Arlo smart home 3 camera kit reduced further £229.99 Amazon

Arlo smart home 3 camera kit reduced further £229.99 Amazon

£229.99Amazon Deals
Found 24th Nov 2017
Just spotted this deal at £229 but was at £249. Great save!

Great smart security as the nights get darker and will also put one on the porch.Hopefully it will work with the hue bulb kit I also just bought.
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Anybody any experience of these, am really interested in the flexibility of no power cables but how do they compare to the power wired ones and realistically what are battery replacement cost/durations like?
I have this and find it very good the signal goes for quite some distance from box to camera. I replace my batteries once per year at the cost of around £18. I use the free service only which comes with 1gb of online storage on a rolling 7 days.

Battery really does depend on how many times the cameras record.

Downside it the picture is nowhere near as good as wired premium versions but I find it more than satisfactory.

I will be upgrading to arlo pro once they become more affordable

Hope that helps
Such a good deal! I picked this kit up not too long ago, and am now looking to add an additional 2 cameras, for the outside of the house. (…rlo)

Set up was a cinch, and the batteries lasted for around 6-7 months until they were replaced.
There is also an Arlo Pro and I think Pro 2 out.
These include rechargeable battery packs and 1080p cameras.

Pro Info:…spx

Pro 2 Info (USA):…spx
Not sure what we're doing wrong but we're lucky if our batteries last 2 months.
just grabbed 2, almost same price as 4 camera kit and 1 extra. Deals also on 3 packs for fixtures and fittings. Sadly no deal on rechargeables with charger but have time to find a good deal.
had this on camel camel price drop list for £300 or less, delighted when it sent me email it had dropped to £250! I ordered, then Amazon notified me it had dropped to £230 and automatically credited me the difference.
Mods please unexpire, still in stock at £229.99
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