Arma 3 Apex Edition on Steam Store Sale - £15.29 (66% Off)

Arma 3 Apex Edition on Steam Store Sale - £15.29 (66% Off)

Found 27th Apr
Buy Arma 3 Apex Edition

Arma 3 Apex Edition includes digital versions of the Soundtrack, Maps, Arma 3 Tactical Guide (available only in English) and a gift copy of Arma: Cold War Assault.
Offer ends 30 April

Items included in this package
Arma 3
Arma 3 Apex
Arma 3 Helicopters
Arma 3 Karts
Arma 3 Marksmen


Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox. Deploying a wide variety of single- and multiplayer content, over 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, and limitless opportunities for content creation, this is the PC’s premier military game. Authentic, diverse, open - Arma 3 sends you to war.

Key Features in Arma 3

* Altis & Stratis
Defeat your enemy on a richly detailed, open-world battlefield – stretching over 290 km² of Mediterranean island terrain. From expansive cities to rolling hills, whether steamrolling your tank across the dusty plains, flying a transport helicopter over the dense forests, or waging asymmetric warfare from the rocky hills, the islands of Altis and Stratis are dynamic worlds, which lend themselves to the most varied engagements in gaming.

* Weapons & Vehicles
Head into combat on foot, drive armored vehicles, or take to the skies in helicopters and jets. Conduct a combined arms attack over air, land, and sea, with over 20 vehicles to drive and pilot, 40+ weapons to pick from, customizable loadouts with short- and long-distance attachments, and various types of gear to suit your needs on the battlefield. With a massive arsenal at your disposal, Arma 3 moves you into a world of tactical opportunities.

* Singleplayer
Follow the story of Ben Kerry, a soldier who gets caught up in a Mediterranean flashpoint, across three gameplay-driven campaign episodes: Survive, Adapt, Win. Immerse yourself in Arma 3’s diverse gameplay by completing the focused showcase scenarios. Run through the competitive firing drills to hone your shooting and movement skills, and complete your training by signing up to Arma 3 Bootcamp, which features SP and MP tutorials, and a dedicated Virtual Reality practice environment.

* Multiplayer
Fight online in the massive military sandbox that is Arma 3. Form a squad and team up against your enemy in the official Defend and Seize multiplayer scenarios. Or jump into one of the many popular unofficial game modes developed by the Arma 3 community. Experience a new form of multiplayer in Arma 3 Zeus, where Game Masters have the ability to influence the battlefield of other players in real-time.

* Content Creation
Start creating your own experiences with Arma 3’s intuitive scenario editor and powerful modding tools. Enjoy a platform filled with player-created content, ranging from custom weapons and vehicles, to intense singleplayer scenarios and entirely new multiplayer game modes. Share and discover content on the Arma 3 Steam Workshop, which lets you install player-created content with a click of a button.

* Revamped Engine
Navigate the battlefield with fluid new animations; feel the devastating power of combat with the upgraded sound engine, new ragdoll simulation and PhysX™-supported vehicles. Pushed forward by game-changing innovations, the highly moddable Real Virtuality™ 4 engine powers a new generation of Arma with even more stunning graphics, broad simulation gameplay, and massive sandbox terrains.
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Worth noting that base Arma 3 is free to play this weekend if you want to try it out. Single player content is all included too.
Good stuff
Awesome Dayz Mod for Arma 3 - AWG Cherno Redux Server!

Found an awesome arma 3 modded server run by that does a great job at recreating the classic dayz mod feels while adding some quality of life improvements. Most exile servers i’ve tried have way too many weapons and such , but here things are scarce and where they should be. Been having a blast!

How to Play?

Install Arma 3:…7...

Install the Arma 3 Launcher :

Find the AWG cherno redux server in the launcher and click play.

The launcher will download the required mods, once complete try to join the server again and enjoy.
Once you run the A3Launcher... Go to> Servers tab and on Filter> Mods> Look for AWGMOD select and then click [Apply]. On the Server List on the right hand side click on the Download Arrow... This will then install the Exile Mod and all other files needed. You can check the progress of the downloads on the Mods tab. Once completed click on the Filter again on the Servers tab AWGMOD [Apply] this will Refresh the Server List - Play button will appear instead of download button to connect to your chosen Server.
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