Art Maker Manga Kit [5 specialist manga pens, a sketching pencil, artist’s sketchpad, Manga drawing book] £6.40 Free C&C @ The Works

Art Maker Manga Kit [5 specialist manga pens, a sketching pencil, artist’s sketchpad, Manga drawing book] £6.40 Free C&C @ The Works

Found 13th Nov 2017
Excellent price for this and just bought for my Manga / Anime mad son. Brand new release (first published Sept 2017) and from what I can find this is £10 to £20 elsewhere.
Use code MUMS20 to buy at this price.
Take your drawing skills to new levels and master the techniques used by professional manga artists with this title! Learn the basics of drawing and discover all sorts of hints and tips to develop your drawings into highly polished, imaginative artwork.
The instructional 48-page Manga drawing book features step-by-step sequences showing you how to draw faces and bodies from different angles in the manga style. Learn how to create your art with the correct proportions and perspectives, discover how to use shade and tone to enhance your characters, and find out how to design action scenes with stunning backgrounds.With five specialist manga pens, a sketching pencil and an artist’s sketchpad, this kit has everything you need to start drawing your own amazing manga world and characters right away. You’ll be creating incredible characters and crafting fantastic worlds in the classic manga style in no time at all!
Perfect for children and anyone who likes Manga.
Measures: 33 x 25.5 x 3.5cm approx.
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brilliant andy another prezzie sorted
Brilliant plus I had some points on my works loyalty card so managed to get it even cheaper
Thank you, I have bought this one and also Manga Madness - two presents to put back for my son for Christmas.
Xmas30 for 30% off over 30 quid!!
Thanks x
Just have to pop in my two cents here - The Works are quite notorious for these 'how to draw Manga' books, and for younger audiences I'm sure they're fine. However, I must warn the parents of teens who are more heavily into the genre that these sets might not exactly be received with immense gratitude. By this I mean that the books are often drawn up by people whom have not yet ever released paid comic work let alone successfully published their art beyond a convention artist alley. Also, the materials included are rarely true to professional quality. There are plenty of incredible free tutorials to be found from professional artists online (not to mention thousands of amazing and far more thorough books) out there, and as a young artist, I'd have much preferred one very fine marker than a set of brush tip markers guised as 'specialist'.

What I find most odd about most western how to draw manga publications and materials is their contradictory lessons. Before you can create imagery which most people would invest in you certainly need the basic grasp of anatomy, proportions etc,.. However, most manga artwork (especially the memorable ones) are known for their life and drama of pose. Very few books show you when and how it is okay to break the rules of physics or what details are not as necessary to establish the shot. Obviously this is all more advanced than a children's exercise, but trying to keep perfect anatomy whilst copying (for practice from successful examples) tends to be where most young manga artists fail. What I'm suggesting, is buying a serious pose reference guide or a pose-able hero/heroine model would be of far greater use to an aspiring young artist that's 'in the know'.
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