bargain Buys

Ariel 5l 100 washes 12.99 @ Bargain Buys

Found 23rd May 2015
Ariel (profesional) 5 l or 100 washes just 12.99 in Bargin Buys

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13 p per wash....
can I ask why cold?
How does this compare with the ametuer stuff (_;)
well, hotels and public places is using this one... kitchen stuff... Is more powerfull....
Try ASDA's economy (can't remember name) but it's well cheap AND does a good job
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Intrested to see what the level of chemicals are. I bought a large bottle (3L I think) of Fairy Professional from Farmfoods. It turned out it was the weaker old formula (lower percentage of ionic surfectants or something) rather than the ones that say they last twice as long, definately noticed it was thinner and we had to use more.
Tescos was doing actilift gel 3 for £10 when I got that, so 72 washes for £10... 13.8p per wash for actilift gel from the supermarket when on offer.
They do the Daz 100 wash professional for £9.99 which is made by p&g aswell so probably same thing for less.
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Not surprised they are selling it off! Been using it for years......recently we are all allergic to it!
£12 in asda. Not certain if it's the same flavour though. If I remember Which rate Aldi and Morrison's own brands.
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