Arokh Gaming Mouse, Headset and Backpack Bundle £49.99 @ Argos

Arokh Gaming Mouse, Headset and Backpack Bundle £49.99 @ Argos

Found 16th Oct 2017
Cheap bundle for those that want something on a lower budget, AROKH is part of Port Designs, who also make some quite nice gear. You get the backpack, mouse and headset for £49.99 - Also on their eBay Store if that works out better for you - Here

Just a breakdown of model numbers and info links below - With rough prices for each item new, from other places.

Mouse - AROKH X-1 - Seems to be around the £30 mark new elsewhere
Headset - AROKH H-1 - Around £27-£30 in other places
Backpack - AROKH BP-1 - £27 ish elsewhere

So on this, each item works out about £16.66, which sounds good to me, if you're going to make good use of all 3.


If the bag isn't something you're interested in, then it's worth a look HERE
Stock isn't amazing on the mouse and headset bundle, but works out well if you have some nearby

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Keep your receipt as the mouse can break after about two months. Just take the whole kit back for an exchange and get a brand new one again.
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