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Aromatherapy Set, £5.99 @ Lidl
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Aromatherapy Set, £5.99 @ Lidl

Posted 30th Nov 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Set contains 6 x 10ml Bottles of Scented Oils, an Oil burner, 2 x Tealights and 2 x Scent Balls

10ml Vanilla
10mlk Apple & Cinnamon
10ml Orange
10ml Festive Warmth
10ml Pine Fresh
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At this price it's not to be sniffed at.
i got it yesterday. smells nice. i think it's gonna last very long too because it's got many flavours
I bought this today and can't figure out how to use it,! There's no smell put oil in balls and on the stand,took of the stand put oil in stand ,I give up

1. CERAMIC BURNER (OIL BURNER): pour water into the top of the burner bowl. You may wish to use warm water from a tap to forego the warm-up period but do not use boiling water as this will make the oild vapourise too quickly and may give it an acrid aroma. Add 4 to 8 drops of the aroma oil to the bowl. Take your t-light candle and trim the wick down to 1/4" - this will ensure it burns longer and doesn't get too hot and so make the water evaporate too quickly. Light you candle and place it inside the cavity at the base of the burner. Give it some time to warm up and the aromatherapy oil will permeate the room. ENJOY.

2 WOODEN BALL (SCENT DIFFUSER): Select the wooden oil diffuser ball and the aromatherapy oil you wish to use. Pour 4 to 8 drops of oil into the hollowed out section on the top of the wooden ball. Then place the ball on a warm surface (not hot and no direct flame), such as the vanes on a radiator. when your radiators are warm the aroma will diffuse slowly in to the room.

You can mix oils if you wish. The wooden diffusers are especially good for use in children's rooms where you do not want a naked flame and are superb if you have a blocked nose as you can put eucalyptus oil in them to inhale during the night, again without any fear of naked lames being lit whilst you sleep.

Just be careful not to get the oils on your wooden furniture as they can stain it.
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Thanks the necromancer. I was given this as an Xmas gift and just started to use it. Had no clue how to use the wooden diffuser. Did a quick google search and up came your informative post. Cheers.
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