Arrma Nero 6S EDC version £479.95 @ Jadlam Racing Models

Arrma Nero 6S EDC version £479.95 @ Jadlam Racing Models

Found 31st Dec 2016
I know this isn't for everyone but I've been looking at this truck for a while.

Found it at Jadlam for this price however I got Modelsport to price match it as that's who I always use.

I believe it's the cheapest it been. Hopefully might help someone.
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You can buy 4 Cortinas for this price. Bet it's bloody good though !
6S, are you crazy!
Have had my HPI trophy flux for 3 years now running 4S. Flying machine.
Take it to the local park and chase the dogs around. LOL
Love these, still miss my 2S Brushless Lunchbox!
Miss my Grasshopper
As good as Traxxas!??
6s on a 1/8 scale is asking for trouble, is dangerous and will end up costing a fortune in parts. 5S on my heavily modified Hyper7 was insane enough just to do GPS speed runs.
I've got a Trophy Flux on 4s and a Bullet on 3s so just fancied upping it a bit.
For the money it takes to buy a 6s capable eighth scale that is strong enough to take it (Vorza etc), it probably makes as much sense to buy one of the HPI 1:5 scale Baja clones given how expensive the premium names are.
Don't know how good the Arrma stuff is but internet searches suggest it's not up to HPI quality. As long as you can get parts you're OK.
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