ArkInvade (a breakout arkanoid clone) currently FREE on iTunes for 2 days for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
ArkInvade (a breakout arkanoid clone) currently FREE on iTunes for 2 days for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

ArkInvade (a breakout arkanoid clone) currently FREE on iTunes for 2 days for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Found this nice little gem currently free on iTunes for 2 days. Just released by Lightworx. Have installed it & had a quick go & its a good arkanoid/break-out clone with space invaders mixed in! Strange combo I know but after a couple of levels does seem well worth a download as its FREE. Would I pay for this if it was 59p - NO to be honest its not as polished as some of the apps on iTunes (ie gameloft, ea, glu titles etc...) but for FREE can't complain.

The little 'un just tried it & he seems to like it - probably as its such a simple game to play (bat 'n' ball).


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Here's the info on the game:


Explosive Arcade Action. Instant Pickup and Play. 5/5

"Playing the game straight for HOURS. I was so tired this morning from playing all day yesterday."

“What a great game!!! I love everything about it!”

“I would say this is a must-have, as it does things you've never seen before!”

These are just some of the comments we have received for Arkinvade.


"If you’re a fan of brick-breaking games, this is one of the most engaging games I’ve played of that type"

"The best thing about this game though is the variety that has been added to the gameplay. There are tons of different power-ups that do all kinds of things from making your paddle bigger, giving you more than one ball to destroy blocks with, set your ball on fire and make it literally cut right through all of the blocks, and even give your paddle firepower temporarily"

- Appshouter.com


The green men are back!

After thirteen millennia observing our planet and its inhabitants, they are assembling their forces throughout our solar system to launch an ambitious invasion; their aim to re-establish their dominance over the Earth.

They lie await in stasis for the instruction to commence the attack.

We cannot allow this to happen. We must strike first whilst they are dormant.

You must pilot the attack pod 'Ragic' and use the proton balls to smash through their defences. Be careful, when you attack their cryogenic modules they will not stay dormant for long.......

The game includes:

Over 100 levels...
Black holes...
Invisible blocks...
Moving obstacles to overcome...
Amazing power ups which you can combine...
Instant arcade action – Perfect pick up and play
Accelerometer or on screen controls
Openfeint high score system – Have the best high score in the world
Openfeint rewards
Fantastic high resolution graphics and sound

Because we care about our customers and we want you to have great value for money, we are going to be releasing 10 new levels EACH and EVERY month. Please email us your level ideas and we will try to include them in the coming updates.

The ultimate mix of space invaders and breakout!

Lightworx Web SiteArkInvade Support
What's New In Version 3.0

Major Update

Fixed Openfeint bug where iPhone would show white screen when game is loading

Added 3 difficulty levels...

Stabilizers On,
Buckle Up Grandpa,
Are you Insane

The harder the difficulty, the higher the end of level bonus

Added New Power up - Plasma Flare

Added New Level Pack - Return to Roswell (15 new levels)

Fast App Switching

Frame rate improvements and various bug fixes

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And the pics as always:


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