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Free dash cam or spa day or meal for 2 with a test drive @ Arnold clark
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Free dash cam or spa day or meal for 2 with a test drive @ Arnold clark
Arnold Clark have extended the free test drive treats, book before 26/3/18 and get a free dash cam or experience day or meal for 2. Sales staff ain't the best but just keep saying… Read more

so once booked test drive who sorts out free item?




I've been wondering for weeks how HaWacha appear to have a 100% record on Amazon lightning deals, despite the collection of obviously fake reviews. Maybe Arnold Clark's been buying them.


let us knpw how you get on



24hrs Van Rental from £17.50 @ Arnold Clark
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
24hrs Van Rental from £17.50 @ Arnold Clark
I used these at the weekend (the £17.50 option) picking up Friday lunch and returning same time on Saturday as unfortunately none of the other options such as B&Q, Budget were … Read more
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Rented a van over the weekend and on the return inspection they picked up a scuff on the bottom corner skirt which wasn't down on the pickup inspection. Resulted in this having to be mentioned to the office and they asked round a few staff to see if anyone remberered it being there before my hire. After I said I'd taken out excess waiver they said it wouldn't be a problem and a scan of an inspection report from a previous hire showed the scuff had been previously picked up. For a short time it did feel like they were trying to pin something on me. If I hadn't taken excess waiver I would have been worried. It made me realise the main reason I take out car hire excess waiver is to safeguard shenanigans from the hire company than protection against any damage due to me, as I am careful.


Sheffield prices showing as 50% but the offer price is same as normal price for same van with other companies. £120 for a Luton, not £60 as the pic above shows :/


Try starting the hire from the 31st January. I was told that the hire must start in January to be eligible for 50% off


Think it's only half price until the 24th Jan


Thanks OP, none in my area but useful info on van hiring Currently looking at thriftys as they seem to be cheaper for a one day move. Debating whether to use this for van insuarnce excess

Free hotel stay with test drive at Arnold Clark
Found 1st Nov 2017Found 1st Nov 2017
Free hotel stay with test drive at Arnold Clark
I've booked and they told me you do the test drive and receive a verified quote, they then give you a voucher code. Plus if like me you've only just passed, a test drive is the eq… Read more
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Well I went in today and the sales guy asked do you want to buy a car or are you just here for a voucher... I happily answered voucher and he said good that saves us time, I can just print it after I make a quote, so for me it was totally pressure free and quick. We didn't even test drive or chat much. He says that it saves them time to cut straight to it this weekend. He didn't even discuss figures, just gave me the print out and then the code. Friendly enough and efficient!


I happened to test drive a car at Arnold Clark while the offer was on last time. But when I asked for the hotel voucher, the sales man (and his manager) kept pressuring me for almost an hour to put a deposit down on the car. I wouldn't recommend anyone going to these cowboys for the sake of the hotel offer.


The cars there are ragged' I drove a BMW and trust me I wouldn't pay what they're asking for.


Half a driving lesson ?? They're trying to sell you the car not teach you to drive it ! (skeptical)


Nothing in London (annoyed)

Brand New 67 Plate Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI R Line 4dr [Panoramic Roof] £19,495 - Arnold Clark
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Brand New 67 Plate Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI R Line 4dr [Panoramic Roof] £19,495 - Arnold Clark
I hesitated to post this deal, but hopefully it might help someone: Brand New 67 Plate Volkswagen Passat1.4 TSI R Line 4dr [Panoramic Roof] from Arnold Clark is currently showing … Read more

But who would keep the AA and RAC patrolmen in jobs if we got rid of the 'trinity'?


Not sure where you have quoted that from? Is that a car review? It is a little short on details and a bit wishy-washy, at what speeds will it be responsive. If anything a 6-speed manual could be worse than DSG because of frequent gear changes. This is nothing to do with 0-60 times or being snobbish towards a passat, its about having enough power to deal with having 5 people in the car plus luggage. If you don't need to lug all that around then it's better to go with a Golf (or Jetta) which won't work the engine as hard. Also, the specs on the website say this is the 125BHP model, that sounds even worse! Think you would want to test drive it before committing than finding out it's a sheep in wolfs clothing. The 1.8TSI looks a far better prospect and a better all rounder. I myself compromised on the engine when I bought my car, but I didn't go this far down.


No its DSG 1.4tsi


Apparently, using the exact same voting demographic that was voted in the referendum, leave would already lose the vote based on those that have died since, and those that have grown into voting age.s


What £12 a month lol that’s going to break the bank

LEON ST CUPRA 300 2.0 TSI MANUAL Lease £1,644 INC VAT £274 INC VAT 24 Month Total £8220 lots of options - arnoldclark
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
LEON ST CUPRA 300 2.0 TSI MANUAL Lease £1,644 INC VAT £274 INC VAT 24 Month Total £8220 lots of options - arnoldclark
Available at Arnold Clark on Monday URL is not correct but shows pre deal price 36 MONTH CONTRACT HIRE, 10,000 MILES PER ANNUM AND 6 MONTHS INITIAL RENTAL METALLIC PAINT INCLUDE… Read more

Arnold Clark - completely useless at contacting customers... Asked 3 times to speak to somebody about these offers in the 72hrs after they were released (well over a week ago) and still nobody called me back. I imagine the offers have expired now as it's a new quarter!?

Slower off the line due to no 4WD but some say faster in the dry overtaking due to less weight. Manual slower than DSG but more involving. I'm struggling to decide. Residuals may make me go golf.


I need a cheap 1.4FR 3dr Leon (manual - petrol) lease, anyone know of any good ones? I remember there was a deal on here 3 months ago, but the price has gone back up by the looks of it..


Has the same engine as a golf r but is slower


Arnold Clark is COLD , but the deal itself is pretty dam good

Free Hotel stay (one night) for test driving a used car with Arnold Clark between 21st and 24th April.
Found 19th Apr 2017Found 19th Apr 2017
- Book your test drive - Take one of the used cars for a spin. - Receive a voucher with your unique booking code and a brochure with a selection of the available hotels. - Pick … Read more

I did this for the hotel stay last year and again for the £50 Pizza Express voucher recently and this week had another test drive for the latest hotel stay. I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with them - if anything, quite the opposite.


Was in a branch once for two hours (trade-in for new) and had my debit card on the table to pay the deposit. Their price worked out at eg £8,060. My final price was £8,000. I said I would not pay above this. Lots of two and fro on their behalf. But I ended up not buying for the sake of £60. I got the impression the salesman was furious with his boss. In his eyes he wasted two hours with me. A few days later I went to another branch, and everything was identical and they excepted £8,000. They are not called Arnold Shark for nothing.


Ha that's ridiculous. I remember going myself once, I do a lot of research before buying a car and worked out exactly what to expect for my trade in, how much to pay for the 'new' used car I was looking at and what my monthly cost would be including interest. They came back to me about £70 a month more expensive than I was expecting totalling about 3k, I looked at the paperwork to see they had added about 1.5k in things like fee's, extras and warranties without mentioning it, and were offering about 1.5k less for my car than I expected. I pointed them out to be told it was top price for my car and most of what they added on couldn't be removed. I basically told them I had worked it out and what I was willing to pay at which point they sent over the 'manager' to tell me how I was expecting waayy to much for my car and that his car was the best I would get at the best price yet regardless he 'made a phone call' and would knock £20 off the monthly cost if I left a deposit that day as a one chance only type thing while his boss was away. I left and got a call the next day offering me another £10 off if I would come and buy that day. Never had such pushy tactics used on me before and I didn't like it. I'm not stupid but (I know, that's what all stupid people say :P) before leaving I actually felt like they were doing a lot for me and that it was a good deal and almost bit.. it wasn't until going home and thinking about it that I realised just how awful it was. I'd avoid like the plague.


Dreadful company employing the kind of hard sell tactics even the motor industry is moving away from. Beware!


The company that tried to charge me extra for Metallic Paint on a used car, would never use again.. to add to that you had to sit down and do a deal with them before they would allow you to test drive the car..... hope they have stopped that poor customer service practice !

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Get a choice of a free Spa experience for two, a £50 Pizza Express voucher, or a RAC dash cam bundle when you take a test drive at an Arnold Clark dealer
Found 11th Mar 2017Found 11th Mar 2017
Get a choice of a free Spa experience for two, a £50 Pizza Express voucher, or a RAC dash cam bundle when you take a test drive at an Arnold Clark dealer
Test-drive a new or pre-registered car between 17th–20th March and Arnold Clark will give you a choice of one of three amazing treats. * Spa experience for two * Meal for two at P… Read more
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Does anyone know which spa group the deal is referring to? I'm assuming a nationwide one like Bannatynes?


This has been extended to the 26th (this Sunday) - I don't seem to be able to edit/unexpire, if someone else can


​I did this last year for the free hotel stay. Only one follow-up call was received and they accepted that I was buying a car elsewhere. Since then I haven't had a deluge of mail either. The country hotel was excellent and we combined it with a load of other freebies and offers to enjoy a completely free weekend away (even the petrol was free).


Just "accidentally" give them a wrong phone no? Meaning you are effectively making £50 for an hour or so's effort. Although what the likelyhood all the Pizza Express and RAC vouchers will have already been taken when you attempt to collect them from this link?


These offers are as bad as a timeshare hard sell........ 40 - 60 minutes of being "persuaded" by a high pressure sales pitch, then months of hassle with phone calls & marketing mail....... All for something worth £50 ! The thought of it means it's not worth it for me

50% off Van Hire @ Arnold Clark Rentals in Jan&Feb
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
50% off Van Hire @ Arnold Clark Rentals in Jan&Feb
Just noticed that Arnold Clark (many branches all over UK now) have 50% off Van Hire for January & February - handy if you need a van for any reason as they are usually the che… Read more
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Waste of nerf imo, sorry couldn't resist.


Bit to far for me, shame nerf a van soon


Wow dual control rental from £11 per hour never heard of that before.


Worth driving 25 miles if you specifically need to hire a van I'd say! Other places are a total rip off


Cheers hired a van £30 then paid £14 to take excess waiver down from £750 to 0

Arnold Clark free hotel stay when you test drive a car 4th - 7th November
Found 4th Nov 2016Found 4th Nov 2016
Arnold Clark free hotel stay when you test drive a car 4th - 7th November
Test drive any used car at Arnold Clark between the 4th and 7th November and get a free nights stay in a range of selected hotels for two.
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Yep - replaced full set of plugs foc when replacing coil pack. Separate occasion I mentioned wheel balance / tracking during service and they did both free. Also had two free full tanks of fuel for referring customers, and they will top up any fluids (oil, washer bottle etc.) any time. ....and no, I don't work for them or have anything to do with them....just a satisfied customer. Your experience may be different - my comments only apply to Gateshead, as that's the only one I've used.


Nearest dealer 150 miles away - I'd need the hotel stay straight away !


Got a free voucher last time, and going to use it soon, you can only book room 14 days in advance . Some decent hotels. I didn't buy a car last time, and going for another test drive Sunday with no intention of buying a car.


Have to say ive had the same appalling service to the point of having to reject a vehicle because of faults on the car and it wasnt even a year old. Arnold Shark were no help and ive had to go through the finance company, have a test drive by all means but please dont buy a vehicle from them.


It does happen - we've used several different branches over the years in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Kirkcaldy - some are great and some are awful.

young scot card 2 hours  for the price of 1  £9.00 @ Arnold clark dual control learner car
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
young scot card 2 hours for the price of 1 £9.00 @ Arnold clark dual control learner car
for 17 to 26 year olds learning to drive first 10 miles free 30p per mile after that but learning you will not do a lot of miles you do not put fuel in car the 30p per mile covers … Read more
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it's £9 pet hour and the extra insurance is £5 per hire so with a Young Scot Card it's £14 for 2hrs fully covered.


Don't think so.


I was also in Dundee and it was 5 min walk as I lived in city quay its brilliant idea and this way they make around 100 a day for a corsa where else u would get return on investment this high


it was per hire so 23 for 2 hours and fuel also included in it


When I did it for my son it was £5 per hire up in Dundee. Hope this helps and the hire one hour and extra free was also for students and I didn't notice and age for this but may be worth checking just in case.

Free hotel stay when you test drive a used car with arnold clark
Found 12th Apr 2016Found 12th Apr 2016
Free hotel stay when you test drive a used car with arnold clark
Book a test drive for a used car 22nd-25th April and get a free hotel stay for you and a guest at one of over 100 hotels across the UK.
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I will guarantee that it is easier than you say. I spent less than ten minutes talking to a sales guy pretending to want a car, took a test drive and then ten minutes later walked away with voucher. Until you have tried it, don't bother trying to put people off. I know this is an old thread but your comment annoyed me. Pr*ck


I seem to remember they had an offer a few years ago where you were supposed to get a 20pound (M&S?) gift card when you took a test drive. As a broke student I went along and went through the whole thing, having checked on the phone that I'd get a voucher, only to be told at the end that they'd run out of vouchers and there was no alternative gift !....buzzards!!!!


Shame you can't take the car for a test drive to the free hotel, stay overnight and return the vehicle the next day. Would be a nice little free weekend trip. :D


Yep nearest to me too, 124 miles! I guess there aren't any in the south.... lol


Sounds like your average car salesman.X)

Brand New Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i X 3dr Only £6995 at Arnold Clark
Found 1st Jan 2015Found 1st Jan 2015
Brand New Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i X 3dr Only £6995 at Arnold Clark
Happy New Year Everyone Brand New Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i X 3dr List Price £8845 Sale Price From £6995 Saving £1850 Free Road tax Fuel Petrol MPG (Combined) 68.9
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Yeah how did you know. I've got a set of michelin pilot cups for a CSL in there.


Hot! £4125.00 cheaper than a Bristol Temple Meads to London season ticket at £11,120...


Unfortunately French cars still suffer from poor build quality and poor resale value but I'm not too aware how reliable their engines are but you have to give them credit for some of their designs. Toyota are renowned for build quality and excellent engines, the hire one you drove must have been abused a lot.


ive 2 2012 turbo diesel astra sri and 2015 ford focus zetec


Really? Renault make engines for Mercedes and Nissan (1.5 dci) which are used in the A class and Note. I think they are leading in some area but I'm sure build quality has improved much. There loads with high mileages on autotrader so it more than capable. But if Toyota did a turbo version of that car then I'd defo go for it, but for an extra £1000 for: Start stop 0.9 Turbo 90 bhp rear engine rear wheel drive Part leather seats Cruise Control Speed limiter 5 Door 16" alloys Lane departure Sat nav via R and go All the way, don't get me wrong I've done a 460 mile trip in an aygo, build quality is good but that egine sounds like it was going to die. at idle the engine was very jurky and moving fro 0.4 to 0.8 for no reason. sounded like it was going to die lol.

Renault twingo III 0.9 turbo pre-reg £7,988 @ Arnold clark
Found 25th Dec 2015Found 25th Dec 2015
Renault twingo III 0.9 turbo pre-reg £7,988 @ Arnold clark
Renault twingo pre reg cars are littered around Arnold Clark dealers up and down the country with massive discounts. I picked one up yesterday with 7 miles on the clock for £7,988 … Read more
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​Could be worse could be a BMW or a VW or even worse a vauxhall as used by many a dope dealer and chav.


You could have replied to my comment with a simple 'Yes!', or even amplified it a little with 'Yes, I do really mean personal choice. However, you go on in great detail to lay out what I inferred, but did not write more about that which I thought would already be obvious to most, especially if they have read through all the above posts. However, you have completely missed out two factors which can have a great influence car buyers.One is the power of advertising, and the other is the impact of reviews and opinions in the motoring press. As for your last sentence, I fail to see its purpose as nobody has suggested otherwise. As for me, a car is a tool of convenience to me, not my pet. If I could afford it, a chauffeur-driven limousine would enable me to make better use of my time, and there are a lot that think like me. The point is that the OP has found what is a good deal for anyone interested in a Twingo or similar.So those who want a Twingo can save money with the deal, and the interest of others may switch to Twingo from some other similar. It is nothing to do with any other vehicle.So heat to the OP.


By personal purchase, I mean a bit of personal preference comes into the mix when you choose a car which may not be entirely practical or logical for your needs, or even if 2 cars look to be very similar in their price-point and capability you may be strongly drawn to one over the other. All cars get you from A to B (if they don't break down) - some will give you better performance, some will give you better fuel economy, some have more safety equipment, some will give you a very comfortable ride insulated from poor roads or outside noise etc. People rarely buy a car based purely on a lot of ticks of preferences on a wish list using nothing but their logic or reasoning. There is no one universal car that does everything that everyone wants it to do at a price accessible to all. Some people will buy a car they really like the look of/drive of against the logic of it being impractical for them (perhaps someone with a couple of kids buying a car with poor rear leg/headroom), some will buy a huge people carrier despite only having one kid. Paying more for a car (new for new comparison - no point comparing a brand new Dacia Duster with a 6 year old Audi A3 TDI at the same price) will almost certainly get you a car that is comparably better than the cheaper one in one or more ways - perhaps it has a significantly higher output, or more equipment, or better ride refinement. A £20k RRP car will stand up against a £10k RRP car to justify the extra expenditure otherwise no one would buy the dearer one. If everyone put all personal car choice considerations out of the window and looked at the car purely as an A to B tool, we'd all be in no frills/no thrills variants of the same car, differing only by the size/occupancy to suit the size of our family. You could get by using this Twingo for long motorway journeys, but you wouldn't want to unless finances dictated necessity, that was my point. City cars are generally thought of as the most basic of cars - yes you can buy an Audi S1 or a Mini Cooper S, but the city car/supermini segment is filled with the cheaper end of the car spectrum - low on size, low on ride comfort (multilink suspension and adaptive damping etc.), low on standard equipment levels and (with a few notable exceptions), low on performance. Those are the main reasons why so many city cars have a low RRP. Picking a car is not as simple as choosing Branston beans over Heinz to most people. Paying more than £8k for a car does not make you an idiot or a money waster, because the drive is as important as the arrival at destination for many people.


What do you mean by 'personal purchase? Surely, isn't everything you buy is a personal purchase? Are you sure you don't mean personal choice? Even that is not true, because for many of us, probably most of us, what car we buy is dictated by what we need to use it for. What is true for most of us is that a car is primarily bought for getting from A to B wherever A or B might be. It is obvious that this car is not designed for frequent long journeys or to carry a big load of luggage. It is designed as a city car, and being marketed as such, so comparison should be made with other city cars because to do otherwise is ridiculous. However, thinking that simply paying more for a car makes it better is also ridiculous.


The point is very simple. Renault don't make the speedo. They buy it from an instrument manufacturer, and have to buy what is available while seeking commonality of parts whenever they can because it allows economy of scale. Now, while it would be pointless in fitting a speedo that could reach the maximum speed of a car, does not matter if it it can go far beyond? You might just as well ask why a bathtub can hold up to 60 gallons of water with you in it, when you only ever put around 30 gallons in it.

New 65 Vauxhall Gtc 1.4T 16V Limited Edition 3dr  £14995.00 / £12995.00** (after scrappage allowance)  @ Arnold Clark
Found 18th Oct 2015Found 18th Oct 2015
New 65 Vauxhall Gtc 1.4T 16V Limited Edition 3dr £14995.00 / £12995.00** (after scrappage allowance) @ Arnold Clark
Looks like a very good price for this.... Vehicle Summary Engine 1364 cc Gears Manual Fuel Petrol MPG (Combined) 47.1 CO2 Emissions 142 g/km Road Tax £145 per year Colour Choice o… Read more
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had a phone call about that car. found it strange where he kept phoning me up and trying to get me to put deposit down I told them end of the month and he whispered down the phone saying pay £50 then I'll hold car back and you can collect the weekend....


​Careful I think I've offended him too.He must work for vauxhall.I can see him now in his superdry hoodie driving his vxr scrapper thinking it's got sporting heritage lol. He'll be looking at previous posts and bringing them to everyone's attention to make himself fell just that little bit better for owning a vauxhall X)


​Ah please don't get upset and thanks for taking your valuable time to look through my history the back up you pointless post.You posts seem to be just as bad and no doubt a vauxhall driver hence the offence you have taken.Thanks for join my ignore list your welcome. :D


​Can you elaborate on where these better deals can be found. Thanks


Even so: only 47.1 MPG for a 1.4l standard car, £145 tax. I was simply pointing out you can get better deals for your money which aren't necessarily "Hot Deals"

Hyundai ix35 1.7d SE Nav @ Arnold Clark Ref Reg from £17988
Found 22nd Jun 2015Found 22nd Jun 2015
Hyundai ix35 1.7d SE Nav @ Arnold Clark Ref Reg from £17988
Arnold Clark have about a dozen Hyundai ix35s in stock, all pre registered for between £17,988(White)and £18,488(silver or black). Only the colour costs the difference. Decent spe… Read more

the ​ix35 boot is 591 litres, a whole 176l bigger.


​just diesels.


anyone dealt with motorpoint before seem to have some good priced cars Had a look at the orangewheels website looks like good savings and great reviews on trustpilot too.


Unlikely any one will say yes. They are still recovering from the shame and trauma, if comments on other threads are to be believed.


anyone dealt with motorpoint before seem to have some good priced cars

Free £20 fuel voucher to use at Tesco when you get a service at an approved Arnold Clark Service Centre
Found 9th May 2015Found 9th May 2015
Free £20 fuel voucher to use at Tesco when you get a service at an approved Arnold Clark Service Centre
Receive a £20 fuel gift card, redeemable at Tesco petrol stations, when you choose to have a manufacturer service carried out at an Arnold Clark Service Centre between 1st May and … Read more

Have some ice




Ive used Arnold Clark Audi and last week Mercedes Benz service sites in the past couple of years and found them very good. Both are recommended audi / merc and have all the right paperwork etc so I wouldnt worry about quality as its original parts Plus they were £60 cheaper than a nearer mercedes dealer, arnold clark came and got car and delivered it back where as the other dealer wanted another £50 to do that Id recommend arnold without doubt


Actually pretty good. Never had any problems with my local AC Seat/Skoda branch. Fixed price servicing (Seat set prices) and they've always offered OEM parts along with the Seat ones for non-service stuff. This fuel voucher was an unexpected bonus when I got my service and MOT done last week. Car failed on a skewed headlight bulb, I hadn't put it in properly when I had replaced it and had bent the tangs, so they simply fitted a new bulb for £4. Also replaced my number plate for free which they reckoned was getting a bit past it as well. But YMMV depending on branch, it very much depends on the service manager I think. Mine is quite happy to match Costco pricing for tyres for instance if you ask.


Comedy gold oO

arnold clark delivery milage 2014 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Edge 5dr 107 to choose from nationwide. £12488
Found 22nd Mar 2015Found 22nd Mar 2015
arnold clark delivery milage 2014 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Edge 5dr 107 to choose from nationwide. £12488
2015 model from £18.995 a saving of £6.500 if you take older model .
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True it's 12 volt from the fuse box ground and a couple of speaker wires :)


Don't know about either of them. Not sure if Peter Vardy is related to Reg, if he is anything like Peter Vardy I would also avoid, Sales staff are full of ****, charge you full list for a car then add £199 admin charge. WTF. My brother got seriously shafted by them.


Not a good deal. I got a Zetec Navigator Ecoboost in September for £88 less than this (from a deal posted on here). There is loads of haggle room for any of these old shaped models still knocking around.


Looks like a emergency services build that with the double din removed... doubt the looms will be present for any upgrades.


What an ugly car and hideous interior

Super deal - Brand new 15 Plate Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Sting 3dr....£99 deposit, £99 a month for 36 months!! £7995 @ Arnold Clark
Found 11th Mar 2015Found 11th Mar 2015
Found this amazing deal on a brand new Vauhall Corsa Sting at Arnold Clark Vauxhall dealerships! Cheapest PCP deal I've seen in a long time. Not usually a fan of Vauxhall but at th… Read more
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Also, I've been working a lot so couldn't visit the dealer. All done via email. Never spoke to them once! Finance has just been accepted.


Yip, There is a 8 - 12 week waiting time as its factory built. I opted for 30k mileage. Works out as this (no p/x): £99 deposit, 35 x £121.80 GFV £5035 Only available in Red!! Cheers.


I went to Phoenix in linwood and got the same patter! Didn't have a 1.2 to test drive so went literally around the block in the 1.4! Was told it was a 3 months waiting list for the 1.2 which is fine with me but they weren't amussed at that! When I asked for a brochure to compare the 1.2 and 1.4 to see what I was paying £20 a month extra for they didn't have one! The patter was the 1.4 road tax in free for the first year then £30, where as the 1.2 is £110 a year so I would save straight away with that in the first year (I later found out both cars are free the first year). Then they said they could give me a 1.4 64 reg at a bargain price - which was a grand total of £500 off list price - what was the point?!!?!?! They also tried to sell me a top of the range model as it have Bluetooth etc.... I corrected the guy saying this had Bluetooth, he said no, a while later I showed him the ad - feel like they are totally unprepared!!!!!! So left confused! Went home and looked up webuyanycar who offered me more for my car than they did! I actually went in to buy this car and now having second thoughts!


It's not road tax:


No not the same branch but they pushed and pushed me to buy the 1.4 and told me the sting would be at least 2 month wait. In the end the sales guy was to pushy so I left it.

Brand New Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens £9178 (£79 + £60)/ month @ Arnold Clark
Found 4th Dec 2014Found 4th Dec 2014
Brand New Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens £9178 (£79 + £60)/ month @ Arnold Clark
Arnold Clark are offering a Brand New Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens 5dr Auto on PCP for £79/ month + £60/ month battery lease (Total £139/ month) for 2 years. Also includes home cha… Read more

Was this from Arnold Clark?


Quick update (if anyone is interested). I picked the car up on Dec 27th - fine and dandy. Driven just over 230 miles since then and not paid a penny for electric except for the £20 ChargeYourCar bill for their RFID card. Car takes a little bit of getting used to; especially the brakes :O( Got the car from Evans Halshaw in Middlesbrough if anyone wants to try them - a bit lax in getting back to you but not too bad, I suppose. Cheers, Panrix


i have a small black box before the mains unit which has a fuse inside it, i remember this fuse going before and took my electric out with it, the board had to come fit a new fuse to get me back on, wondering if this is classed as a isolator


Mightyforest they are not connecting the Isolator to my mains box, it is connected directly to the mains cable coming into the house at the box. When British Gas come to fit the charger they should let you know before fitting if you require one and where it will be fitted.


my car apparently ready 22nd , charger being fitted on 5th Jan, worried as i have a new mains box and no available switches left

Car Hire - 7 days for price of 4 from £100 @ Arnold Clark
Found 4th Nov 2014Found 4th Nov 2014
Car Hire - 7 days for price of 4 from £100 @ Arnold Clark
Arnold Clark have 7 days car rental for the price of 4 this December. Prices start at £25 a day. Cost of extra insurance to reduce excess to zero is £10 a day. This compares to ot… Read more

Surcharge for under 23 I believe - with a licence of course ;-)


I just checked this and you are right a week's car hire is £80. That's £20 a day for 4 days and 3 days free, and not £25 a day as advertised - a glitch? Thanks.


Do they charge a surcharge for under 25?


What's the £25 for? Cheapest I found was £80.


If you're quite happy paying £70 for something that's available for £20 elsewhere, you're on the wrong website.