Army of Two (Xbox 360) - £17.99 delivered @ !

Army of Two (Xbox 360) - £17.99 delivered @ !

Found 9th Jul 2008
Next best is £23.99 @ ShopTo ?

Never go into battle alone! EA's Montreal development studio is changing the face of how people will play games. Delivering a groundbreaking strategic 3rd person co-op shooter unparalleled in the action genre, EA Montreal's ARMY OF TWO focuses on gameplay centred around TWO man missions, TWO man strategies, TWO man tactics and a TWO man advantage. Fight along side your team-mate to become the deadliest two-man military outfit a government can buy. The breakthrough gameplay in ARMY OF TWO, with a live or adaptive AI partner, enables you to take advantage of two-man strategies like customizable weapons, vehicles, and tactical shooting. From TWO man sniping to parachuting, players will experience action-packed scenarios where they will have to use their wit, strength and a deadly arsenal of shared customizable weapons to successfully defeat their enemies and complete the mission at hand. Gamers will fight their way through war, turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world. When one man is not enough, it's going to take an army of two to save us.


Thanks Edi. I missed out last time but have just ordered now :thumbsup: Heat + Rep added.

thx m8 may get this

Don't forget 4% Quidco

Great price, poor game

thx m8 forgot about that

The game is TERRIBLE, do not buy this. Very very poor rip off to gears of war tbh.

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... poor game

Interesting... good reviews @ Play ( ]186 customer ratings )

I noticed in Game this evening they were pricing up a 'games sale' section and Army of Two was priced £17.99 - so for those that can't wait for postage, it might be worth checking your local Game store



It's the same price for PS3


The game is TERRIBLE, do not buy this. Very very poor rip off to gears of … The game is TERRIBLE, do not buy this. Very very poor rip off to gears of war tbh.

Funny isn't it ? - I thought the exact opposite.

Admittedly I haven't played either on my own - always co-op with a mate.

My biggest problem with GoW compared to Ao2 is the horrific cover system. You have to lock in to specific positions by pressing a button then can only move around behind that cover. Then its a struggle to 'disconnect' from that cover point.

Ao2 on the other hand doesn't really have specific cover points you just have to make your own.

Also I always prefer games where you are against human-like enemies rather than some zombie - alien thingys.

Anyway, each to his own.
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