Armoured Warfare – PlayStation Plus Shark Pack Free (Requires PS+) @ PSN

Armoured Warfare – PlayStation Plus Shark Pack Free (Requires PS+) @ PSN

Found 20th Feb
This free bundle for PlayStation®Plus owners contains 500,000 Credits, 500 Gold, 1 day of Premium Time, an exclusive PlayStation®Plus vehicle as well as time-limited rent of all four Shark vehicles.
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is this a new free to play on playsation, havent heard of this game
aThis game is quite similar to World of Tanks.

It was orginally developed by Obsidian - the company that makes Pillars of Eternity, Fallout New Vegas and the new South Park games. However it has since been taken over by a Russian company…re/

It started off pretty promising, but quickly died a death on PC after it couldn't decide whether or not it wanted to copy World of Tanks. The last time I looked at it, it seemed to commit to that idea and was suffering a bit with balance. Theres also some questionable monetisation from, but this is to be expected with the majority of F2P games presently.

Since its free, its definitely worth a shot. It has a pretty fun PVE mode and seemed to at least partially solve the artillery problem of World of Tanks.

Hopefully it fairs better on the consoles.
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