Arrested Development: Complete Season 1 - 3 £24.99 @ Play

Arrested Development: Complete Season 1 - 3 £24.99 @ Play

Found 5th Jun 2010
Other store prices.............. £44.49
Amazon UK £45.99
HMV £45.99
Tesco £49.97
Zavvi £52.85

They say 'family' is an institution; this family belongs in one!

After his father is imprisoned, level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs in the Bluth empire. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making the job unbearable!

This three season box set includes every episode from the first three seasons of the Emmy Award-winning show.


Think this was £17.99 at Play a few days ago.

This price is still a bargain, but it has been lower quite a few times, so hold out if you can

Great series, I have this set. its 3 ordinary size DVD boxes in a slip cover. I think individually its the chunkier m-lock cases.

Sublime. Check out Modern Family too. And 30 Rock.

Have to agree with an earlier poster. This is regularly £17.99 at Play, so you are better off bidding your time.

Oh I am glad to hear that it is regularly £17.99 as I just missed that.
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