Arm & Hammer Enamelcare Toothpaste BOGOF at Superdrug (£3.49)
Arm & Hammer Enamelcare Toothpaste BOGOF at Superdrug (£3.49)

Arm & Hammer Enamelcare Toothpaste BOGOF at Superdrug (£3.49)

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Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Have you been able to find a toothpaste that gives you a long term fix? No? Well look no further!

Arm & Hammer would like to introduce our new breakthrough toothpaste, Enamel Care Sensitive. For those of us with sensitive teeth, this really is a life saver! Unlike all other sensitive toothpastes, Enamel Care Sensitive does not numb the tenderness for a short period of time, but actually removes the cause of the sensitivity. At last, we have found the perfect fix for lasting results.

With the help of Arm & Hammers innovative patented technology, Liquid Calcium, Enamel Care Sensitive is the only toothpaste that can actually block your exposed nerves and rebuild a perfectly smooth and white surface enamel. The Liquid Calcium fills in those tiny crevices, sealing teeth with a protective shield and closing off your sensitive nerves.

Enamel Care Sensitive also contains our magic ingredient, Baking Soda which allows this toothpaste to deep clean your teeth and remove stains. So your teeth will not only be less painful but healthier and whiter too!


Fair saving there if you're in the market for it. The standard one is like normal toothpaste, the sensitive is like polyfilla pmsl. Not sure if it works or not though...


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For more info on the product, click ]HERE.:thumbsup:

Does this stuff actually work, or is it just the usual load of toothpaste hype?

does it work, id like to know too. However if you type in arm & Hammer Enamelcare review into google you can have a look.

I love the taste of this stuff. minty tooth paste makes me puke...literally.
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