Arriva train Club 55 deal

Arriva train Club 55 deal

Found 11th Jan 2015
Club 55 offers reduced price travel of people aged 55 and over between any two stations on the Arriva Trains Wales Network or to a destination on their partner operators' networks.

The promotion will run from 4 January 2015 until 28 February 2015. All travel must be completed by 7 March 2015.
Travel may be extended on to the following other train operators for an additional payment - a map of this is available here:
Chiltern Railways - between London and Birmingham (an additional £20.50)
CrossCountry - travel to Birmingham (an additional £11)
London Midland - travel to Crewe, Liverpool, Runcorn or Worcester (an additional £5)
Merseyrail / Northern Rail - travel between Ormskirk and Burscough Bridge (an additional £2)
Merseyrail - travel to Bidston, Hunts Cross, Kirby, New Brighton, Ormskirk, Southport and West Kirby (an additional £1.50)
Northern Rail - travel to Bolton, Bromley Cross, Burscough Bridge, Chassen Road, Chelford, Disley, Glossop, Greenfield, Knutford, Manchester Airport, New Mills Central, Oldham, Patricroft, Poynton, Rochdale or Wigan (an additional £2.00)

No need to purchase in advance - you can purchase your Club 55 ticket on the day.
Please remember to carry proof of age when travelling in order to validate your ticket. (Only Passport, Driving Licence, Proof of age related pension, Senior Railcard or Birth Certificate will be accepted).

The card itself costs £23.00 - not valid on a Friday; or £28.00 - valid on any day if the travel out or back is on a Friday.
- Quadrille
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Hopefully this will make our roads safer getting OAPS to take the train instead
Age 55 is NOT an OAP, jb66

Hopefully this will make our roads safer getting OAPS to take the train … Hopefully this will make our roads safer getting OAPS to take the train instead

Arrogant twonk!
they think so we don't have to
accidents by age group, DOT 2012 report
70+ =4,882
what i did not see was what percentage of each group was actually involved in an accident.
OP: Offer expires 28/2/15
Your text is right but HUKD expiry is one month premature - ie the offer does NOT expire in 1 week 5 days time (ie 28/1) but on 28/2 for outward travel, with the ticket being valid for 8 days ie +7 days for return (ie 7/3) [subject of course to the 'Friday' included/excluded version you buy, or can £5 Excess if you end up returning on Friday].

Just to emphasise something people often miss - although the promo is an Arriva Trains Wales ticket - within their main area of operation [blue on their Club 55 map] you can use a Club 55 on any operator's trains - eg FGW along South Wales coast, Virgin Trains along North Coast.
"Where can I travel?
"You can travel throughout the Arriva Trains Wales network (blue coloured routes on the map here using any rail operator.,"
ie It's only the bits beyond the 'blue network' where you can OPTIONALLY pay for the add-on ticket to use other operators beyond the blue lines on the map.…ap/

This is all subject to the same peak hours restrictions (and major exceptions).
And unlike Scotrail (who with TPE are the other TOCs that do Club55 tickets from time to time) you may break your journey, subject to normal break of journey rules.
Do read their...…AQ/

Scotrail also have a Club 55 offer running across Scotland (+Carlisle/Berwick) for outward travel (again not restricted ONLY to Scotrail trains) to 31/3/15 - see…782
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The link to the main Arriva Wales Club 55 page - with online booking opportunity in left margin...…55/
Another example of inflation-busting rail prices! Was £17 when I used it 2 years ago. That's a 35% hike!
28/7/15 Update:

The Arriva Trains Wales sites says there'll be a "Club 55 Autumn 2015" offer - sign up for news at:…ap/

Scotland's new ScotRail franchise has replaced Club 55 with "Club 50" with initial free membership and extra perks eg 50+ y/o and 20% off some tickets and special offers - eg £10 return in Sep/Oct instead of £19...…808
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