Armored Core 4: Answers (Xbox 360) £12.99 delivered @ thegamecollection

Armored Core 4: Answers (Xbox 360) £12.99 delivered @ thegamecollection

Found 1st Feb 2011
£40.83 @

Go to war with your very own customized mecha and take on opponents that are kilometers in size. Armoured Core: For Answer is a high-speed mecha action game that combines political and economic strife with all-out warfare. To bring you the most exhilarating gaming experience and to imprint the grand tragedy of war into your hearts, it uses the full graphical and audio capacity of third generation consoles. Decades after nations disintegrated, the world is turned into a massive ruin, companies that rule the world with their economic power built their sanctuary in the only unpolluted realm: the skies. But even this paradise falls as the war escalates on Earth beneath it, and no one is able to escape from the turmoil.

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This is pretty much the normal price for this game. Amazon is just selling it high as they are on to their last unit it seems.
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