Arrow T50 x Tacmate Staple Gun and 1,875 Staples In Store - 50p at Wickes

Arrow T50 x Tacmate Staple Gun and 1,875 Staples In Store - 50p at Wickes

Found 2nd Apr
The TacMate™ stapler is a heavy-duty, well-built tool that looks as good as it works. The advanced polymer housing construction is durable yet still lightweight; it is built to last. The shorter grip span makes it comfortable for hours of continued use. The non-marring tip is designed to help protect the work surface from any scratches or dents that can be caused by the tool. Since it is lightweight and smaller than most staplers of comparable power, easy to store and less likely to cause any damage if dropped.
- Powerful and easy to squeeze for home projects and light duty projects
- Easy to open magazine and bottom loading makes inserting staples easier
- Includes 1,875 T50 Staples. 6mm, 10mm and 12mm
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Cold - Only 1 Available DONCASTER
Great Find, thanks 🙏
exclusive one
Cold - Only 1 Available DONCASTER
1 store in whole of country with 1 in stock.pointless post.
bham89man39 m ago

Cold - Only 1 Available DONCASTER

Going to be a battle royale storm centring on Doncaster Wickes
143 miles for a 50p bargain, that's me!!
Nearest (only) store Doncaster . 53 mile round trip , 2 gallon fuel approx £12 ... Think not
Same here 284.5 mile there and 284.5 mile back hmmm think not
Doncaster closest place from winchester to have one
Is this what they use when installing internet and phone lines?
I wonder who will get the last one in time?
Boswollocks, just driven miles out of my way to pick one up from Staples. That'll teach me for scan reading :-(
every wickes bargains OOS what a waste of time
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