Army of Two: The 40th Day (PS3) - £10.99 Preowned @

Army of Two: The 40th Day (PS3) - £10.99 Preowned @

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Seems a decent price for this game, probably worth a go at this price!

No idea if in-store.


Good fun, but only as a two player game.

You beat me to it. Think I'm gonna give this a go at that price.

hot x

Worth a punt, quite enjoyed the first one but agree it's only to be played with a mate

You are such a star, heat and repped added..I am looking for this title ages ago


i personally wasnt impressed with the demo i played but for this price it seems like if you did like it then a must buy!!

Damn, why not for 360 aswell! Great price.

OH MAN THANK YOU SO MUCH. The first game was insanely good and this game for this price just rocks!

Dont buy if your looking for online co-op!

EA have let themselves down big time on this one after not fixing all the online bugs! Still crashes at random points throughout the game.

I have played a good portion of this game but not got back into it after reaching a difficult section. It is good fun in single player and is easier to get to grips with and you're able to get into the action quicker than say, MW2. When playing co-op with a friend it is extremely enjoyable!

comes as £24.99 when put in basket...

Now showing as 24.99 for me to

It's £24.99 now.
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