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Arriva Train Wales Club 55 Tickets - £27 (with code)
LocalLocalFound 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Off-peak travel for over 55s Arriva Club 55 tickets are on sale from Monday 3 September 2018 . Outward travel is only permitted on the date shown on the ticket. The Return journe… Read more

Let's hope it's an improvement then..2 carriage s starting from I know not where in July and August,it gets to Swansea already packed and nearly a whole carriage has reserved seats!!!!Terrible service every summer it's a cattle truck.


Last fling by Arriva trains Wales as they end their contract in October and the new train provider starts.

ATW Club55 - Low cost return ticket to 100s of popular destinations @ Arriva Trains
Found 7th Jan 2017Found 7th Jan 2017
Link updated Arriva Club 55 is a special offer ticket available until Saturday 25 February 2017. You can buy as many Arriva Club 55 tickets as you want, so why not take the train … Read more
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I actually bought the ticket online and travelled from Newport to Bangor on 17th Feb. Returned on 18-Feb @ £26.00


Have you tried to buy one on line??!!----IMPOSSIBLE even using option to buy Club55 ticket!!!


Hi pickledtink The link does not work. My wife bought the ticket using the following link:


Anywhere on the Arriva network (includes Manchester and a handful of other places outside of Wales). You can buy 'extensions' for other train operating companies if you wish to go further e.g. CrossCountry.


Is this just Wales? Website doesn't seem to be working. Click on various things and absolutely nothing happens! Could you amend the post to make it more informative please op.

Arriva Trains Wales network (& beyond) : £24-£29 return rail trip for aged 55+ (8 day return, out 1 Sep - 27 Oct 2016)
Found 31st Aug 2016Found 31st Aug 2016
Arriva Trains Wales network (& beyond) : £24-£29 return rail trip for aged 55+ (8 day return, out 1 Sep - 27 Oct 2016)
Details have appeared on the Arriva Trains Wales site that they are yet again repeating their Club 55 travel offer this Autumn - ie travelling out from 1/9/16 to 27/10/16 (return u… Read more

Just don't try to travel the North Wales coast line on Friday or Monday mornings this summer. The TWO-coach trains are FULL of people headed to the holiday camps in Rhyl & Prestatyn. You'll be lucky to be allowed on the train at all, let alone find a seat!


While we're on topic of train travel in Wales... realise there are a host of rail tickets valid from 1 day to 8 days over vastly different areas of the Wales rail (&bus) network... Their Explore Wales Passes - valid 4 days trains & 8 days buses: and a host of Rovers & Rangers Over all the UK rail network I recommend this website to realise what offers are available - select your station(s) in the drop down list at the top right of the rite:


The rail network in Scotland used to offer similar "Club 55" offers, but when the Scotrail franchise updated last year, they provided a replacement offer called "Club 50" which is a real "club" with a photo membership card and ongoing 20% discounts on some fares, as well as periodic discounted return tickets (similar to the Club 55 deals). Those first year memberships was initially offered free, though that year is just about to run out and requires £15 fee for a fresh year's benefits! (If you have a card you should have received a renewal offer email from them!) See


There are two different tickets available to buy online or at station ticket offices, even on the day, - Club 55 “Not Friday” ticket = £24 - Club 55 “Anyday” ticket = £29 (Railcards: only Senior/Disabled railcard holders get a discount, and only £1) You may/will require proof of age: ie "...the following valid, original document; passport, driving licence, proof of age related pension, Senior Railcard or birth certificate. Please note bus passes are not accepted." The tickets are "off peak" in nature in that you can only travel from 9.00am weekdays, although there are quite a lot of routes allowing earlier travel - see their FAQ page. Although it's an Arriva Trains Wales offer over their network, their map shows, as in previous years, "add-on" fares to extend the area into neighbouring train operating company areas - eg +£2.50 for Merseyside/NorthernRail area; £6 London Midland; £11.50 CrossCountry, £21 Chiltern Railways. Details appear best on these pages (links on ATW's own site are a bit flakey): Purchase page with summary of the ticket offer (maybe only from 6pm today 31/8+): which includes a link to their 2016 Club 55 leaflet - a PDF: and FAQs about the promo including details of pre 9am use on some routes and where you can travel map including details of the add-ons with neighbouring TOCs "Tickets can be bought from 6pm today 31/8." If you buy a "non-Friday" £24 ticket and then need/want to return on a Friday (within the 8 day ticket validity!) you can pay a £5 upgrade/ excess (it's mentioned in their leaflet). NB: "Break of journey is permitted with this ticket" ie it's not like an Advance ticket where you have to travel from A to B without breaking your journey or ending your journey early. National Rail details re break of journey with an Off-Peak Return ticket: There seems to be no opportunity to buy other than online or from a ticket office - ie not from conductor on train.

Arriva train Club 55 deal
Found 11th Jan 2015Found 11th Jan 2015
Arriva train Club 55 deal
Club 55 offers reduced price travel of people aged 55 and over between any two stations on the Arriva Trains Wales Network or to a destination on their partner operators' networks.… Read more
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28/7/15 Update: The Arriva Trains Wales sites says there'll be a "Club 55 Autumn 2015" offer - sign up for news at: Scotland's new ScotRail franchise has replaced Club 55 with "Club 50" with initial free membership and extra perks eg 50+ y/o and 20% off some tickets and special offers - eg £10 return in Sep/Oct instead of £19...


Another example of inflation-busting rail prices! Was £17 when I used it 2 years ago. That's a 35% hike!


The link to the main Arriva Wales Club 55 page - with online booking opportunity in left margin...


OP: Offer expires 28/2/15 Your text is right but HUKD expiry is one month premature - ie the offer does NOT expire in 1 week 5 days time (ie 28/1) but on 28/2 for outward travel, with the ticket being valid for 8 days ie +7 days for return (ie 7/3) [subject of course to the 'Friday' included/excluded version you buy, or can £5 Excess if you end up returning on Friday]. Just to emphasise something people often miss - although the promo is an Arriva Trains Wales ticket - within their main area of operation [blue on their Club 55 map] you can use a Club 55 on any operator's trains - eg FGW along South Wales coast, Virgin Trains along North Coast. "Where can I travel? "You can travel throughout the Arriva Trains Wales network (blue coloured routes on the map here using any rail operator.," ie It's only the bits beyond the 'blue network' where you can OPTIONALLY pay for the add-on ticket to use other operators beyond the blue lines on the map. This is all subject to the same peak hours restrictions (and major exceptions). And unlike Scotrail (who with TPE are the other TOCs that do Club55 tickets from time to time) you may break your journey, subject to normal break of journey rules. Do read their... Scotrail also have a Club 55 offer running across Scotland (+Carlisle/Berwick) for outward travel (again not restricted ONLY to Scotrail trains) to 31/3/15 - see


they think so we don't have to accidents by age group, DOT 2012 report 17-19=10,235 20-24=22,805 25-29=20,772 30-34=19,680 35-39=17,089 40-49=35,315 50-59=23,799 60-69=14,011 70+ =4,882 what i did not see was what percentage of each group was actually involved in an accident.

50% off fare with Arriva Trains Wales Multi-flex
Found 1st Dec 2014Found 1st Dec 2014
50% off fare with Arriva Trains Wales Multi-flex
- This is a great offer for those who use the rail network irregularly or for a few days a week in South Wales. It's a fixed saving of 50% off standard day ticket price up until 24… Read more

Misleading. Description should be changed to 50% off on arriva trains Wales valley lines network

Arriva Trains Wales network : £23-£28 return rail trip for aged 55+ (8 day return between 1 Sep - 23/30 Oct 2014)
Found 29th Aug 2014Found 29th Aug 2014
Arriva Trains Wales network : £23-£28 return rail trip for aged 55+ (8 day return between 1 Sep - 23/30 Oct 2014)
Details have appeared on the Arriva Trains Wales site that they are repeating their Club 55 offer this Autumn - ie from 1/9 to 30/10. (As usual it's more complex than the other re… Read more

As at 10/10/14: this thread should NOT be expired. The offers runs to buy a ticket/travel out until 23/10 and return upto a week later 30/10.


Good news re Scotland - their Club 55 offer across Scotland (+ Carlisle & Berwick-upon-Tweed) will be running from 1/10 to 30/11 in 2014 and covers ScotRail, Virgin Trains, Cross Country & Transpennine Express and all for just £19/£17 (£35/£33 First). And there's also a Club55 offer if you want to travel 14/9 to 15/11 exclusively on TransPennineExpress - ie their network shown here Details of the Club55 offer (bit more complexity re Zones and EXCLUSIVELY on TPE unlike Wales/Scotland offers)


Realise that the "off-peak" restriction has those various relaxations [see 'Restrictions' at end of comment #1] Booked myself a trip from Birmingham International to Aberystwyth. As it runs only ever 2 hours, I was expecting it to only offer their 10am+ departure, but it offered the 8am+ one presumably as the section of journey from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth is released from the time restriction - so that's £23 instead of £34.90 for a daytrip, or 56% cheaper than more comparable £52.40 Off-Peak Return (albeit vald for a month rather than 8 days of Club 55).


Here's the Arriva Club 55 Route Map as a PDF showing the area covered and potential add-on fares for neighbouring train company routes: Realise that within that blue area (essentially "Wales") ... "You can travel throughout the Arriva Trains Wales network (blue coloured routes on the map here using any rail operator." eg Virgin Trains along North Wales coast, First Great Western along South Wales Coast! Found the add-on fares to use Arriva Wales' offer in conjunction with neighbouring train operators +£20.50 Chiltern: from Birmingham to London +£11.00 Cross Country: Cheltenham up to Birmingham +£5.00 London Midland: Crewe-Liverpool or Hereford-Worcester +£1.50/£2.00 various extras on Northern Rail &/or Merseyrail. Seems the (certain) Railcard discount is £1 as previous offers - ie if said I had a Senior Railcard I got offered Club 55 Not Friday at £22 (usually £23) and Club 55 Anyday at £27 (usually £23+5=£28). No complexity in the offer re First Class, and no complexity re when/where you buy. You can buy online, or at station on the day or even on the train if no facilities beforehand. Re FRIDAY travel - ie the £5 extra for the ANY DAY version (as opposed to "NOT FRIDAY" ticket) If you are travelling out on a Friday clearly you'll need to buy the £28 (£23+£5) ticket; but if you are only thinking you MIGHT return on a Friday (ie within the 8 day validity of your return ticket, ie ticket out day + 7 days) then you can just wait and see as the "EXCESS FARES - FRIDAY TRAVEL : Travel is not permitted on Fridays. A GBP5.00 Excess fare will be payable if travelling on a Club 55 Not Friday ticket" - ie pay IF you end up travelling back on a Friday. Restrictions: "RESTRICTIONS "Club 55 tickets will not be valid for travel before 09:00 (Monday to Friday only) except for journeys between Chester to Holyhead/Llandudno/Blaenau Ffestiniog, Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth/Pwllheli, Craven Arms to Swansea (via Llandrindod only), Neath to Fishguard Harbour/Milford Haven/Pembroke Dock. "If the customer is starting their journey on one of the unrestricted routes to a station where the restriction applies they may not depart Chester, Shrewsbury or Neath before 09:00. Travel is not permitted, Monday to Friday on train arriving in London Marylebone before 10:00 and departing between 16:00 and 19:00." Details on the National Rail site:

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Arriva trains wales cheap tickets for a return £10
Found 11th Jan 2014Found 11th Jan 2014
Arriva trains wales cheap tickets for a return £10
ONLY FOR PEOPLE TRAVELLING DISTANCE IN WALES (and some parts of England) I will use my travel as as guide and it's a little complicated but here goes: I like to fish and I live i… Read more
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Great find voted hot no good for me though its free every were for me on trains


Would this work for my daughter whos in Aberystwyth Uni to travel to Caerphilly x


Thank you hUKDealers made my deal even better with some knowledge .. Thanks


Yes the Wrexham one is £16.60 :D


£18 each not bad at all! What if you cancel? Can you get a partial refund if you cancel the monthly after the trip?

Arriva Trains Wales - £22-£28 return rail trips for aged 55+ (by 5/4).
Found 8th Jan 2014Found 8th Jan 2014
Arriva Trains Wales - £22-£28 return rail trips for aged 55+ (by 5/4).
Arriva Trains Wales are repeating their Club 55 offer (ie usual more expensive & complex than the Scotrail Club 55 offer). Anyone aged 55 or over can buy an off-peak return ti… Read more

BTW: "off-peak" seems mostly to mean not before 9am Mon-Fri, and various routes are restriction free - see the T&Cs/FAQs. Plus there's various blackout dates - eg major sports event days. To help here's a clickable link to the region covered + add-ons into neighbouring train company areas and here's the add-on fares for the other TOCs Full T&Cs & FAQs here: On past occasions there has been some confusion WHEN the offer started - says 5/1 in the T&Cs. I posted HUKD details of the simpler £19 ScotRail offer across most of the Scottish train network, running from 13/1 to 31/3 here:

rail and sail over to Dublin virgin Train and ferry included from £31 no taxes! Arriva Trains
Found 1st Mar 2013Found 1st Mar 2013
rail and sail over to Dublin virgin Train and ferry included from £31 no taxes! Arriva Trains
travel between any UK station and Dublin (or Belfast) for a bargain price with Sailrail. Tickets include open train to and from the port and ferry travel with Irish Ferries or Sten… Read more
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book a rail sail to dublin, and a 9 euro ticket from there to mullingar from irish rail site


Who knows cheap Sail and Rail to Mullingar? From London.


... apart from the rip-off £9 (may have gone up) each way cycle carriage charge that both Irish Ferries and Stena charge. Definitely a rip-off as Stena only charged £5 for a bike to the Hook of Holland. Another way to avoid booking fees and other charges is to buy this ticket at you local railway station. Best check your dates and times online before though and if you want to take a bike you'll have to book it via the ferry company separately.


They don't drink in the tourist spots. Although, Club Havana under Citi Hotel has £3 Pints of Tennets or Bavaria. Last time I went though it was called Club Fever and it was £3 Pint of Guinness when everywhere else around Temple Bar was £4.50 - £6 a pint.


Nothing from London it would seem ...

Arriva Club 55 is back. Return travel from only £17 for over 55 year olds
Found 12th Sep 2012Found 12th Sep 2012
Arriva Club 55 is back. Return travel from only £17 for over 55 year olds
Club 55 is back with ATW but there's a different pricing structure with a online £17 ticket and £19-£24 at station. All details are available on the Arriva Trains Wales website he… Read more

Old enough for a cheap deal at last. Thanks for posting.


age discrimination, never eat where kids eat free or holiday with free kids places, discrimination !


Damnit. Thirty four years to wait for a deal (_;)

SailRail - Travel to Ireland by train & ferry from only £31 single
Found 7th Feb 2012Found 7th Feb 2012
SailRail - Travel to Ireland by train & ferry from only £31 single
Not sure how long this product has been around but seems fairly new and there's a dedicated section on the Arriva Trains Wales website for Sail Rail. So, it's a train & ferry … Read more

We used SailRail from Milton Keynes (via Crewe out on a Sunday morning, and via Chester coming back mid-week afternoon) in December last year. I think Arriva's site/presence is new - previously trying to find out about the SailRail was very hit and miss with very variable information on individual train companies sites. So it is good for a complete set of information to be there, but there is NO requirement to book tickets via their site - I used Southern Trains! Personally I found the Seat 61 website very helpful - if only to let on what the 'code names' for the two Irish port destinations were! (Seems RedSpottedHanky don't include Dublin on their list of destinations so no chance to use Tesco Clubcard Deal to save.) MKD


This have been around for some time at least 2 years,my daughter uses the service quite regularly from Reading via Holyhead to Ireland around £62 return.


Thank you

New West Wales to Cardiff Advance Purchase fares. From £8 single @ Arriva Trains Wales
Found 6th Feb 2012Found 6th Feb 2012
New West Wales to Cardiff Advance Purchase fares. From £8 single @ Arriva Trains Wales
Arriva Trains Wales have new Advance Purchase tickets from any station in west Wales (west of Carmarthen) to Cardiff, Newport, Abergavenny and Shrewsbury from on £8 single. Return… Read more

Useful. Thanks.


Like it 8)

Over 55 - Travel Anywhere in Wales & borders by train - £19 Return @ Arriva Trains Wales
Found 30th Aug 2011Found 30th Aug 2011
This is the text from their website: Club 55 is Back! So once again, if you are 55 or older you can travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for only £19. There's somethi… Read more

Don't use the pull down flaps on arriva trains for food or drinks some are cracked and the hinges and sides are full of food Crumbs and Bacteria The trains are just dirty take a look


Disgrace, I'm disabled and much more "in need"...hypothetically than any 56 year old, I have a disabled rail card but am not worthy of this offer. To be honest, concessions for anyone disabled\old\past it should be done away with in any case.


i wonder if you would get I.D'd if not quite 55 mmm


Agreed. Travel regularly to Aberystwyth. Noisy diesel ALWAYS late. Sometimes hours late! Tricky if you have to make a late connection in Birmingham. Also from Swansea to Carmarthen. Their 'Sprinter' train has to be endured to be believed. Even noisier and with just 4 wheels per carriage it screeches like hell on every bend. Oh, and last time I got to Carmarthen I caught the connecting Arriva bus. It broke down in a cloud of smoke 100 yards from the station. Luckily there was a mechanic on hand. He had been fixing the earlier bus which had also broken down ... Oh and Arriva have just hiked the APEX fare to Aber by a cool 250% so no deal at all. This company is a disgrace to public transport. Only good thing to say is they are efficient in refunding fares for late trains ...


Don't get me wrong this is a good deal but Arrriva Trains are just awful. Dirty, cramped, lack of seating, lack of luggage space. A real shocker of a train company IMO. I'd happily pay the extra money to travel on Virgin.

£13 single Cardiff to Manchester with Arriva Trains Wales plus other cheap fares for the summer
Found 23rd May 2011Found 23rd May 2011
£13 single Cardiff to Manchester with Arriva Trains Wales plus other cheap fares for the summer
I got an email from Arriva Trains Wales on Friday about their Advance purchase fares and changes to their timetable from Sunday 22nd May. The journey time between Cardiff and Manc… Read more

Brilliant, I'm planning a weekend away to Newport in July and this offer is a fabulous deal. Have just booked 2 singles for only £13 each way. Thankyou OP Heat from me :D

£15 Returns For Over 55's @ Arriva Trains Wales
Found 11th Jan 2011Found 11th Jan 2011
£15 Returns For Over 55's @ Arriva Trains Wales
Arriva Trains Wales £15 returns for over 55s Buy online, by phone or at stations Travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) network for £15 return if you’re over 55. If you … Read more
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£15 return ticket for anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for those over 55 years old
Found 10th Jan 2011Found 10th Jan 2011
£15 return ticket for anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for those over 55 years old
I got an email from Arriva Trains Wales this morning about their Club 55 offer. It's come back again for January until April 2011. Only catch is, you can't travel to Cardiff on th… Read more
Enjoy a modern break in Cardiff for only £55 bed & breakfast at the Sleeperz Hotel with your Arriva Trains Wales Club 55 ticket
Found 20th Sep 2010Found 20th Sep 2010
Enjoy a modern break in Cardiff for only £55 bed & breakfast at the Sleeperz Hotel with your Arriva Trains Wales Club 55 ticket
I found this page on the Arriva Trains Wales website while trying to sort out the Club 55 tickets for my parents. The have a number of partner offers with Club 55 but think this i… Read more

I gather from your Avatar you live in or near Birmngham ... nuff said...


Bute Park is lovely, New shopping centre, Plenty of pubs/restaurants, catch a little boat to the quay side.... cardiff is a lovely place....and i live in Swansea!


OK tell me where you live and I'll come and stab you, but first take a holiday in Cardiff. IMHO its a great place to go for a weekend, try taking your partner they'll enjoy it as well...


Because being stabbed is more appealing.


Would you care to explain why???

It's back! Over 55 travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for only £15 return
Found 6th Sep 2010Found 6th Sep 2010
Arriva Trains Wales have brought back it's Club 55 offer for 2010. I recieved an email from them Saturday morning and saw posters and leaflets in Cardiff Central this morning. Thi… Read more

how much to go to blackpool on 12 sept till 17 sept


OK, I want to gett from Wolverhampton tto Cardiff Central to arrive at 10am on 28th October then return the same day, about 2ish, why is this not valid (even with a Senior Citizen card? Is this yet another con that just directs people to the more profitable tickets


here's the network map for the offer:


so is it possible to travel from Swansea to Brighton?


I wouldn't say this is an ageist offer - you always see offers that exclusive for students / 16-25 age group or 'kids go free'. I'm not in this age group or don't have kids but you won't see me complaining. I think it's a great offer and i hope they will still be running it by the time i reach 55! I rather see my parents and grandparents go out and about on day trips or weekend away using this offer than stay at home and watch mindless daytime tv. By that age, ti's about time you went out to enjoy yourself after working for 35-40 years and bringing up your children.

Back by popular demand! Club 55 - Over 55s travel for £15 return in Wales with Arriva Trains Wales
Found 11th Jan 2010Found 11th Jan 2010
Back by popular demand! Club 55 - Over 55s travel for £15 return in Wales with Arriva Trains Wales
Arriva Trains Wales has brought back the Club 55 offer - over 55s travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for only £15 return. The offer was running between September a… Read more

Please don't be sorry, but thanks ever so much for trying to rectify it. :thumbsup:


Think you've just made it worse, now says 'Arriva Trains Wales has bought back' and 'Tickets can be brought at:'. Should be the other way round.


typo gone - sorry!


Sorry, I've got to say this as it's one of my pet hates: "Tickets can be brought" - should be "BOUGHT", unless of course you have to BRING your tickets somewhere. BOUGHT is to BUY e.g. I bought my tickets for a good price BROUGHT is to BRING e.g. I've brought my tickets with me :thumbsup: Good deal though if you're 55yrs and over.


This deal also includes Merseyrail stations but you have to add an extra £1 but say Southport to Shrewsbury for £16 aint bad at all when usually a ticket just from Southport - Chester is £4.40.

Club 55 - Over 55s travel for £15 return in Wales
Found 16th Nov 2009Found 16th Nov 2009
Club 55 - Over 55s travel for £15 return in Wales
With Club 55 you can travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales Network for just £15 return. To get this great deal all you need is proof that youre 55 or over. Club 55 is availab… Read more