Arma 2 down to £8.98 @ Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk ** PC **
Arma 2 down to £8.98 @ Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk ** PC **

Arma 2 down to £8.98 @ Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk ** PC **

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Prepare to take warfare to a new level with an incredibly realistic war simulation.
In ArmA II, youre part of an elite squad of American soldiers sent behind enemy lines to restore peace to Chernarus, a Soviet country ripped apart by civil war as warring rival factions fight to take control of the troubled state. In an epic story full of plot twists and turns, it becomes clear that the troubles plaguing Chernarus are deeper than anyone thought and the battle intensifies to extreme levels.

Building upon the foundations laid by its predecessor, ArmA II features refined graphics; unscripted AI opponents that ensure no skirmish ever plays out in the same way; 225sq km of game play area including more than 50 different towns and villages, alongside lush forests and wind-swept beaches; 136 different vehicles variants including helicopters, tracked armoured vehicles, boats and even bicycles and 81 weapon variants.


Great deal, Ordered heat and rep left.
Loved flashpoint hopefully this is the same with better graphics.

Not a great game. Just doesnt grab me the way Flashpoint did. Too slow, too unforgiving and just lacking something.. Still good price though.

A Good Price, but the control system is the biggest flaw here, also try running this game on MAX settings you need nasa control center to run it. Oh and also dont forget to patch the game ( i think there on the 4th patch at the moment, as it has more bugs in it then old Macdonalds Bed.

Heat added.....Really good game IMHO but bit buggy right enough.....can't believe i paid nearly £23 when it came out some months ago......groaaan........anyway.....have some..........:thumbsup:

Flawed but unique game. Just like the original.

Great price. Bargain.

This game is a combat simulation It does not appeal to 'console kids', like Flashpoint does. It has its flaws but is the most "realistic" of all the combat games out there. The engine is used by the US, AU & NZ defence forces to train officers. The weapon ballistics and physics are the best of any game, but there is no rag doll. The sequel to this game is going to be epic (due next year).

If you like realistic combat games, this is for you. If you like unrealistic console orientated ,cheesy scripted games try Flashpoint 2 or Call of Duty.

Great game, fantastic price

For everyone who claims its buggy, patch the game.

Great game and amazing at this price.

Nothing wrong with the controls, a little bit daunting at first but you soon get use to them. Patch 1.05 is out soon and includes some new content as well. They are fixing things every day and beta patches are out every other day. Multiplayer is fantastic and with the release of the Ace 2 mod (beta) recently there is hundreds of hours of gameplay here.

No need to play on full settings - my settings are at max bar the view distance which I set at around 2-3K. With the amount going on in this game it's a bit much to expect it to run so well on the very highest settings.

You do need a semi-decent PC to run it though.

Epic game, just make sure you take the requirements seriously.

Got it for my bday 6 months ago. Couldn't play it for 2 months because if bugs. Was only able to play it at any decent level once I upgraded my Gfx (to a gt260 from a 8800gts) and my CPU (to a q9400 from a e6400 I think?).

Kind of enjoyable but the control system is terrible, movement doesn't flow and shooting seems to be utterly random. After four patches it's still as buggy as hell.

Even if it was free I don't think I could recommend it.

At this price I would recommend, I got it on release and enjoyed it. As others have mentioned it is a beast to run (OCed i7 920 and OCed 260 SLi at 1920x1200, has high but no where near maxxed settings - but is still a beatiful game), also the controls are a bit daunting at first but you do get used to them as they arn't really for on the fly micro management - really would recommend making a print out of the control keys those (like Delta Force used todo) always forget what does what.

If you like your unforgiving mil sim, this is a must buy especially at this price (ArmA had some nasty bugs at release but the devs stuck with it and ironed them out) however it is a slow game and in MP (could jsut be me) you will be left wondering who or what the hell just got you But then firing a javelin onto a packed APC from afar makes for a nice warm feeling :-D

Great game with my TrackIR 5 :thumbsup:

Heat & Rep.
Wonderful game.
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