Ariel Excel Gel with Actilift - 56 wash pack (2x28 wash) - £5 at ASDA

Ariel Excel Gel with Actilift - 56 wash pack (2x28 wash) - £5 at ASDA

Found 9th Feb 2011Made hot 10th Feb 2011
A twin pack ("Mega-Pack") of 28 wash Ariel Excel Gel.

So 56 washes for £5.

This was at ASDA Clapham Junction, right at the door, slightly hidden away. Can't see it online, but definitely instore. Bought 6 packs.


I have never seen Ariel Gel under 10 p per one wash. HOOOOT.

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Thanks. Didn't quite believe it myself, till I got to the till!

is this nationwide?

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Sorry, I have no idea. I went in to get the Ariel powder deal, and saw this instead.


Sainsbury have Ariel Excel Gel Bio 1036ml ( 28 Washes ) for £8 or 2 for £13 instore and online so if this
("Mega-Pack") as you call it exists this should be HOT HOT HOT! Its still on the kettle after 4 hours!
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Good price, these are usually 4.60 ea.

Has anyone found this in any other stores? Great deal if we can get it.

great i will be off to the cjunction one today, esp as the tesco one was a no go.

none at bristol cribbs (only 2x28 for £6)

3.55 in coop!!!! beat that!

There none in clapham junc either nothing hidden either!

I think this is a mistake so should be expired. The OP must have been refering to the powder, which is £5 for large one. The Gel is 2 for £6 with approx 18-20 wash in each one.

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no mistake. and not the powder either. it was next to the comfort fabric softener right at the entrance, on the left. at this price I expect it might have sold out quickly.

@ms_knight_ryder - if you can confirm that there was nothing right at the door, I'll expire the deal.
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You on drugs mush? i was in 2 stores today and next to the entrance is the fabric conditioner in a blue bottle, the POWDER, not gel and something else I can't recall. Must be store specific but doubt that with Asda.

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Don't think it was drugs that got me 6 packs for £30 last night. Just came out of asda now, and I agree its not there anymore.
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