Arriva Trains Wales network : £23-£28 return rail trip for aged 55+ (8 day return between 1 Sep - 23/30 Oct 2014)

Arriva Trains Wales network : £23-£28 return rail trip for aged 55+ (8 day return between 1 Sep - 23/30 Oct 2014)

Found 29th Aug 2014
Details have appeared on the Arriva Trains Wales site that they are repeating their Club 55 offer this Autumn - ie from 1/9 to 30/10. (As usual it's more complex than the other regular Club 55 offer that Scotrail run, though their Autumn offer isn't public yet.)

"Arriva Club 55 is a low cost off-peak return train ticket special offer for everyone aged 55 and over. From only £23 return*, you can go anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network.;"

Essentially anyone aged 55 or over can buy a "Club 55" off-peak return ticket from Station A to Station B (NOT travelling on Fridays) for £23 (from 1/9 to 23/10) for return within 8 days (ie day out + 7), or you can travel on Fridays for £5 more.

There's a small £1.00 discount for holders of Senior & Disabled Railcards but to exploit the Club 55 offer you just need to be aged 55+ (and be prepared to carry certain proof of age with you, though personally never been asked).

The web pages are the usual bit confused/unclear presentation though this time it seems a bit simpler as no discount for buying online versus station/conductor. Realise there is no "Club" to join - just have to be aged 55 or over.

They include a map on their site - across most of Wales you can travel by any operator's trains along the route you've purchased a Club 55 ticket for and it says break of journey is permitted (whereas Scotrail don't usually allow it in their Club 55 ticket offer). and can use Arriva Trains Wales beyond Wales too.

You can also buy Add-Ons to use beyond Arriva Wales own area into neighbouring train services on certain routes - see first response below for map/link.

Will try and digest what they have published a bit more...
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Here's the Arriva Club 55 Route Map as a PDF showing the area covered and potential add-on fares for neighbouring train company routes:

Realise that within that blue area (essentially "Wales") ...
"You can travel throughout the Arriva Trains Wales network (blue coloured routes on the map here using any rail operator."
eg Virgin Trains along North Wales coast, First Great Western along South Wales Coast!

Found the add-on fares to use Arriva Wales' offer in conjunction with neighbouring train operators…On/
+£20.50 Chiltern: from Birmingham to London
+£11.00 Cross Country: Cheltenham up to Birmingham
+£5.00 London Midland: Crewe-Liverpool or Hereford-Worcester
+£1.50/£2.00 various extras on Northern Rail &/or Merseyrail.

Seems the (certain) Railcard discount is £1 as previous offers - ie if said I had a Senior Railcard I got offered
Club 55 Not Friday at £22 (usually £23) and Club 55 Anyday at £27 (usually £23+5=£28).

No complexity in the offer re First Class, and no complexity re when/where you buy. You can buy online, or at station on the day or even on the train if no facilities beforehand.

Re FRIDAY travel - ie the £5 extra for the ANY DAY version (as opposed to "NOT FRIDAY" ticket)
If you are travelling out on a Friday clearly you'll need to buy the £28 (£23+£5) ticket; but if you are only thinking you MIGHT return on a Friday (ie within the 8 day validity of your return ticket, ie ticket out day + 7 days) then you can just wait and see as the "EXCESS FARES - FRIDAY TRAVEL : Travel is not permitted on Fridays. A GBP5.00 Excess fare will be payable if travelling on a Club 55 Not Friday ticket" - ie pay IF you end up travelling back on a Friday.

"Club 55 tickets will not be valid for travel before 09:00 (Monday to Friday only) except for journeys between Chester to Holyhead/Llandudno/Blaenau Ffestiniog, Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth/Pwllheli, Craven Arms to Swansea (via Llandrindod only), Neath to Fishguard Harbour/Milford Haven/Pembroke Dock.
"If the customer is starting their journey on one of the unrestricted routes to a station where the restriction applies they may not depart Chester, Shrewsbury or Neath before 09:00. Travel is not permitted, Monday to Friday on train arriving in London Marylebone before 10:00 and departing between 16:00 and 19:00."

Details on the National Rail site:…spx
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Realise that the "off-peak" restriction has those various relaxations [see 'Restrictions' at end of comment #1]

Booked myself a trip from Birmingham International to Aberystwyth. As it runs only ever 2 hours, I was expecting it to only offer their 10am+ departure, but it offered the 8am+ one presumably as the section of journey from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth is released from the time restriction - so that's £23 instead of £34.90 for a daytrip, or 56% cheaper than more comparable £52.40 Off-Peak Return (albeit vald for a month rather than 8 days of Club 55).
Good news re Scotland - their Club 55 offer across Scotland (+ Carlisle & Berwick-upon-Tweed) will be running from 1/10 to 30/11 in 2014 and covers ScotRail, Virgin Trains, Cross Country & Transpennine Express and all for just £19/£17 (£35/£33 First).…269

And there's also a Club55 offer if you want to travel 14/9 to 15/11 exclusively on TransPennineExpress - ie their network
shown here…pdf
Details of the Club55 offer (bit more complexity re Zones and EXCLUSIVELY on TPE unlike Wales/Scotland offers)…55/
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As at 10/10/14: this thread should NOT be expired. The offers runs to buy a ticket/travel out until 23/10 and return upto a week later 30/10.
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