Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3): Restored Director's Cut - £5.99 @ HMV
Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3): Restored Director's Cut - £5.99 @ HMV

Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3): Restored Director's Cut - £5.99 @ HMV

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Next best is £8.83 at The Hut/ASDA Online/LoveFilmCurrys Online. This includes a fully-restored version of the Director's Cut, which is far better in picture quality than either of the Anchor Bay cuts.

Spawned from the warped imagination of celebrated film maker Sam Raimi and starring cultural icon/B-movie Brandon Bruce Campbell as Ash, Evil Dead 3 takes the concept already established by the previous movies to a new level of twisted weirdness.

After accidentally unleashing the demonic forces held within the Necronomican (The Book Of The Dead) the now legendary Ash finds himself being transported back in time to the dark ages where he is forced to do battle with a relentless army of grotesque, flesh eating "deadites". Armed with his ever reliable chainsaw, his big, smoking boom stick and a second hand car, Ash Williams - hero, man of action, prophesied saviour of ancient times and discount store employee - is about to show the medieval dead what it means to be truly groovy, because this time they're messing with the wrong chin. It's time for some sugar baby.

Highly inventive, instantly quotable and hugely entertaining, with equal amounts of romance, action, adventure and severed limbs, Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness, feels it was conceived within the psychotic mind of a mutant Ray Harryhausen as it explodes across the screen with a frenzied verve rarely seen in motion pictures. This is cult movie making at its most awesome and not to be missed.


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The old Anchor Bay editions versus the restored director's cut (the R3 MGM version, which this release is licensed from):

Another visual comparison:

Klaatu Verata Necktie
Not as good as the second one but still hot.

Nice cleanup.

I love the Evil Dead trilogy - Bruce is the man!

I always thought the ED trilogy was awesome and AOD was the funniest, watched it 2x at the cinema and 3x on video. AWESOME movie!

"groovy" I love Ash

Evildead 2 is the best out of the trilogy but the third is still very funny to say the least.

Not a bad price :thumbsup:

If anybody votes this cold they deserve a @rse load of boomstick....:whistling: this is the best one of the trilogy.
Hail to the king baby!

Is this one where he chops off his posessed hand?


Is this one where he chops off his posessed hand?

It sure is, his chainsaw arm is cool :thumbsup:

How about the Blu-Ray version...?

Just under £13 and ]Amazon are doing a promo where you can get 3 for the price of 2.


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The Blu-ray is good, but it has the Theatrical Version in HD. It does contain the Director's Cut, but it is in VHS-style quality, which is odd, since Optimum had the remastered MGM version they could have used (and did use on the regular DVD here).

I have the HD DVD versionand its by far the best quality ive seen, having owned the dvd versions as well. If you google around you should be able to find the hd dvd rip in mkv for pc or mp4 format for xbox 360...

Okay, little fella, here's a little hot chocolate for ya! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Is this one where he chops off his posessed hand?

NO! that was evil dead 2 this is part 3, what happens AFTER he gets sucked into the vortex!

3 was just a **** take. 2 was a reworking of 1....i mean why would bruce go back to the same cabin and expect nothing to happen! 2 is the best.....3 is funny....."come here, i've gotta bone to pick with you!"
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