Arrested Development Complete Seasons 1-3 DVD - £25.95 @ Zavvi!

Arrested Development Complete Seasons 1-3 DVD - £25.95 @ Zavvi!

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All three seasons for £26-ish! Works out at well under £10 per season, looks like a great price to me, especially if you've been lucky enough to win a Zavvi voucher on HUKD I have season one and it's HILARIOUS, well worth watching


Good price. Cheapest they've been individually is £7.99 (two or three times at HMV), which would be £24 for the lot.


One of the best comedies of all time

A must have if you have any sense of humour as it's fantastic. A must buy.

Voted hot, love, love, love this show


good price

brilliant tv show, even better price!

Hot, if I didn't have all 3 already I would buy this straightaway

I just blue myself at the thought of this hot deal lol.

Buy it.
Watch it.
Love it.
Watch it again and spot all the jokes you missed on the first viewing.


Voted HOTTT and would be investing if I didn't already have all 3 seasons.

I mean... COME ON!! :thumbsup:

One of the best TV shows around. Hugely underated in the UK and not well known to the masses, it made the careers of Michael Cera and Jason Bateman. For some reason only 3 series were made but a film is in the pipeline. Awesome price for a series that can be watched again and again..:)


BEST COMEDY EVER!!! I'm actually just watching season 3 as I type this :-D:-D.

If you don't buy this... I'm gonna take off my pants *bleep* my *bleep" and *bleep* all of you!


Oh and whilst i'm at it. Jump on the 30rock band wagon. You wont be disappointed i promise. Tina fey ahhh

Lindsay Funke: [discussing Michael's dislike of George Michael's girlfriend] Look, if you say 'NO', you're just going to drive him right to her.
George Michael Bluth: Hey, Dad, can you drive me to Ann's?
Michael: Nnnn... Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes.
George Michael Bluth: Great. I'll wait in the car.
Michael: I don't think that worked.


Wonderful series.

It's so weird seeing Buster in Chuck now - I keep expecting him to whip his hook out!

Definitely get this boxset if you havent already. If not just for this:


Taste the happy Michael!!!!
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