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Posted 19 March 2023

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Eau de Toilette 105ml £23.39 (+£2.99 Delivery) @ Health Pharm

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Never used this sight before

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Eau de Toilette 105ml

Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Club de Nuit Intense Man was launched in 2015. Top notes are Lemon, Pineapple, Bergamot, Black Currant and Apple; middle notes are Birch, Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Musk, Ambergris, Patchouli and Vanilla.

  • Leather
  • Smoky
  • Woody


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  1. ThankyouSue's avatar
    Try code WELCOME5, edit WELCOME10 Is better! (edited)
    hu57l3r's avatar
    Thank you. Paid £24.04.
  2. Bytheseashore's avatar
    So what's this a Knockoff off?
    eliHd452's avatar
    Creed adventus
  3. ajparcell's avatar
    I've worn this for 5 months and let me tell you! It has allll the pheromones in. I work in retail and I've had women hunt me down around the store led by the smell to ask me what aftershave I use. By far the best aftershave in terms of long lasting and getting complements. (edited)
    bozo007's avatar
    What happens after you wake up?
  4. NIgelK's avatar
    As I’ve said a few times on CDNIM deals, yes the opening harsh, yes it’s synthetic, but once it settles it’s plenty of bang for your buck, a compliment grabber.

    The best version is the Ltd Edition EDP but that’s around twice as much.
  5. LeeHarvey1988's avatar
    Smells lovely this, got it for Christmas and I wear it for work. I’m constantly being asked what it is
    Massive-Yeti's avatar
    A celebration of the birth of Christ?
  6. Ouzoherb's avatar
    Parfum version is better as the opening is very strong on this.
    John_Atkin's avatar
    Yes totally overpowering
  7. Soulwaxuk81's avatar
    Personally found this smelt awful and cheap.
    Bottle should have given me a clue really. Each to their own though
    Husla's avatar
    Blind bought this and hate the opening, far too strong.. because of that I've only used it once.
  8. aDistraction's avatar
    This is very good buy i have 3 different batch bottles from 17-19 it does definitely have that harsh lemon opening but give it 20 mins and I'd say its better performing than Creed Aventus
  9. HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Never used this sight before

    Should have gone to Specsavers.
    grmelv's avatar
    Didn’t see that reply coming
  10. classygear's avatar
    I own this and it’s a very harsh synthetic citrus smell. Never smelt Creed but I can’t imagine it smells as bad as this
    EAH1's avatar
    I bought this as it's supposed to smell like creed, I know what creed smells like as a colleague uses it and I don't think it smells anywhere like it. I got mine from amazon. I have hardly used tbh.
  11. RoryC's avatar
    Oh look. Toilet duck is back in stock. 🤢
    thebiggishman's avatar
  12. Noveed's avatar
    I've wore all sorts and this is the one that gets complimented the most.
  13. Omar1980uk's avatar
    What does Jeremy say?
  14. MrToast's avatar
    Ordered, thanks.
  15. wsm's avatar
    as a collector , its not my favourite scent , but this is 1 of the most bought clones out there , after 15 mins its v v close to creed aventus , if you want a good opening get the edp ( the one i have ) bit more more money - simples - there are loads of reviews on you tube

  16. sr_387's avatar
    i would say its worth it at this price with a voucher smells good
  17. tas_shah's avatar
    A little trick with this. Spray on socks / ankles area. Wait for opening to disappear. Leave a fragrance trail and curious minds. What is he wearing?

    When spraying near chest neck the opening can be too much, especially if you don't like strong overpowering fragrances (edited)
  18. Cheesypuff12's avatar
    I wear this sometimes as it does get compliments, even though to my nose I can tell that it's cheap.
    Cheesypuff12's avatar
    It's the edp I have actually
  19. DobbyWantsSock's avatar
    It smells nice.
  20. sikiliza69's avatar
    isnt it the same price at amazon? bought this a few times and IMO, i'd consider it a lukewarm deal at £20-21 and a bargain at £15-17 ....with delivery included
  21. greenday10111's avatar
    I've had this and a few other creed Aventus clones, I recently bought the real aventus. Having had the real thing in my opinion montblanc explorer is the closest to creed.

  22. _Achilles_'s avatar
    It doesn't smell as good as the one I purchased back in 2018-2019. They've restricted the amount of perfume the mix I to the alcohol and whatever else they throw in.

    Now it barely lasts an hour or two. (edited)
  23. louiearch9309's avatar
    I don't rate this. It's ok for work but pretty naff
  24. PassportPowell's avatar
    Smells decent to be honest
  25. slinky1's avatar
    I don't find this to be close to Aventus, more like lemon pledge. Very harsh and synthetic my nose. Prefer Mont Blanc Explorer as a more subtle (although shorter lasting) clone of Aventus.

    On the other hand, I strongly recommend their Millesime Imperial clone, 'Milestone'. Fantastic.
  26. Haxxor's avatar
    Excellent stuff, if you can get past the Mr Sheen opening.
  27. milo1423's avatar
    I'm surprised how good this smells in the dry down 👌🏾👌🏾
    RoryC's avatar
    What Toilet Duck in the opening and Old Mr Sheen on the Dry down?
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