Ariel Excel Gel Bio 24 Wash 888Ml Tesco  3 for £10

Ariel Excel Gel Bio 24 Wash 888Ml Tesco 3 for £10

Found 1st Oct 2013
Brilliant cleaning and outstanding results at low temperatures

Cleans brilliantly at 15°C as well as at 40°C

Easy and convenient to use

Unique bottle dose with high precision with just a squeeze

Helps lift off dried in stains

Brilliant whites & colours

Use Ariel Stain Remover with your Ariel detergent to double the Stain Removal power of your everyday wash* even at 30degrees (*Vs. Ariel detergent alone. Ariel system tested Vs two doses of Ariel powder detergent.)

If you’re looking for brilliant cleaning at temperatures as low as 15 degrees, then Ariel Excel Gel is for you. Easy and convenient to use, the gel and its unique bottle allow you to dose with high precision with just a squeeze. The gel dissolves at the heart of the wash for brilliant cleaning performance even at low temperatures.

Ariel Actilift™ gives you brilliant results even under tough conditions. It leaves your wash brilliantly clean and your whites bright. From heavy winter clothes to lighter summer clothes, you can rely on looking and smelling fresh. Its formula will help you remove even dried in stains.

24 washes based on 37ml per wash
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Not as good as the Amazon Fairy/Daz deal but a good deal on its own - currently using this after getting one for £3/£4 a few weeks back - does a good job and you can lower the dosage unless you have a mammoth washing machine! Heat.
This is already posted, you can also use 3 £1 off vouchers from suppersavvyme, bringing it down to £7
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