Armani Diamonds ETD for men 50ML! only £20 in store @ Tesco

Armani Diamonds ETD for men 50ML! only £20 in store @ Tesco

Found 18th Feb 2009
As per title. Tesco have many more items at half price or more. Calvin klien Obsession Perfume £10! from £28


Armani Attitude £15 at ASDA.;-)


Armani Attitude £15 at ASDA.;-)

Not heard of Armarni Attitude but if thats a fragrance how is it the same as Armani Diamonds?

Maybe I'm wrong but I thought Diamonds was a womans fragrance. Attitude is for men. I always buy it. Fantastic smell.:-D

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Perfume shop sell Armani Daimonds 50ml at £38!

Which Tesco was this at?

Diamonds is a womans fragrence! How can diamonds be associated with men?????!!!

It's a good offer though. I'd vote it hot.

But if you are a bloke try Armani Attitude. Best after shave there is.:w00t:

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Purley Cross Tesco!


you guys are so lucky. my tescos is HUGE. two floors of tesco shizzle.

their perfume counter...under the pharmacy till..laughable...hardly had any offers on! i was well disappointed!

hi there, there is such a thing as Armani Diamonds for men, attitude is a different fragrance, you can see both on the armani fragrance website

both smell amazing:roll:
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